The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Pants! Pants! Pants!

"At least you know your limitations," Jing Yan sneered.

Fangzheng frowned as he thought inwardly, "Is this woman sick?" He did not know the woman, yet she constantly disparaged him with sarcasm. Was not wearing pants something to brag about?

At that moment, Jing Yan walked into the temple. Fangzheng immediately thought of something and said, "Patron, please halt."

"Little Monk, what's the matter?" Jing Yan frowned and looked at Fangzheng unhappily. She had just had the door slammed in her face and when she entered, she had been chased out by a wolf. Now, with everything settled, she was still not permitted to enter?

Fangzheng smiled and said, "Patron, this temple is meant to be tranquil. Patron, please wear some pants before entering."

Jing Yan was immediately incensed when she heard that. Why did this darn monk have to hit her sore spot? Like a cat that had its tail stepped upon, Jing Yan yelled angrily, "Little Monk, are you saying that on purpose? My skirt was ripped off by the wolf. Didn't you see it?"

"Amitabha, Patron, if you want that skirt, This Penniless Monk will bring it to you. However, a temple is where the precepts are upheld. Female patrons are not supposed to dress too provocatively when entering," said Fangzheng.

Jing Yan was fuming as she tugged at her leggings, "Look carefully! This is a pair of pants! Pants! Pants! Do you see it? This is a pair of pants. There's no exposure!"


Just as she said that, she heard a crisp tearing sound. Jing Yan felt her buttocks turn cold.

Thankfully, there was a jacket covering her up, so she did not expose herself. However, the men around her clearly had their eyes lit up. Everyone obviously knew what that sound meant, it was just that no one said it aloud.

Chen Jing began regretting it. Why had he been such a gentleman? If he had not given his jacket to Jing Yan... Just the thought made his warm blood surge!

Fangzheng held his palms together and smiled at Jing Yan. He said, "Amitabha!"

There was no need to speak further, since his thoughts did not need elaborating.

Jing Yan blushed deeply as she glared at Fangzheng intently. Fangzheng was smiling genially at Jing Yan.

Finally, Jing Yan stomped her feet and turned to her cameraman and yelled, "What are you in a daze for? Go down the mountain and get me a pair of pants from the car!"

Only then did the cameraman snap out of his daze. He quickly placed the camera down and ran down the mountain. Jing Yan was not someone he could offend, and he would be a fool if he did not take the opportunity to curry favor with her.

Jing Yan gritted her teeth while glaring at Fangzheng. However, she could not force herself to mention about entering the temple any further. She found a rock by the side and sat down petulantly.

When Fangzheng saw this, he was beaming with satisfaction.

"Little Monk, can we enter the temple to look around? We can offer some incense as well," Cai Fang asked at that moment.

Fangzheng looked suspiciously at Cai Fang, who was in his fifties. However, he turned to a side and said, "Patron, welcome."

Cai Fang led Little Luo into the temple. Wu Changxi quickly climbed up and entered with a silly smile. Since Fangzheng was willing to compete, he had an idea of the outcome. He was absolutely confident that Fangzheng's calligraphic skills were a sure-win!

Chen Jing looked at Cai Fang, who was in the temple, before looking at the lonely Jing Yan. He decisively went over to Jing Yan to show his great concern.

Although Jing Yan did not like Chen Jing, having someone in a rural mountain was always good. She reacted to him perfunctorily. Old Miao stood a distance away to avoid getting scolded for being a third wheel.

At that moment...

"Little Monk, is this a bodhi tree?" Cai Fang suddenly exclaimed, pulling everyone's attention.

Fangzheng held his palms together and said, "Amitabha. Patron, you have good eyes. It is none other than a bodhi tree."

"That's impossible. A bodhi tree is a southern tree, how did it come to the north? Moreover, this tree hasn't frozen to death. It even grows leaves in the dead of winter? Is this going to develop a spirit or is this a hybrid?" Chen Jing mumbled as he stretched his neck to look into the temple.

Jing Yan was also surprised as she shuffled to the door, but she did not enter in order to prevent being berated by the darn monk. She exclaimed, "It's really a bodhi tree! This tree... Isn't it too strange?" after saying that, Jing Yan looked at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng had a dark cloud over his head. Why did you look at me while saying that the tree is strange? I'm not strange, alright!

Cai Fang circled the bodhi tree several times and got Little Luo to take a few close-up shots of the bodhi tree. It was certainly news, but as for how big of a piece of news it would be, he could only know after returning to his publishing firm. But at the very least, it would get a pretty good section on the papers. With just this bodhi tree, the trip had not been for naught!

Jing Yan quickly ran over and picked up the camera. I can't enter? I can at least stand by the door to take pictures of it, right?

Chen Jing and Old Miao followed.

As for Wu Changxi, he was almost in tears. He had been the first person to come there, but he had been engrossed by Fangzheng's calligraphy in his prior visit. He had missed the chance of reporting this piece of news! It was exclusive news, yet he had given it to others. There was no need to mention how upset he felt. However, Wu Changxi was also clever, he immediately took out his cell phone and took all kinds of selfies. Then, he shared them on Weibo and his social network, WeChat Moments. If I don't get the headlines, none of you should think of getting it.

Jing Yan, Cai Fang, and Chen Jing collectively shot daggers with their eyes, but Wu Changxi ignored them.

"Alright, let's go. Let's pray to Buddha and offer some incense," after Cai Fang said that, he led Little Luo into the temple. When he looked up, he was dumbfounded. Child-giving Guan Yin!

Cai Fang finally understood why Fangzheng had looked oddly at him when he said he wanted to offer incense. A man in his fifties praying for children? What the f*ck!

However, Cai Fang had a stroke of genius as he said, "Little Luo, this is a child-giving Guan Yin, you can pray for one."

Little Luo was not able to identify it was a child-giving Guan Yin. He had nearly knelt down, but when he heard that it was a child-giving Guan Yin, he said with a bitter smile, "Teacher Cai, I don't have a girlfriend, so why would I want children? It's not like I can do it myself."

The two men felt helpless as they retreated out of the hall.

Fangzheng stood by the door and lamented inwardly, "System, when will you get me another Buddha or Bodhisattva statue? Just having one child-giving Guan Yin has wasted so many incense offerings."

"Ding! The Host can work hard at earning money and completing missions. There will be chances of obtaining what you wish. All the best."

"F*ck your 'all the best'," Fangzheng grumbled. If only it were that easy to earn money. As for the missions? He could not even see any hope of completing the mission of a hundred incense sticks. If not, he would not be participating in the so-called meaningless competition. Why was he doing it? Wasn't it just to get his name out to earn some incense offerings?

At the same time, a convoy of vehicles entered One Finger Village. It attracted many villagers and on the streets, a man was holding a big broom. He was barebacked and sweeping the snow away with utter diligence. Upon hearing the sounds of the vehicles, he looked up. This person was none other than Dog Song, who had mistakenly thought that he had killed someone accidentally.

However, the present Dog Song had a completely different mindset. He had always been frivolous in the past but now, he was extremely diligent, as if he had inexhaustible strength.

"Hey pal, how do we go to One Finger Temple?" the window rolled down as Ouyang Huazai asked.

"Are all of you going to One Finger Temple? Just going down this path would do. You have too many cars, so it will not be easy to come out if you were to go in. It's best to park your cars in the village and walk in," said Dog Song.

"Walk in? How long would that take?" A beautiful face appeared by the car window. She was Ouyang Huazai's daughter, Ouyang Fenghua.