The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 733

Chapter 733 One After Another

Chapter 733: One After Another
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“Nothing. You aren’t qualified to comment on this!” Upon hearing that Lame Ma was only a villager, Wu Changfa immediately thought nothing of it, and he replied through curled lips.

“What can you do if I make a comment?” Lame Ma was truly incensed. It was such a pleasant day, but someone was here stirring up trouble. He was greatly indebted to Fangzheng, who was no different from being his teacher. Lame Ma was very conservative and acknowledged the capable as his teachers and honored them for life. He didn’t care who it was that sullied Fangzheng, and he pulled out a bamboo pole as he spoke.

Wu Changfa immediately jumped in fright. However, seeing so many people around him, he immediately felt emboldened. “D… Don’t you do anything rash! Hit me once, and I’ll make sure you stay in jail for the rest of your life! I’ll get the police and seal off the path to Mt. One Finger!”

“You dare to?” Lame Ma took a step forward.

Wu Changfa subconsciously took a step backward as he shouted. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Even if you dare, it might not actually work!” A woman’s voice suddenly sounded. Following that, Bao Yuluo walked out decked out in a valiant and heroic police uniform. She said by the entrance, “I saw everything that just happened. Wu Changfa, is the county head aware of the trouble you are causing?”

“You are a policewoman? I know your chief…” Wu Changfa said immediately.

“How does you knowing anyone matter? I only believe in the law. If you dare cause trouble, I’ll send you to the remand center immediately! Also, the police doesn’t belong to anyone. Who do you think you are? Seal off the mountain with just a word of yours? To imprison someone for life with just a word of yours?” Bao Yuluo instantly rolled her eyes at Wu Changfa.

Wu Changfa said angrily, “What does a junior policewoman like you know. Just you wait. I’ll give your chief a call and you can await your punishment!” Wu Changfa’s words sounded threatening, but he didn’t make the call as he held up his phone. He knew very well that the phone call might not be of any use. He only said that to scare Bao Yuluo.

However, Bao Yuluo wasn’t afraid. As she crossed her arms, she said, “Alright. I’ll be awaiting my punishment.”

“Alright. Just you wait.” Wu Changfa felt irrevocably committed. He clenched his teeth and finally planned to make the call.

“Are you going to call my uncle-in-law?” At this moment, another voice sounded. Following that, a man stepped forward. He was Guan Xiangfeng, who had been at the foot of the mountain handling matters. He was a rich second generation son who was now a disciple in One Finger Village.

“Who are you?” Wu Changfa was close to tears. He had only threatened a child and made a few ruthless remarks as a form of posturing. That wasn’t anything, right? Why were people standing forward one after another? Would there be an end to it?

“I’m nobody, but my uncle-in-law happens to be Songwu County’s police chief. Who do you want him to discipline? This adorable policewoman?” Guan Xiangfeng smiled at Wu Changfa, leaving him dumbfounded. Others might not be aware, but he knew very well that the county public security bureau’s chief’s family background was that of the Guan family from Black Mountain City! Seeing that the punk before him was named Guan Xiangfeng… F**k! Wu Changfa was truly about to cry!

Just as Wu Changfa was on the brink of a mental breakdown, three people arrived. Leading them was a man in a camouflage uniform. The moment he entered, he said with a smile, “Hey, isn’t this Young Master Guan? Why are you bullying a mere driver instead of fondling your knives for chicks? Indeed, someone effeminate is indeed effeminate.”

“Fu Wei? Why are you here?” Guan Xiangfeng asked with a frown.

When Bao Yuluo saw Fu Wei, she hurriedly carried Red Boy to the side. Red Boy asked, perplexed, “Sister, who is this guy? Why is he acting like some pompous a**?”

Bao Yuluo rolled her eyes in speechlessness. This child was still the same in his manner of speech—adorable!

Bao Yuluo whispered. “The three major families in Black Mountain City are the Guan family, the Fu family, and the Chen family. The Guan family deals with gold and jewelry; the Fu family deals with real estate; and the Chen family deals with apparel merchandising. These three families are very rich and considered to be deeply rooted in Black Mountain City. Let’s put it this way; just like with the government, no one can afford to antagonize the three families in Black Mountain City. With someone from the Fu family here, this has elevated the situation to a whole new level. It’s no longer as simple as quarreling with that idiot. This is a conflict between family clans. Don’t say anything and let them fight it out. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if you get pulled in.”

Red Boy curled his lips when he heard that. “How boring. Powerful family clans in such a tiny place…”

Bao Yuluo said, “Of course there aren’t any powerful family clans in the traditional sense of the phrase. After all, after the big hooha from back then 1 , there were no more powerful family clans left. The family clans these days are just rich. Their lineages only go back a couple of decades. If mentioned in another context, they would actually be quite a joke. However, they have quite a lot of family members and relatives. Combined, there should be about a hundred members per family, so it’s also correct to call them family clans.”

Red Boy rolled his eyes in greater contempt. “They dare call themselves a family clan with just about a hundred people? Just one birth of the lesser demons I have at the foot of my mountain would number dozens…”

Bao Yuluo rapped Red Boy on the head. “Stop spouting nonsense!”

Red Boy felt exasperated. Why did no one believe him whenever he said the truth? Instead, many people believed him when he lied…

Meanwhile, Fu Wei and Guan Xiangfeng had begun quarreling. Fu Wei criticized Guan Xiangfeng’s tiny knife tricks for being effeminate, while Guan Xiangfeng mocked him for being all brawn and no brains and knowing nothing but hunting… As he listened to the quarrel down below, Squirrel was chewing on pine nuts on the tree, and he couldn’t help but comment. “So they are both delinquent trash…”

“Who said that!?” The comment was like a spark that ignited a barrel of explosives. Fu Wei and Guan Xiangfeng exchanged furious looks as they swept the area.

Everyone avoided direct eye contact with then, indicating their innocence.

Squirrel hurriedly covered his mouth in fright, knowing that he had caused trouble. He didn’t dare make another sound.

However, Squirrel’s interruption snapped the two to their senses. They hadn’t come all the way there for a quarreling match, had they?

Guan Xiangfeng said, “Fu Wei, so what’s your plan? Are you helping him?”

Fu Wei didn’t even know Wu Changfa, but he was definitely pleased to oppose Guan Xiangfeng. He chuckled and asked Wu Changfa, “You are?”

“My name is Wu Changfa, County Head Qi’s chauffeur. My uncle-in-law is the boss of Black Mountain Lunar Vista, Chen Song,” Wu Changfa said.
Fu Wei pricked up his brows when he heard that. If the county head was there, he naturally wouldn’t dare act so pompous, but since it was only a driver… That didn’t matter to him. He said with a smile, “So it’s a family member of the four-star hotel’s Boss Chen. I shared a meal with him before. He’s quite a swell guy. What’s exactly happening here?” Fu Wei wasn’t a fool either. If Wu Changfa was really being deliberately provocative, or engaging in illegal acts such as kidnapping women, he would rather die than back him. Therefore, he had to understand the situation first.

Upon hearing that, Wu Changfa hurriedly explained the situation with exaggerated embellishment. He made it sound like he was like the sincere Liu Bei from Romance of the Three Kingdoms while Fangzheng had become arrogant after becoming famous overnight.

Upon hearing that, although Fu Wei didn’t fully trust Wu Changfa, he understood that Wu Changfa was under orders to invite Fangzheng to pay the county head a visit. Fangzheng wasn’t going because he was occupied with something, and this resulted in the conflict. It didn’t seem like anything major, so if he intervened, it wasn’t a bad choice since he could piss off Guan Xiangfeng while he was at it.

Therefore Fu Wei said, “Sissy, you sure did well. He is on official duty, so why are you being a busybody? I do think that what Fangzheng did wasn’t right. Why is he acting like he is on a high horse?”

“That’s right! It’s such an honor to be invited by the county head, but he pretends to be in seclusion and refuses to go. He doesn’t even show his face. Does he even think anything of the mayor? He’s already acting so arrogant with just this bit of reputation. If he is given even more fame, will he act as though he has ascended to heaven?” Wu Changfa said.

Red Boy chuckled dryly. “You make it sound as if ascending to heaven is difficult…”

“Shut up.” Bao Yuluo glared at Red Boy. Red Boy chuckled dryly and stopped speaking.

“See that? I think Fangzheng isn’t in right on this matter. Guan Xiangfeng, don’t you scare our good civil servant here. I’ll be backing him today!” Fu Wei said.

Wu Changfa was instantly delighted when he heard that. Being able to cozy up with this powerful figure was great! Previously, he thought that he had been down on luck and had been feeling depressed over it. Now, apparently it wasn’t bad luck, but a silver lining!

Guan Xiangfeng said, “Fu Wei, are you bent on opposing me?”

“So what? Others might be afraid of Young Master Guan, but not me! No matter how impressive your Guan family is, what can you do to me?” Fu Wei said proudly.

“The Fu family sure sounds lofty!” At that moment, another voice sounded. Following that, a woman walked in. She was wearing leather clothes, and a camera was hanging from her neck. She had sunglasses on and looked extremely capable and experienced.