The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Mass Crowd

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“You are?” Fu Wei was taken aback.

“Don’t you know the eldest daughter of our family?” At that moment, a man standing behind the woman spoke out. He was in a white suit which actually seemed lackluster behind the woman despite being such a bright color. As such, he hadn’t been noticed by others, and his presence was only noticed when he spoke.

Fu Wei’s expression changed. “Jing Yulong?” Following that, his expression instantly turned livid. The eldest daughter mentioned by Jing Yulong. Could it be? Upon coming to this realization, Fu Wei’s heart sank. He couldn’t even afford to offend Jing Yulong, much less this woman! Who was Jing Yulong? Although he was not from the direct lineage of the Jing family, his entrepreneurship and own capability allowed him to build up his enterprise with just a million yuan. Although he was inferior to his Fu family, the gap wasn’t huge. And this was just solely by Jing Yulong’s own capabilities. In terms of age, Fu Wei was about Jing Yulong’s age, but in terms of status and capability, Jing Yulong was equal to his father! Fu Wei didn’t even have the right to speak on equal terms with Jing Yulong!

As for the eldest daughter Fu Wei mentioned? Fu Wei gulped and said, “Greetings, Miss Jing Yan, Brother Long, I’m Little Wei from the Fu family.”

“Don’t say that. It would seem I don’t deserve to be your brother. You sure are impressive to dare offend Abbot Fangzheng.” Jing Yulong hurriedly shook his head. With Fangzheng causing such a big hooha, Jing Yulong naturally had to visit and improve their relationship. He had bumped into Jing Yan along the way, and naturally they came together. He had been heaping praises the entire journey, finally thawing their relations. He yearned for a chance to perform well, afraid that some demon king would one day stay at his place for a few days…

Fu Wei wasn’t dumb either. The moment Jing Yulong said that, he immediately knew whose side Jing Yan was on. He hurriedly said, “Miss Jing Yan, Brother Long, you are mistaken. How can I be finding fault with Abbot Fangzheng? I came here because of his reputation. To be honest, I was just joking. I find County Head Qi quite an amiable person. How can he get a driver to forcefully make Abbot Fangzheng to pay him a visit? It’s definitely the driver’s own intention to make things difficult for Abbot Fangzheng. That must be why Abbot Fangzheng isn’t going… Am I right?”

Fu Wei looked at Wu Changfa with a ferocious glare. It was as though he was saying: “You f**king gave me trouble? You better take the brunt of it all! If you dare say no, I’ll bite off your head!”

Wu Changfa was really on the brink of tears. All he wanted was to frighten Red Boy in the beginning so as to quickly complete the task entrusted to him. Never did he expect people to keep coming at him, turning the entire situation on its head! Great, not only was the situation overturned, it had also been led into the dumps! Seeing these impressive powerhouses appearing one after another, he suddenly realized that he was not in the dumps, but in a coffin! He really had bad luck today. The worst of its kind!

The more he thought about it, the more regret Wu Changfa felt. He clenched his teeth and steeled his mind to nod.

“Look! It’s just as I said! Miss Jing Yan, Brother Long, I’m definitely on Abbot Fangzheng’s side on this matter,” Fu Wei added immediately.

When Guan Xiangfeng saw this, he shook his head helplessly. “How embarrassing…”

Fu Wei blushed when he heard that. He felt like dying after being embarrassed in front of Guan Xiangfeng, but he knew very well that he would truly die if he didn’t embarrass himself. Therefore, to not embarrass himself further, he ignored Guan Xiangfeng and didn’t look at him. Either he looked at the sky or the land, and at the worst he looked at his toes. He pretended not to hear anything that was said…

Upon seeing Fu Wei acting this way, Guan Xiangfeng couldn’t be bothered with him.

“Hey! My master has already said that he’s in seclusion and will not be meeting anyone. What else do you want?” At that moment, a child’s voice sounded, breaking the stalemate.

Wu Changfa snapped to his senses and looked at Red Boy before looking at the crowd. He sighed and looked like he had aged considerably. He said, “I… Actually, the county head wishes to meet Abbot Fangzheng. If he has the time, he can visit the county government office. If he doesn’t have the time, we can schedule a date for the county head to pay a visit instead.”

“That is what the county head said, isn’t it? This farce was a result of you hoping to do better and making Abbot Fangzheng immediately visit the county head, right?” Jing Yan asked.

Wu Changfa nodded bitterly before he quickly fled. If he had known earlier, would he have done so? Wouldn’t it be fine if he had just made it clear from the beginning?

However, the bad luck awaiting Wu Changfa had only just begun. Before he returned to the county government office, he received a phone call. Someone in the crowd had filmed his actions and posted the video on the Internet. Although the phone call was done tactfully, it was obvious that he was fired…

At that instant, Wu Changfa wanted to cry!

With Wu Changfa gone, Fu Wei couldn’t thicken his skin to stay any longer. Besides, he could tell that Guan Xiangfeng, Jing Yan, and company shared close ties. He felt as awkward as if he had just lost his girlfriend. The moment he was outside One Finger Monastery, a person behind him finally dared to speak up. He was a man with dyed blonde hair, making him look rather western. He whispered. “Brother Fu, don’t be mad. There’s no need to be pissed because of a tiny monastery. Once we get off the mountain, I’ll take you to a health welfare center 1 . It’s guaranteed to be fresh and excellent.”

“A tiny monastery? This monastery probably won’t be small anymore after today.” Fu Wei shook his head. He knew that after today’s farce, One Finger Monastery would become truly impressive, at least in Songwu County. This was probably the only monastery in Songwu County that rebuffed the county head.

“Brother Fu, that’s not right. I admit that One Finger Monastery will indeed become famous, but so what? Won’t it just have a few more devotees? Look, see what kind of people came today when it’s such a good day? Farmers, blue-collar workers, ordinary white-collar workers. Not one of them has any standing,” another man in a skeleton jacket said. He did not know Jing Yan or her background as he added in passing.

Fu Wei said with a bitter smile, “Just Jing Yan is enough. Do you know who Jing Yan is?”

The man in the skeleton jacket shook his head subconsciously before saying immediately, “Even if she’s the daughter of some powerful family clan, so what? I don’t know her, what’s more others? If a monastery really wants to become big, knowing a few wealthy and powerful friends isn’t enough. What’s important is influence! Without influence, it will ultimately be a tiny monastery.”

Fu Wei thought it over, and that did seem to be the case. Jing Yan’s background was indeed astonishing, but her influence was limited to the tiny upper circles of society. Ordinary people really didn’t know who she was. In that case, One Finger Monastery would remain a tiny monastery, and he would have been unhappy over a tiny monastery. As for Guan Xiangfeng? He was already used to it. They were always at each other’s necks, so there was bound to be something even worse between them in the future.

Just as Fu Wei’s mood was turning for the better, he suddenly stopped in his spot. He saw two women slowly walking over as a crowd followed behind them. Although the crowd was limited in number due to the safety measures imposed on the visitors scaling the mountain, it was obvious that the two women stood front and center in the crowd…