The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 736

Chapter 736 No Dog To Use

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“Hey! Little guy, I’m doing this for your own good!” Bao Yuluo said, peeved.

Fangzheng smiled. “Patron, This Penniless Monk’s disciple isn’t sensible enough. Please don’t mind him.”

Bao Yuluo nodded. “Yeah, you should really learn how to raise children properly. Such a good child has been led astray by you…”

Fangzheng’s smile froze the moment he heard that as he lamented inwardly. “That’s because you haven’t seen the Red Boy of before he came to Mt. One Finger, the Red Boy who claimed he would stew people daily! Was it easy for This Penniless Monk? To actually educate and discipline this great demon king to have such obedience and sensibility?”

Bao Yuluo still felt worried as she said, “No, I have to go take a look.” With that said, Bao Yuluo went out.

The moment she came to the door, Bao Yuluo saw Red Boy standing outside the crowd in a daze.

Duan Liu and Li Xueying were surrounded by more than a hundred people and if not for the female fans forming a human blockade to keep people out, who knew if something unpleasant wouldn’t happen. Even so, it would be difficult for Li Xueying to get away.

When Bao Yuluo saw this, she chuckled and went forward. “How about it? You can’t do a thing right? It’s during such times that you need me.”

Red Boy looked up and said, “There’s no need. I can do this myself.”

“You are just like your master, stubborn.” With that said, Bao Yuluo cleared her throat and walked over while shouting. “Police! Everyone, please make way. Please make way for Miss Li and Miss Duan. Please let them out, thank you…”

Thinking that a tiny path would at least open up once she declared her identity, Bao Yuluo was depressed to realize that it was useless. No one cared about her!

“Indeed, relying on women is useless at times. Dogs are more reliable.” At that moment, Red Boy’s voice sounded.

Bao Yuluo was instantly pissed and just as she was about to rage, she heard a wolf’s howl. Following that, Red Boy shouted. “The wolf is coming. Northside!”

When everyone heard that, they subconsciously looked over and saw a huge white wolf running over. Although, this fellow was running rather slowly and leisurely, like he was on a stroll. But he was really heading towards the crowd! Everyone jumped in fright as all of them subconsciously made way when they saw Lone Wolf’s eyes.

Seizing the opportunity, Red Boy immediately rushed into the crowd and shouted. “Let’s leave quickly!”

Li Xueying recognized Red Boy and hurriedly pulled Duan Liu along.

At that moment, someone snapped back to his senses. “Isn’t this the wolf that Abbot Fangzheng has as a pet? It’s fine. This guy is harmless. He just enjoys scaring people.”

“That’s right. I remember this tidbit. Eh? Where’s Li Xueying?”

“Crap! We fell for it. Li Xueying has run off!”

The moment they turned their heads, they happened to see Li Xueying and Duan Liu enter One Finger Monastery’s backyard. However, no one continued chasing after them. After all, this was a monastery, and it wasn’t appropriate to cause a disturbance. The people who came to One Finger Monastery were there for Fangzheng and One Finger Monastery; therefore, they still kept this point in mind.

After entering the monastery, Red Boy shot a glance at the peeved Bao Yuluo and said calmly, “Didn’t I say so? Women aren’t as effective as dogs.”

Bao Yuluo was incensed, but there was nothing she could do.

Li Xueying pinched Red Boy’s face and said with a smile, “Little guy, don’t you forget that I’m a woman as well. Didn’t your master tell you not to offend women?”

Red Boy immediately gave a sweet smile. “No way. Patron Li, you are so beautiful and such a good person.”

Li Xueying immediately laughed. “Look at how glib you are.”

Bao Yuluo felt a little jealous. Why did this darn kid always treat her so coldly? How infuriating!

When Red Boy saw this, he added. “Patron Bao is pretty as well.”

Bao Yuluo instantly smiled. With her mood uplifted, she nearly offered to treat Red Boy to good food, but the moment she recalled his huge appetite, she decisively gave up. She didn’t wish to end up bankrupt again…

As they chatted, they arrived in the backyard where Fangzheng was already waiting. The moment Duan Liu saw Fangzheng, she immediately went forward to thank him. Fangzheng didn’t stand up and instead openly accepted it with a smile. Fangzheng always believed that good people who did good deeds deserve kindness. This kindness was not only limited to karma or anything material, but a matter of spirit. Otherwise, to not be met with kindness despite doing all sorts of good deeds while trying to pass down virtue was just too hard to swallow. After all, there were too many ordinary people in this world and too few saints. Therefore, Fangzheng believed that since he had helped or saved someone without receiving money in return, receiving a bow was only right. He naturally could accept such a bow.

The others were a little puzzled by Duan Liu’s bow as they went forward to ask her.

Duan Liu looked at Fangzheng before shaking her head slightly without a word.

Seeing that Duan Liu wasn’t willing to share her story, they stopped pressing her. They cast their eyes on Li Xueying. Guan Xiangfeng was especially warm as he served tea and exchanged warm pleasantries. With regards to that, Fangzheng pretended to not see it.

Li Xueying was no doubt a superstar. She was a social butterfly and was able to take into consideration everyone present. No one felt like they were given the cold shoulder, so instantly, both host and guests were delighted and happy.

Fangzheng originally wanted some peace and quiet, but as the number of people increased, Fangzheng realized that he could no longer stay still. There were people attempting to step into the backyard, so he had no choice but to call for help. Thankfully, after County Head Qi left, he too was worried about the security at One Finger Monastery. He sent the police to help, and with the police around, One Finger Monastery finally had some order, and no one tried to trespass into the backyard.

There was finally peace and quiet.

Everyone also began to chat among themselves.

Bao Yuluo suddenly came to Fangzheng’s side and whispered. “Fangzheng, can we have a chat?”

Fangzheng nodded and followed Bao Yuluo to the side. Bao Yuluo whispered. “Ganfanpen’s carbon dioxide is gone.”

Fangzheng smiled. “Yeah, that’s good.”

“Aren’t you curious?” Bao Yuluo stared at Fangzheng as she asked.

Fangzheng returned with a question. “Why the need for curiosity?”

Bao Yuluo took out her cell phone and opened a picture. It was a satellite picture and as she zoomed in, there was a hole in the middle of clouds. As she continued zooming into the hole… There was a bald monk in the middle! He was wearing robes so white they could rival snow and was standing in the middle of the lake!

Fangzheng frowned. The moment Bao Yuluo spoke, he knew her reason for coming. She was a policewoman from Songwu County, so she wouldn’t have come to Mt. One Finger for no reason… Therefore, when Bao Yuluo opened the picture on her phone, he remained calm. After all, he wasn’t an Internet idiot either. He had naturally seen the pictures circulating on the Internet and had long since prepared a countermeasure.

However, the picture in front of him was a little different! The picture on the Internet only had Fangzheng as a tiny figure. It wasn’t that clear, but in this picture, his bright, bald head was extremely clear! Even the folds in his clothes could be seen!

“The pictures on the Internet aren’t the original ones but the processed versions. Their resolution isn’t too high, and their details cannot be made out. This picture was sent to me by Elder Wang. It was processed by the station and can be zoomed in several times. It allows things that cannot be seen to be seen. Abbot Fangzheng, it’s you, right?” Bao Yuluo asked with a smile as she intently stared at Fangzheng.