The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Setting Off Again

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Without meeting County Head Qi, Fangzheng spent some time using Frost Bamboo to make two signboards. One of them said ‘Bridge of Helplessness’ and the other ‘Cloud Rainbow Waterfall’. Written with the Dragon Buddha Epithet technique, the text on the two signboards looked like flying dragons and looked amazing.

This day, there was still a considerable number of visitors, but there weren’t as many as the day before.

The hype lasted four days before it began abating. Silence gradually returned to Mt. One Finger. After all, there weren’t any holidays, and most people had to work. People far away couldn’t come, and the people nearby had come already by now. Naturally, things quietened down.

However, on this day, Fangzheng received Elder Wang’s phone call. What Elder Wang said was basically identical to what Bao Yuluo had said. He was trying to verify if the dispersion of the carbon dioxide in Ganfanpen lake had anything to do with Fangzheng. Fangzheng naturally laughed and refused to admit to it. Helpless, Elder Wang could only leave it at that. After all, such a matter was just too mystical. Even if Elder Wang believed the truth, it was not necessarily the case that most people would believe it if he spread it. In fact, the relevant departments were also in debate. Most refused to believe it, as some suggested that it was a result of refraction or a mirage… In the beginning, the debate was rather balanced, but when Elder Wang voiced his suspicions after having experienced the incident at Ganfanpen, everyone began to lean towards suspicion.

However, Elder Wang himself knew that having met Fangzheng’s miraculous acts, as well as the fright he got from Ganfanpen, he voiced out exactly the opposite of his true thoughts…

Of course, with Fangzheng not admitting to it and Elder Wang not having sufficient evidence, it would forever remain nothing but a hypothesis, and he could only leave it at that.

After hanging up the phone, Fangzheng let out a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, he had managed to slip through. He also reminded himself to be careful in the future since there was an eye in the sky watching him!

Looking up at the sky, Fangzheng called Red Boy over.

“Master, what’s up?” Red Boy asked curiously.

“Do you have a way to blur out the sky? At the very least, to prevent satellites from seeing the exact happenings in our One Finger Monastery?” Fangzheng asked.

“Uh, just that?” Red Boy was taken aback before he chuckled. “That much is simple. A few simple array formations would suffice. Master, why do you want to do that? Is someone using satellites to spy on us? Why don’t I just track them down and capture them before stewing them?”


Fangzheng struck Red Boy on the head. “What stewing? It’s just to maintain some privacy.”

“In that case, it’s simple. I’ll set up a tiny array formation. They can see whatever you want them to see. They will never be able to see anything you do not want them to see,” Red Boy said confidently.

“That’s for the best. Go set it up,” Fangzheng said.

“Master, will I get rewarded after setting it up?” Red Boy looked furtively at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. This brat had even learned how to bargain. However, this matter was extremely important to Fangzheng. He would feel uneasy if someone was always looking over him. Hence he said, “What reward do you want?”

“Master, I’ve been so tired the past few days that I’m almost like Jingfa. Even my tongue is hanging out. Do you think it’s time for us to travel to ease our mood?” Red Boy pricked up his brows and chuckled.

Fangzheng had guessed that he would raise such a request. But it was true that everyone had been exhausted over the past two days.

Seeing that there was a chance, Red Boy immediately said, “Master, there were too many visitors the past few days, and as the only disciple who can speak openly in One Finger Monastery, I was so busy. I didn’t even get a minute’s rest. Although I’m a demon king with an indestructible body, I can’t withstand such torturous work like some donkey. Mental torture is forever something that far exceeds physical torture…”

“Little brat, you sure are good with words. Fine, as long as you do this well, we’ll go traveling,” Fangzheng said with a smile.

“Oh yeah!” Red Boy immediately beamed. “I wouldn’t be able to set up a large array formation even if you wanted me to. Firstly, I don’t know how to, and secondly, the materials needed to set one up are nonexistent in this world. There aren’t even substitutes. However, if it’s just a Concealment Spell, that’s rather simple.”

With that said, Red Boy found a pole and began running randomly around the mountaintop. Occasionally, he would stop and draw a huge X. Then, he would continue walking around and drawing.

After drawing a total of 49 Xs, Red Boy ran back and said, “Master, the rest is left to you. In the middle of the Xs I drew, plant a Frost Bamboo,” said Red Boy.

“Frost Bamboo? What do you need Frost Bamboo for? Is that your array?” Fangzheng was puzzled.

“Setting up an array requires materials. Mt. One Finger doesn’t have many materials that can be used to set up arrays. Our monastery itself is one usable element, and the two Luohan Trees at our door count as well. But as they haven’t matured yet, the Spirit Qi they contain is limited and cannot be used for the time being. The remaining two elements are the drum and bell towers. However, you definitely wouldn’t let me touch them. So all that can be used is Frost Bamboo.

“Although the Spirit Qi contained by Frost Bamboo is inferior to the Luohan Trees, they are easy to grow. They can barely be used,” Red Boy said.

“Barely? Isn’t there anything better?” Fangzheng asked in contempt.

“Master, you must have read too many novels, right? With the crappy environment on Earth, being able to find any materials that can be used to set up an array formation at all is already quite remarkable. ‘Barely’ is already the best assessment possible,” Red Boy said helplessly.

Fangzheng looked at Red Boy who didn’t dodge his gaze. After they locked their eyes all day, Fangzheng confirmed that the child wasn’t lying to him. “Alright then.”

Following that, Fangzheng controlled the Frost Bamboo’s mother bamboo and made the critical spots grow Frost Bamboo. In the next moment, Fangzheng vaguely sensed the surrounding space warp. But everything was restored to normal the next moment.

“It’s okay now. From this day forth, what can be seen on Mt. One Finger from the sky are only things that we allow to be seen. Whenever there’s anything we do not wish for anyone to see, they will only see us sitting there sleeping or chanting scriptures,” Red Boy clapped his hands and said confidently.

Although Red Boy was quite a playful child, he was still rather reliable when it came to tasks. It gave Fangzheng no worries.

Since Red Boy had fulfilled his part of the deal, Fangzheng naturally wasn’t petty. He led Red Boy into the Formless Door.

The next moment, Fangzheng vaguely heard some sounds, the clucking of chickens, and the roar of cars. There were also people constantly asking ‘why’. Unfortunately, Fangzheng couldn’t hear a thing when he tried to listen more carefully.

As the darkness receded, Fangzheng and Red Boy appeared in a modern city. The weather was a little gloomy and cold, but it wasn’t like the biting cold of northeastern China. Instead, they didn’t feel anything when the wind blew, but the humidity in the wind reached deep into their bones. Fangzheng surveyed the area and was a little taken aback. By this time of the year, people in the northeast had already begun wearing winter clothing, but although one would feel cold and miserable if one stood under a tree’s shade and was hit by the wind in Fangzheng’s current location, the scene before him had people dressed very simply—in shirts, trousers, and skirts, and there were even chicks wearing short pants!

Red Boy also trembled subconsciously due to the wind. However, as a demon king, all he did was tremble without feeling cold. Red Boy asked, “Master, are these people not afraid of the cold?”