The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 744

Chapter 744 This Monk Is A Little Fearsome

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

At that moment, a hand suddenly appeared in front of Ma Guifen and clamped the fake beggar’s arm. He immediately felt like an iron wrench had gripped him and no matter how much strength he used, his arm remained three centimeters away from Ma Guifen! Tracing the hand, he realized that it belonged to the fair-skinned bald monk!

Worse than that, the darn baldy was not only unafraid, he wasn’t even angry. It was as though he was seeing an old friend. He smiled jovially and asked sweetly, “Amitabha. Patron, you came just in time. This Penniless Monk has a question for you. Have you seen this Patron’s daughter?”

“Seen your ass! F**k, watch me beat you up!” The fake beggar was ferocious as well. He raised his hand and struck down with a pole. He knew that there were police patrolling the area nearby. With them causing a hooha, they would be caught if they took their time. He had come with the intention of beating Fangzheng up before quickly fleeing. Naturally, he didn’t waste time engaging in sophistry with Fangzheng. He cut the nonsense and struck down.

“Amitabha.” Fangzheng smiled. The next moment…


Followed by a dull thud, a person was sent flying out like a rocket.

The eight people that came with him were also knocked down like bowling pins. They fell to the ground, with only one or two remaining standing. They looked in horror at the white monk who had maintained his stance. The look in their eyes was as though they had seen a monster!

“Heavens! He sent that guy flying more than ten meters with a kick! Holy hell. That bastard must weigh at least sixty kilograms, right? How much force is needed to do that?” The youth who was about to call the emergency services smacked his lips as he had a look of incredulity.

The lad was also dumbfounded. He snapped to his senses when he heard the youth, only to say in enlightenment, “No wonder he didn’t run. He’s actually this fearsome!”

“Brother, do we still need to call for an ambulance?” the youth asked.

The man rolled his eyes at him. “What for? Just watch the show!”

The youth laughed with him.

The sales attendant covered her mouth as her eyes sparkled while looking at the monk who maintained his kicking posture. She said in excitement, “How handsome!”

However, the boss didn’t think so. He shook his head and said, “What’s the point of being handsome? To dare attack a subordinate of Brother Snake, can he beat a knife even with powerful martial arts?”

“Will he actually use a knife?” the sales attendant exclaimed.

“They’re a bunch of bastards. Why wouldn’t they dare to?” the boss sighed.

As though in response to his words, Brother Snake, who had dodged at the critical moment, pulled his steel pipe a bit and flashed half a steel knife! Brother Snake smiled derisively. “How dare you beat up my men? Do you think you are the only one who knows martial arts?”

Fangzheng turned his neck slightly and gave Brother Snake a beaming smile. Then, he suddenly lowered his foot that he had held up in midair. With a loud bang, Fangzheng took one huge step forward, appearing right in front of Brother Snake like a white ghost! They faced each other and were just one centimeter short of colliding!

With Fangzheng’s sudden approach, Brother Snake’s drawn steel knife was slammed back into its sheath. Simultaneously, a tremendous force surged over as Brother Snake failed to hold the steel pipe tight. It was sent flying before clanging heavily onto the ground.

Brother Snake subconsciously took a glance at the steel pipe and was horrified to see that the pipe had penetrated the cement road, embedding itself into the ground. Half of the steel pipe was underground! At that instant, Brother Snake’s pupils dilated significantly as he cursed inwardly. “What the f**k is this monster? F**king Lame Lu, didn’t you f**king say that this monk is just an ordinary monk? He’s a f**king monster!”

Seeing the monk approach him so suddenly, Brother Snake’s head perspired profusely. He was really afraid that he would be swatted away just like the steel pipe and sent flying like a soccer ball…

“My dear disciple.” Fangzheng beckoned.

Red Boy immediately ran over and handed over the photograph.

Fangzheng held the photograph in front of Brother Snake and chuckled. “Amitabha. Patron, saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. Helping someone is a meritorious deed. With all that negative karma lingering around you, This Penniless Monk is afraid you will meet with misfortune in everything you do. Why don’t you help This Penniless Monk do some good deeds. Take a look, do you know this person?”

Brother Snake nearly cried when he heard that. Misfortune in everything I do? What could be more unfortunate than meeting a monster like you?

Although he was spewing expletives inwardly, he didn’t dare show it on his face. He gulped and said in great difficulty, “I…”

“Feng Tao! Are you up to no good again!?” At that moment, a voice sounded from behind Brother Snake.

When Brother Snake heard that, he hurriedly took a step back. After confirming that Fangzheng hadn’t made any moves, he pulled out the steel pipe and ran! If it was only a normal steel pipe, he wouldn’t have been that afraid, but there was a knife inside. If he was caught by the police with it, he would be in trouble. Therefore, once Brother Snake ran, all his subordinates began scattering. Even Lame Lu ran while holding his chest as he resisted the pain, his eyes welling with tears. Surprisingly, this person who acted legless every day actually ran very quickly… When everyone saw his completely healthy pair of legs, all of them cursed incessantly.

“This son-of-a-bitch actually acts as a cripple with such healthy legs. He deserves being beaten!”

“F**k, I knew something was wrong with him. He’s so able… F**k, if I see any son-of-a-bitch with a complete set of props again, I’m not giving a single cent!”

“I’m awed… This legless guy runs faster than me,” said another person with a sobbing tone.

Some people grumbled while others cheered.

“Wow! This hunk is truly amazing!” The sales attendant looked at Fangzheng abnormally as her eyes sparkled.

Her boss’s face blushed red. He had been touting about how impressive Brother Snake was, but he never expected the son-of-a-bitch to run the moment they faced off. He didn’t even pull out his knife… F**k, I embarrassed myself good! He wasn’t thick-skinned enough to watch the commotion any further as he hurriedly ran to the back of his store to do an inventory check.

The youth and the kindhearted lad who had given the iron pole exchanged looks and saw the shock and excitement in each other’s eyes. They said in unison, “Martial arts?”

“Brother, I wish to become a monk,” said the youth subconsciously.

The lad said, “Go home and ask Dad’s rake if that’s okay.”

The youth was instantly left speechless.

Another person was frightened out of her wits—Ma Guifen. She had rushed to protect the young monk rashly when she thought he was in danger. At that instant, she felt her brain freeze as it was unable to operate. She had been dumbstruck. But the next moment, the bunch of hooligans had been sent scramming.

At that moment, the policeman who had shouted previously arrived. He asked in concern, “Are the two of you okay?”

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. This Patron might have suffered some mild shock, but she should be fine.”

The policeman was a plump fatty wearing glasses. It was quite obvious that he was inexperienced. Clearly, he had only recently joined the force. However, the fatty was quite friendly. He didn’t show any disdain towards Ma Guifen’s dirty getup. He said, “Is this auntie your mother?”