The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Here Comes The Mermaid

Translator: CKtalon  Editor: CKtalon

“No, no! Little Min, don’t be rash. Come back. After you come back, Mommy won’t make you attend school again. Let’s go home. You can sleep as much as you want!” The woman struggled to stand up as she screamed. She was truly in fear; she could see the despair and decisiveness in her daughter’s eyes—she really wanted to commit suicide!

“Little Min, don’t do that. Look, we are policemen. Policemen are really powerful. Even your teacher has to listen to us. We will bring you to school and guarantee that your teacher will no longer reprimand you or give you homework. How about that?” Fatty turned anxious as he said immediately.

Little Min looked at the policemen and her mother in a daze, asking, “Really?”

“Yes!” Fatty and the woman nodded in unison.

However, Little Min still shook her head. “No, how sad would Teacher be if that was the case. I know she was doing with my best interest in mind, but I’m really too tired… All I want to do is sleep for a moment, just a short rest. Mommy, I’m really too tired. I just want to rest for a moment…”

With that said, Little Min suddenly turned backwards!

“No!” At that instant, Fatty managed to conjure strength and speed of unknown origins as he nearly instinctively charged forward.

Just at the instant Little Min was about to fall, Fatty pounced over, but he ended up using too much strength. He realized sorrowfully that the curse that ensured that he couldn’t run fast or jump high from a young age had been lifted! He swore that he had never jumped so high before! However, he wasn’t happy with this as he had jumped a little too high and ended up jumping over the barricade!

“Dammit!” Despite seeing the barricade beneath him fly past him, he was helpless. Fatty subconsciously cursed as he reached out to grab Little Min’s ankles. He didn’t know what he was thinking, but at that instant, he subconsciously pulled Little Min into an embrace, and flipped around, looking at Little Min. Then, he smiled in a silly manner! That’s right, this seemingly emotionless Fatty actually smiled. He wanted to say something, but there wasn’t time for him to do so. However, the look in his eyes said everything.

At the instant Little Min turned around, she felt liberated. However, when she began flying in the sky, scenes of her mother waking up early in the morning to make breakfast for her flashed through her mind. Her life together with her parents since she was young rapidly streamed through her mind while that sense of warmth was turning distant with her leap. She felt like she wasn’t jumping out of a cage, but out of bliss and into an abyss!

A wind blew as Little Min felt her entire body turn cold, a cold that was derived from the feeling of being separated from her loved ones. The biting cold reached her bones, and even her soul was trembling. She was afraid!

Little Min regretted. She didn’t wish to die!

However, Little Min realized that the outcome of her decision was already fixed. It didn’t seem like she could change a thing. As death approached, she could even smell it. Despair, horror, and cold! But thinking back to the mountain-like homework, her heart chilled. She subconsciously thought, “Going back might be even colder. So be it…”

At that moment, a warm hand pulled her into a warm embrace. A smiling face appeared in her eyes and at that instant, Little Min seemed to see the sun. So warm… Although the policeman didn’t say a word, she could tell from his eyes that he was allowing her to live on! He was using his body to cushion her fall!

At that instant, Little Min cried. This was the first time she felt her heart ache so strongly that the pain seemed to rip apart her heart. She didn’t wish for this to happen. She didn’t want such a good person to die!

Meanwhile, people on the ground had been waiting all day, only to see the silly monk playing with the huge net without doing anything else. Immediately, some people shook their heads and dispersed.

However, there were people who had nothing to do who continued watching. For instance, the boss and his sales attendant, Little Zhang, who had fished out their phones in preparation to record a short video to post on their WeChat Moments for amusement.

These people were focused on the phone’s focal point, which was Fangzheng, and failed to notice what was happening at the top of the building.

All of them thought to themselves, “This monk is really silly.”

At that moment, Shao Gang was done brewing the tea inside his office. He asked, “Master, have some tea to quench your thirst.”

Fangzheng shook his head and gestured for them to be silent. “The fish is here.”

“Fish?” Shao Gang was stunned. Was this monk not done with his crazy antics yet? He shook his head slightly. Just as Shao Gang was about to say something, he saw a black shadow suddenly drop from the sky! Then, like it was meant to be, this blob fell into the huge net which Fangzheng had set up!

“Holy sh*t! A mermaid!?” Shao Gang cried out nearly subconsciously. He spilled the tea in his hand and forgot how scalding it was… In his daze, he didn’t see that Fangzheng had allowed the momentum to continue downwards with the net. He had done so to reduce the chances of injury due to the impact from the duo’s plummet.

As for those people who were recording, they were dumbfounded. They had been recording just a moment ago and seeing that the ten second micro-video was about to end, they saw an unrecognizable blob fall from the sky! Unfortunately, the video came to an end, and the scene became fixed. All they could do was look up, and they ended up standing rooted to the ground. The huge empty net had two people!

From their attire, it seemed one of them was a policeman and the other was a girl…

Everyone’s minds buzzed as they subconsciously raised a question: “The mermaid? That’s not right, what’s up with this fat uniformed fish?” However, as all these nonsensical thoughts flashed through their head, everyone suddenly came to a realization. Someone had tried to commit suicide!

“Save them!” It was unknown who shouted and ran over first, but the moment everyone started running, they realized that there was nothing they could do.

Just as someone wanted to shout “Monk, hold on. Make sure to hold on. Don’t let go!”, they all saw that the monk was pulling the two into the building like he was reeling in fish.

When everyone saw this scene, they exchanged looks and had expressions of disbelief. They were speechless as a question appeared in their minds. Could this monk not be an idiot but a holy monk? He was deliberately waiting there to save the two?

“No way he’s so godly, right? It has to be a coincidence…” the boss mumbled.

Little Zhang looked at her boss and said, “Boss, have you ever seen a coincidence like this? Why do I think it was deliberate on that hunk’s part?”

“Monk, not hunk,” corrected the boss.

“Then he’s a hunky monk. Boss, it appears you got smacked in the face again.” Little Zhang looked seriously at her boss with a poker face.

The boss blushed as he scoffed. “What’s there to see anymore then? Do you still want your job? I’ll cut your pay!”

“If you cut my pay, I’ll tell your mother!” Little Zhang showed no fear as she stood akimbo.

The boss immediately wore a sour expression as he mumbled. “I knew I shouldn’t have hired a relative, especially someone I can’t offend! Sigh…”