The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Scalding

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People like the boss who originally imagined Fangzheng was a fool and thought little of him felt their faces burn after seeing this scene. Finally, all of them came up with an explanation—it had to be a coincidence!

For the sake of their face, they refused to believe that Fangzheng had made a correct prediction. Therefore they posted on their WeChat Moments: “Crazy monk coincidentally saves plummeting girl!”

When a particular website’s editor saw this, he immediately typed out a headline: “Shocking! Crazy monk makes a huge net to do such a thing to a beauty!”

Fangzheng didn’t know what the reactions of the people down below were, nor did he have the time to bother. This was because he knew that on the four dazed faces that were looking at him trouble was written!

Shao Gang and Shao Chong lowered their heads to look at the man and girl in the huge net. Little Min and Fatty also stared at the people outside in a daze. They couldn’t figure out why they would fall into a net when their fates were pretty much sealed.

“Girl…” Shao Gang whispered.

Shao Chong exclaimed. “Mermaid!”

The moment Shao Chong shouted, it gave Little Min such a fright that she subconsciously cuddled into Fatty’s embrace even more. It looked like a lamb meeting a perverted wolf.

“Wait a moment. If this young lady is a mermaid, what’s that? A fat-headed fish? Did the mermaid change sex?” Shao Chong looked suspiciously at Fatty.

Red Boy walked over and after taking a look at the policeman, he said in all seriousness, “No, it’s a mermaid who had a sex change operation and then plastic surgery. But from the looks of it, it was likely a failed surgery.”


Fangzheng, who was sitting there drinking tea in a composed manner, spewed a mouthful of tea. He raised his hand and slapped Red Boy before he pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. Patron, we meet again.”

Fangzheng’s Buddhist proclamation snapped Fatty to his senses as he was confused about what was happening. He had already been prepared to die, but now, he had suddenly been rescued. Now that he came to his senses, he still felt a little puzzled. He looked at Fangzheng, Shao Gang, and Shao Chong, and his mind began whirling. He knew all the people in front of him! As the policeman in charge of this area, it was his job to know them.

Similarly, Shao Gang and Shao Chong had long recognized the fat policeman. However, the two of them deliberately pretended not to recognize him. Instead, they took the opportunity to throw jibes at him so as to calm the situation and the suicider’s emotions.

Indeed, this exchange snapped Fatty to his senses as he immediately checked Little Min. Seeing that she was fine, he quickly crawled out of the net and, without standing on ceremony, poured a cup of tea for himself and drank it.

“Be…” Fangzheng was just about to warn him when he decisively held up a book to block Fatty!

“Pfft!” Fatty spewed out the mouthful of tea. Thankfully, the book blocked the tea; otherwise, Fangzheng would have been hit in the face with the tea.

“Hot! Hot! Hot!” Fatty fanned his tongue as he shouted.

Shao Gang hurriedly passed him a cup of cold water while Fangzheng passed Little Min a cup of water. The lass was originally a little afraid, but after seeing Fangzheng, for some reason her original fear instantly quelled. She had never seen the monk before, but she instinctively felt that he was a good person that left her relieved. Hence, Little Min took the cup of water and sat beside Fangzheng, drinking it.

As for Fatty, he finally calmed down after jumping around for quite some time. He said bitterly, “It scalded me…”

Shao Gang said, “Officer Chang, what happened? Why did you jump down from upstairs?”

Fatty smiled bitterly when he heard that. He shook his head and said, “It’s a long story…”

At that moment, Little Min said, “Uncle Policeman jumped with me to save me…” With that said, Little Min lowered her head in guilt as tears dripped down.

When Shao Chong heard that, he exclaimed. “Officer Chang, I couldn’t tell that you were capable of such heroic feats. Impressive!”

Officer Chang smiled bitterly. “Actually, I wanted to pull her, but I ended up jumping with too much force and ended up jumping down with her.”


Red Boy, who was also drinking water while listening to the commotion, spewed out water as well. He laughed out loudly without any consideration. And he received a slap from Fangzheng in return.

Red Boy was adorable to begin with and when he was slapped by Fangzheng, he tumbled backward. However, he didn’t seem to feel the pain. He sat up on the floor, looking bitterly at everyone. The expression his tiny face showed was as amusing as it could be.

Upon seeing this scene Little Min, who had burst into tears, could not help but laugh.

Everyone exchanged looks and understood Fangzheng’s intentions. They all laughed as well. With everyone’s lead, Little Min laughed happily, and all the mental scars she received from her suicide attempt vanished instantly.

As they laughed, someone was on the brink of tears.

The instant Officer Chang had jumped down from the building, the senior policeman had started tearing up. He quickly ran downstairs after that and as he ran, he cursed. “Son of a b*tch. Why did you f**king jump as well? Do you think you are Superman? Do you think just because you are fat, it will lessen the impact and you won’t end up dying? Sob!” Despite being in his forties, he lost himself to tears.

Behind him was Little Min’s mother who fainted from crying. She was helped up, which prevented her from collapsing to the ground.

As the senior policeman wept, he ran downstairs and let out a sharp howl. “Where is he? Where’s the corpse!?”

Upon hearing the senior policeman’s cry, Officer Chang poked his head out and said, “Teacher, I’m here!”

“Huh, holy sh*t…” The senior policeman nearly jumped in fright when he saw Officer Chang’s appearance. However, he was experienced after all and wasn’t immediately frightened by the sudden appearance of Fatty. When he focused his gaze, he realized that it really was Officer Chang. His crying and wretched old expression instantly turned to anger. “You son of a b*tch! Stay there and don’t move. When I get up there, I’ll f**king beat the hell out of you!”

As he spoke, he ran upstairs again. As for how Officer Chang ended up inside the building without slamming to the road to his death, he wasn’t in a rush to know. He only wanted to confirm if the darn fatty was dead or not!

When he arrived upstairs and met Officer Chang, Officer Chang subconsciously covered his face, afraid of being hit. The senior policeman rushed forward, and the first thing he did was pull him into a bear hug…

Officer Chang felt the worry and concern from the senior policeman and at the moment they hugged, he felt his entire body tremble. He had really been worried for him! At that instant, Officer Chang whispered. “Teacher, this is the first time you didn’t scold me after we completed a mission…”

“Yes, not this time. When I get back and have my police baton, we can have a good chat,” the senior policeman said seriously. After asking about the situation and hearing that Officer Chang and Little Min had been caught by Fangzheng with a net, he instantly looked at Fangzheng like he had seen a ghost.

Fangzheng was looking at the hairy crabs that were being reared in a huge fish tank with Red Boy and Little Min, appearing completely calm and composed. Although Red Boy was quite a brat, he had his adorable side. Especially when he acted young and innocent, he could basically win the hearts of all. Little Min, who was still worried about facing her mother with a heavy heart, would laugh out from time to time because of Red Boy’s antics.