The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Cliff

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Lone Wolf grinned as a cold glimmer flashed in his eyes. The next moment, he suddenly vanished from the boulder!

Immediately, a silver tornado seemed to sweep through the wolves on the ground.

A few minutes later…

“Sit still now!” A command was heard.

Twenty-six northeastern gray wolves sat on the ground with swollen faces. All of them sat straight like students undergoing their principal’s inspection. However, unlike students, these wolves had their eyes seeing stars, looking completely trounced. Some of them were even tearing and having snot drip down their noses… However, when they saw the new alpha wolf, they felt tickled. They felt a lot better despite their original unhappiness.

At that moment, two wild boars of different sizes walked past. When the little boar saw this scene, it cried. “Mom, look! A very thin wild boar is sitting in front of the pack of wolves! Is he going to challenge a pack of wolves alone? How impressive!”

The big boar took a careful look and nudged the little boar. “Silly child, run! That’s no wild boar. It’s just a wolf with a surprisingly large and deformed head!”

Frightened, the boar cub immediately ran away with its mother.

Thankfully, the pack of wolves didn’t understand boar speak; otherwise, the new alpha wolf who was sitting in front would probably wish to die right there and then.

Seeing the wolves looking at him with reverence, as well as their upright sitting postures, Lone Wolf felt even more pleased. He jumped onto the boulder once again and said in high spirits, “Since all of you wish to listen to This Penniless Monk’s preaching, This Penniless Monk will try to do his best at this onerous task.” The moment Lone Wolf opened his mouth, saliva spat out and since the new alpha wolf was sitting right in front of him, he felt like he was drenched by rain and snow…

The pack of wolves rolled their eyes. What the hell was this guy saying? Also, didn’t he have a little too much saliva? All of them cursed inwardly. “If not for the fact that I run slower than you, I’d have long fled. F**k, we came out hunting but ended up meeting a lunatic! How sad…” However, they shouted against their true feelings. “Great! Great! Excellent!”

As Lone Wolf was having a great time, He Haijiang and Cheng Mujie were on the brink of tears.

After the two left the tent, they imagined that they were heading in the direction of Tianzhu Peak, but the more they walked, the more they felt something amiss. When they saw the enormous cliff in front of them, they suddenly came to the realization that they were lost!

The biting cold left their teeth clattering. When they looked around, they realized that everything looked the same. They had no idea of what direction they should take next.

“Haijiang, we won’t die here, right?” Cheng Mujie cried.

“No… We won’t. Definitely not. At most, we will just return. Besides, the rescue team is definitely looking for us. Let’s hold on a little longer. Just a while more, and we will be fine.” Even though He Haijiang said that, he didn’t have any confidence at all. Return? How? Standing on a mountain, everywhere looked identical. He had no idea which direction to take.

“Rescue team?” Upon thinking of the rescue team, Cheng Mujie found a straw to clutch at. “W-why aren’t they here yet? Why aren’t they here when we are already in such a predicament?” Cheng Mujie was already on the brink of a mental breakdown. Her original joy of entering deep into the primordial forest was long gone. All that was left was helplessness and horror. Without any outlet to vent her unhappiness, she finally vented it on the rescue team.

When He Haijiang saw Cheng Mujie’s state, he knew that they couldn’t wait any longer. They had to get moving. Regardless of where they went, as long as they walked, there would be hope. Unbeknown to him, though, deep in the snow-laden mountains and forest, moving would only accelerate their deaths!

Nonetheless, He Haijiang randomly chose a direction and walked in it with Cheng Mujie. Before long, Cheng Mujie screamed as her body fell down. He Haijiang subconsciously tried to pull at her, but without a firm footing, he fell to the ground and failed to grab onto Cheng Mujie. She tumbled down the slope and screamed endlessly.

He Haijiang hurriedly got up in fright and chased after her, but Cheng Mujie’s screams quickly disappeared.

When He Haijiang followed the imprints left by Cheng Mujie’s tumble, he realized that there was a cliff at the mountainside! The cliff led to a swath of darkness. Nothing could be seen, nor could he hear Cheng Mujie’s voice. At that instant, He Haijiang was scared out of his wits. He was afraid that Cheng Mujie had fallen to her death! He wanted to probe, but the steep slope and the seemingly bottomless abyss made it impossible for him to move even an inch forward! He didn’t even dare approach the cliff’s side, afraid that the with the strong winds he might slip and fall off the cliff as well.

As for bending over to check if he could see her? He didn’t dare do so. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get up or might even fall to his death. But he couldn’t bring himself to leave for his conscience would eat at him if he did. Therefore he looked for ropes or vines, only to sadly discover that the so-called survival guides online were useless against the harsh forces of nature! He was deep in the northeastern mountains, a snow-filled wasteland. How could there be a vine for him? He didn’t have any tools which that left his mind blank. He could only attempt to shout. “Mujie! Mujie! Answer me! Mujie!”

His shouts echoed through the mountainous forest, but unfortunately, there was no reply except for the northern wind’s howl.

“Sorry. Sorry for being so useless. Sob!” He Haijiang hugged his arms as he cried. At that instant, he finally realized that all his ideas and comments had been ridiculous! He believed that the information he gathered on the Internet and his imagined superiority as a person in the modern-age would allow him to challenge nature. Yet now he realized that his tiny bit of knowledge and his sense of superiority were nothing in the face of nature!

While He Haijiang was crying, less than twenty meters beneath the cliff was a crooked tree. It had happened to catch Cheng Mujie’s fall, preventing her from dying. Cheng Mujie could even hear He Haijiang’s shouts. However, even though she wasn’t dead, she was left dumbfounded from the fall. Back when she was tumbling, her body had been scraped by tree roots and rocks beneath the snow, leaving her aching with bloody wounds. She felt like her body was about to give way at any moment. When she heard He Haijiang’s shouts, she was too weak to respond. All she could do was let out a deep cry for help, but the sound was drowned out by the wind.

When she heard He Haijiang shouting helplessly, Cheng Mujie fell into despair. On the tree, she looked up at the cliff which wasn’t too far away in a daze. She yearned to see that familiar figure risk his life to descend. Just him trying or taking a look would do! However, Cheng Mujie bitterly discovered that He Haijiang didn’t even dare stand by the cliffside to look down. All he did was stand near to it, shouting… But so what if the shouts were filled with feelings and gusto? The fact of the matter was that He Haijiang was only shouting.

Before coming on this adventure, many people had advised her against it, telling her that it was a dangerous idea. But she had refused to listen to them. To her, the dangers of nature were things only people in olden times feared. A modern person was well-equipped and if anything were to happen, a call for help over the phone would do. There was no such thing as danger, she had thought. But reality was now telling her that she had been too naive and sure of herself!