The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Beginning

Dog Song hurriedly yelled, "These are the biggest, flattest and cleanest tables we could find!"

Fangzheng said helplessly, "About that, if This Penniless Monk were to produce any kind of calligraphy, anywhere would do. As for this table, it's quite a good one."

"If you think it's fine, then it's fine. Fellow over there! Do you think it's fine? If it's fine, let's quickly begin. If it's not fine, there's nothing to switch it with anyway," Dog Song shouted.

Ouyang Huazai ignored Dog Song. He patted the table and said to Yang Ping and company, "It's okay. Thank you for your trouble."

With the tables prepared and the villagers there, the scene became even livelier. However, there were people who were upset since they were none other than the people from the Calligraphy Association. As Dog Song knew that these people were supporting Ouyang Huazai, he immediately led the villagers to express his scoundrel characteristics and engaged in smack talk. One moment, he would compare to see who had shorter shorts. Another moment, he would compare hairstyles. It caused the group of cultured people to nearly spew out invectives.

And on the other side, Wang Yougui, Tan Juguo, Jiang Songyun, and company had set up the competition venue while Cai Fang, Jing Yan, and company had set up their cameras. The competition was hastily held in the snow.

Fangzheng wanted to help, but his help was rejected. As Jiang Songyun put it, everyone would be able to rest assured that nothing was unfair if they did it.

Fangzheng rolled his eyes. It was a calligraphy competition, was there a need for him to cheat?

But Fangzheng was also happy to be free from any work, so he stood by the side and watched.

During this time, a young girl came over and sized Fangzheng up curiously. She asked, "Do you really know calligraphy?"

Fangzheng looked at the girl and said with a nod, "Amitabha. Patron, This Penniless Monk doesn't know calligraphy."

"Eh? Then- Then why are you competing with my father?" The girl was none other than Ouyang Fenghua, who looked at Fangzheng in a daze.

Fangzheng was surprised. He had never expected the girl to be his opponent's daughter. However, there was no reason to shift the blame. He did not treat Ouyang Fenghua coldly and instead smiled lightly, "This Penniless Monk's calligraphy is too ugly. It's really too embarrassing to claim that This Penniless Monk knows calligraphy."

Fangzheng spoke very honestly. He had seen the true Dragon Buddha Epithet, and that was Buddha's calligraphy. The immensity of it was shocking! Comparing his product with Buddha's made his no different from shit.

When Ouyang Fenghua saw how Fangzheng spoke so honestly, she truly believed him. She shook her head and said, "Since your calligraphy is so bad, why did you even want to sensationalize it? Sigh, to be honest, my bets are against you. My father is a famous calligraphy expert in the city. He has won first place in several of the calligraphy competitions in the city, and he already has hundreds of students."

Ouyang Fenghua blabbered on as she extolled Ouyang Huazai's impressive calligraphy skills. As for Fangzheng, he only listened to her with a smile.

He did not know if he would clinch victory for he did this only for fun. It was so boring during winter! As for the outcome? It would be nice if he won, since he could win fame. He did not mind losing. His opponent was a famous calligraphy expert while he was an unknown young monk. Who would mock him? Even if there was mockery, Fangzheng would not know either. Would someone run all the way to his temple door to scold him?

Just as Ouyang Fenghua was having a great time extolling her father, a calligrapher from Black Mountain City's Calligraphy Association came over and said, "Fenghua, don't bother telling him that much. How can a monk from a tiny temple know what's calligraphy? If he were to win, I'll eat the table!"

Fangzheng glanced at that person. He wasn't very tall, just about 1.7 meters. He had average looks and had an air of arrogance. Yet, the arrogance was not only directed at Fangzheng, it was present even against those from Songwu County's Calligraphy Association. Clearly, he belittled people from smaller regions. He was a man that was arrogant and aggressive in mocking others.

Fangzheng smiled and did not say a word. However, he remembered the person's words.

However, Ouyang Fenghua said with a smile, "Liang Yuguang, don't forget what you said. When the time comes, don't you regret it."

"A man has to be true to his words!" Liang Yuguang said confidently. Then, he said to Fangzheng, "Little Monk, if I were you, I would shut the door and not participate in this competition. Although there's the bad reputation stemming from escaping a fight, it's better than losing."

Even Clay Bodhisattva would be infuriated at such a comment, much less Fangzheng, who was impetuous and hot-blooded. Fangzheng smiled and said, "There's no need for Patron to worry. Patron, it's best you prepare some digestive biscuits."

"My stomach is fine, why would I need that?" Liang Yuguang did not realize the meaning behind Fangzheng's words as he retorted with a question.

Fangzheng smiled silently. Ouyang Fenghua laughed instead and dragged Liang Yuguang away.

Soon, the preparations for the competition were completed. As Black Mountain City's Calligraphy Association's president, Jiang Songyun naturally was qualified to be a judge. As an elder, Sun Guanying, who was also Songwu County's Calligraphy Association's president, equally had the qualifications to be a judge.

As for the rest, they were only there to watch the buzz.

Fangzheng did not mind who the judges were. Although Fatty had some objections, it was useless. Every profession had its professionals, and no one else was fit to be the judge.

As they spoke, Fangzheng and Ouyang Huazai came in front of the tables. Indeed, there was Xuan paper already placed on the tables. The brushes, ink, papers, and inkstones were already prepared.

On Ouyang Huazai's side, his wife, Cui Jin was in charge of grinding the ink. Ouyang Huazai stood proudly with his hands behind his back. He looked up into the sky as if he was the only person left in this world.

Upon seeing this scene, many people nodded secretly as they commented, "He's indeed an expert calligrapher from the city. His every move and his disposition are indeed extraordinary. He exudes a feeling as if he's too high to be touched."

"That's not an evaluation we are fit to give. After all, there are plenty of better experts compared to Mr Ouyang. However, it is indeed true that few people here are his match."

"Hehe, I'm rather curious to know if the young monk will have the courage to continue writing after he sees Mr Ouyang's calligraphy."

"Perhaps he will admit defeat the moment Mr Ouyang begins writing."


Despite the crowd mumbling, it was actually not soft in volume. Fangzheng and Ouyang Huazai could hear them clearly. Typically, any noise was banned when calligraphers wrote calligraphy. However, the judge, Jiang Songyun, had no intention to stop them. Instead, he appeared nonchalant as if he had not heard them. Sun Guanying frowned. He wanted to stop them a few times but eventually did not say a thing.

Fangzheng did not understand calligraphy, so upon seeing this scene, he felt rather creeped out. "It's just a small calligraphy competition. Yet, these people can't even handle it fairly. With such mentalities, it would be a joke if they could become masters. No wonder there are no masters in China. Mental illnesses are the true diseases!"

However, Fangzheng was not affected. As he had nothing to lose, he naturally did not feel pressured. He quietly stood there and waited for the competition to begin.

Fangzheng was dressed in the White Lunar Monk Robe which could accentuate his good mental state and bearing. His tranquility was completely different from the disposition that Ouyang Huazai was emitting!

Ouyang Huazai was flaunting his abilities to his fullest while Fangzheng was peaceful and calm. Whoever looked at him would subconsciously feel at peace. They would feel comfortable and calm from the bottom of their hearts.