The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Master Fiddles with Cell Phone

With that said, Ouyang Huazai took a deep breath and instantly calmed down. Following that, he picked up a writing brush and dabbed it in ink. He loosened his upper arm and began writing in wide strokes. His words were messy like a tornado. It was the 'wild cursive' form of the cursive script! Once the words were written, the people that were there for the buzz immediately fell silent. All of them paid full attention to Ouyang Huazai's words, as if their souls were being sucked away by them.

Fatty and Monkey went over too. Although they did not comprehend calligraphy, they felt as if a hurricane with a force of twelve on the Beaufort scale was blowing across them. The cursive grass-like text seemed to dance wildly in this wind, making it feel extremely realistic! The two exchanged looks. Even if they did not understand calligraphy, they also knew that the product was extremely impressive!

However, Fatty still spoke against his consciousness, "What the heck is this? It looks like a cockroach's crawl. There's nothing about it that looks good-"

"Friend over there, this is a calligraphy competition, so please maintain silence. You are not to disturb the contestants," Jiang Songyun immediately reprimanded.

Fatty glared with his eyes and was about to retort, but he was pulled back by Monkey. Wu Changxi lowered his voice as well and said, "It's the rules. Don't cause trouble. If you want to help Master, be quiet."

Only then did Fatty shut up. When he stole a glance at Fangzheng, he was immediately dumbfounded. He saw that Fangzheng had taken out his phone and was fiddling with it! He had not started writing! The brush was still placed on the table. It had not even been dabbed in ink. As for the ink? It wasn't even touched!

"F*ck, what is Master doing? Why is he fiddling with his phone during the competition? Damn it, is Master admitting defeat just like that?" Fatty exclaimed without thinking.

This yelp gave everyone a fright as they subconsciously took a look at Fangzheng.

However, Jiang Songyun berated angrily, "Friend over there, if you continue screaming, don't blame me when I chase you away!"

Fatty knew he was at fault, so he did not say a word in response.

Jiang Songyun glanced at Ouyang Huazai and saw him in a seemingly crazed state. His eyes were red as if his entire being was in a craze. He had not heard Fatty's exclamation at all! His words were like a messy hurricane, appearing at intense speeds. Each and every character was truly excellent!

When the president of Songwu County's Calligraphy Association saw this, he could not help but marvel, "He lives up to being an expert! He remains unperturbed no matter what! He is fully immersed in his writing after writing about ten words. His body and text seem to have fused into one. Such great calligraphy really makes him live up to the name of an expert!"

Jiang Songyun said with a sigh as well, "Mr Ouyang's calligraphy is indeed good. Furthermore, it's much better than before! Unfortunately, Mr Ouyang seldom showcased his works for everyone to appreciate in recent years. If not for Wu Changxi causing this fuss, I wouldn't have known that his skill has already reached the standard of a national expert! Heh heh, it looks like it was right of me to facilitate this competition. It looks like our Black Mountain City will have a good showing at the next national calligraphy competition."

Sun Guanying nodded and said, "Indeed. Our Black Mountain City will dazzle at the national calligraphy competition!"

Jiang Songyun nodded. He could not even close his mouth from smiling anymore. He glanced at Fangzheng and shook his head slightly and said, "I have no idea what this monk is up to. He's not participating in the competition as it is progressing and even fiddles with his phone. From the looks of it, he has really given up."

Sun Guanying said, "How can a person that plays to the gallery have any ability? Forget it, since we were lucky to see Mr Ouyang's excellent calligraphy today, it wasn't for naught. This thanks can also be attributed to him."

Jiang Songyun nodded and said, "Indeed. If not for his nonsense, we would not have had this luck to feast on such calligraphy."

The others had noticed this point too as they secretly discussed.

"Hehe, why is this monk fiddling with his phone instead of writing?"

"Haha, he probably knows he's inferior to Mr Ouyang, so he took the initiative to give up."

"Mr Ouyang's calligraphy looks like it was written by a god. It's so beautiful and magnificent! This calligraphy is probably on the level of a national expert, right?"

"If it were me, I would admit defeat when competing with such good calligraphy. This monk is also rather clever. He knows that the words he can write will appear like shit beside Mr Ouyang's, so he decided not to write at all. It's as the saying goes, there will be no harm without comparison!"

"That's right. If he doesn't write anything, he can at least retain a bit of his dignity. If he writes, just a comparison would... Heh heh!"


When Ouyang Fenghua heard everyone's discussion, she secretly glanced at Fangzheng. Indeed, Fangzheng was fiddling with his phone. She shook her head and thought to herself, "I thought this monk would be entertaining and extraordinary. From the looks of it, he's just a pervert who only has handsome looks to speak of. What a shame for his good looks. His heart has besmirched Buddha, so how can he be a monk?"

Jing Yan was also looking at Fangzheng with her brows furrowed. Chen Jing whispered to her, "This monk sure is something, to fiddle with his phone during the competition. He doesn't even have the courage to compete. What trash."

Jing Yan nodded in agreement with Chen Jing's words for the first time as she said, "That's right. What a shame for his good looks. I hoped that he would be somewhat different but now, from the looks of it, all he has is a bit of strength. He's just an asshole who tried to make a name for himself! Does he want to become famous through us? I'll definitely make him famous when I get back!"

After Jing Yan said that, she began thinking of ways to infinitely magnify the nefarious side of this temple! She wanted the temple to live on forever in infamy!

The villagers did not understand calligraphy, but they also knew that Ouyang Huazai's text was very nice. As for Fangzheng, he was ignoring everything else to fiddle with his phone. Clearly, the situation was terrible. Although the outsiders were big shots that everyone needed to look up to, Fangzheng was a child from their village. They naturally felt anxious that he was at the disadvantage.

And Wang Yougui even more so. After watching Fangzheng fiddle with his phone all day, he could not help but rush over and say angrily, "Fangzheng, what the hell are you doing? The competition, don't you know about it! Why do you have the mood to fiddle with your phone? Even if your calligraphy is bad, you have to write something! A man can lose, but he cannot hide or avoid! What the hell are you if you run when faced with difficulties?!"

Fangzheng was surprised. When was he running? When was he avoiding the battle? What!?

"Uncle Wang, I'm not avoiding the battle," explained Fangzheng.

"If you aren't avoiding it, why are you fiddling with your phone? Hand it to me. I'll return it to you after you are done with the competition." Wang Yougui was about to snatch the cell phone from him.

Fangzheng hurriedly dodged and said with a wry smile, "Uncle Wang, don't mess around. I naturally have my reasons for using the phone."

"What use is there for a phone during a calligraphy competition?" Wang Yougui exclaimed.

"Haha, perhaps some master is trying to find some nicer calligraphy to copy from," Pancake Face said eccentrically.

"Enough, those with less than half a pair of pants should not speak. Aren't your balls cold from the strong wind?" Dog Song was the first to launch an attack. His retort nearly stifled Pancake Face so much that he wanted to fight it out with Dog Song. However, seeing how Dog Song had a scoundrelly bearing, he immediately gave up as he thought to himself, "I'm a cultured person. I do not fight with bores, for it's an insult to culture."