The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Being Teased

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“Could it be that this fellow isn’t a monk but used a ploy to get close to Kang Rui? Did I end up letting a pervert onto the bus?” With this in mind, Sister Qing had mixed feelings. It wasn’t because the person she liked liked someone else, but she really felt that for someone to have eyes like that, he had to be an extraordinary monk and not some lowly mortal. If he was what she feared he could be, it would disappoint her greatly.

Therefore, on the journey, Sister Qing secretly observed Fangzheng. The more she watched, the more incredulous she became. As the bus bumped around and they made more physical contact, the monk’s face turned red first before his blush rapidly spread like dye dropping into a pool of clear water! Even the monk’s ears were red!

Upon seeing this, Sister Qing marveled. How could there be such a pure and innocent boy in this day and age? Her original belief that Fangzheng might be a pervert instantly vanished. She believed that it was impossible for there to be such a pure pervert in the world who could blush so much before even doing anything. With this in mind, she nearly burst out laughing. Her eyes darted around with a nefarious look as a wicked smile flashed around her lips. She allowed her body to sway even more with the bus’s vibrations.

And she realized that the monk’s head was like a chameleon. Having his ears turn red wasn’t the limit. After a few teases by her, his whole head turned red like a soy egg! When she saw this, she found it amusing, and she kept bumping into Fangzheng.

Finally, it was as though she had discovered a brand new world when the monk closed his eyes and started chanting. When she leaned in to listen, she could hear him chant the scriptures!

Sister Qing subconsciously thought of a scene from the film A Chinese Ghost Story . In it, monks would chant scriptures when they couldn’t hold it in… Looking at the monk and then back at herself, Sister Qing felt regret. She should have cosplayed as Xiaoqian! If she had done that, it would have been great fun!

Sister Qing still wanted to try if she could make this big toy produce more effects. Hence, she continued swaying and bumping…

Minutes later, when Fangzheng didn’t react anymore, a girl dressed in a fairy costume pursed her lips and smiled. “Sister Qing, the bus is now on a highway…”

The moment that was said, Sister Qing was stunned before her face turned red! The highway’s roads were very flat and had no sudden bends, potholes, or speed bumps; therefore, the bus was driving very stably. So for her to sway and bump around in such a situation, it was way too obvious.

Seeing Sister Qing blush, the fairy girl covered her mouth and laughed.

Regardless of how stern Sister Qing was, she was ultimately a young girl. Putting aside her administrative work, she was still a young girl at heart. With her face flushed red, she turned over, pinched her, and whispered. “Don’t laugh!”

This only made the fairy laugh even more. Soon, the two girls began causing quite a stir.

Fangzheng originally imagined that his torture was over, but when the two girls began pulling off wild actions, with long feet shooting all over and dresses flying up… Fangzheng hurriedly shut his eyes again and continued chanting the scriptures. Unfortunately, the scriptures were no longer of use.

Thankfully, the adorable Kang Rui was oblivious to all of this. She still had her question in mind and tugged at Fangzheng before asking, “Are you really a monk? Are you really not a cosplay aficionado?”

Fangzheng nodded in affirmation. This lit up Kang Rui’s eyes. “I’ve never seen a monk before.” WIth that said, she stared at Fangzheng with her big, blinking eyes as though she was looking at an alien. Then, beautifully, she said, “Oh, no, that’s not right. I’ve seen monks before. On TV. Master, the clothes you wear are quite different from other monks’. Which mountain are you from? Do you really believe in Buddha?…”

Kang Rui began throwing a barrage of questions at Fangzheng, overwhelming him a bit. However, he patiently explained to her and also mentioned his monastery.

It was unknown if Kang Rui believed him, but she looked like she was listening to him as he told her a story. She seemed to relish in the story, and the way she nodded and shook her head left Fangzheng exasperated.

Instead, Sister Qing, who was done with her skirmish, listened very seriously and exclaimed. “You are really a monk?”

Fangzheng spread his hands out. “In the flesh.”

“Then what’s that under your back?” Kang Rui pointed at the black clothed bag under Fangzheng’s buttocks.

Fangzheng looked down, and instantly, he wore an extremely interesting expression. With the jerkiness of the bus and him focused on chanting scriptures, he never realized that Salted Fish had slid from his waist to his ass… It was no wonder that Fangzheng felt like he had been propped up. Fangzheng hurriedly took Salted Fish from under his ass and tied it to his waist. He even saw Salted Fish’s resentful look, and he was clearly on the verge of erupting in anger.

This time he was in the wrong, so he naturally couldn’t bring himself to suppress him. All he could do was temporarily do nothing and make reparations for after they got off the bus.

“Master, what’s that? It looks hard.” Sister Qing was curious as well. She wondered if it could really be a knife. After all, monks practiced martial arts, so it would be understandable that they brought knives with them.

Fangzheng patted Salted Fish and said, “This is This Penniless Monk’s luggage, and it contains some toiletries.”

“Uh, this bit of luggage? It can’t hold much, can it?” Sister Qing looked at the cloth bag and asked.

Fangzheng smiled in response when Kang Rui suddenly pointed at the bag. “Eh, why is there a gem inlaid here? It looks rather pretty.”

With that said, Kang Rui reached out to touch it. Fangzheng was stunned. Gem? Where had that come from? Suddenly, Fangzheng realized something and turned his head. He saw Kang Rui using her finger with which she had just eaten a spicy stript to touch Salted Fish’s eye. Fangzheng could acutely feel that Salted Fish was about to explode. Thankfully, he held it in without shouting. Fangzheng quickly shifted his body and squeezed Salted Fish to his back to prevent his jumping from attracting attention. But even so, Fangzheng could sense that the pitiful fellow was trying to frantically rub his eyes, just short of screaming.

“What’s that? It’s a bit soft.” Kang Rui found it soft to the touch and confirmed that it wasn’t a gem.

Fangzheng was just about to say something when Mo Qun suddenly said, “Monk, can you keep it down? This is a public area. Can’t you see that people are sleeping?”

Not only was Fangzheng not mad when he heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief. This child was finally doing something for him!

Indeed, with Mo Qun interrupting, Kang Rui stopped exploring the fish eye, but she frowned. She pouted and said, “Mo Qun, Master didn’t say a word, so what are you so agitated about?”

Mo Qun rolled his eyes when he heard that. Why was he agitated? Even a fool could tell the reason why he was agitated; yet this silly girl knew nothing. Mo Qun was on the brink of a mental breakdown with no place to vent his anger. Finally, he targeted Fangzheng.

Fangzheng lamented inwardly. He was going to take out his anger on him wasn’t he?

And as expected, Mo Qun glared at Fangzheng and said, “Monk, you are of unknown origins, and you managed to sneak onto the bus. What is it you actually want?”