The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 815

Chapter 815 The Beginnings Of Rumors

Chapter 815: The Beginnings of Rumors
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Xia Jili fell silent.

Xia Ke tugged at Xia Jili’s hand and asked, “Daddy, is what he said true?”

Xia Jili sighed and nodded. “Yes… You wish to buy a drone, and I do want to buy it for you, but I… Sigh.”

“You don’t have the money? It’s no wonder you keep delaying… In the past, you would buy anything I liked on the spot. I’ve come to look at this drone so many times with you,” Xia Ke said softly before she shook her head. “Daddy, I don’t want the drone. Give the money to this uncle, okay? Save the little boy, okay?”

“I don’t want such nice pretense, I just want the money I earned! I will only take what I deserve!” Wang Dayou suddenly interrupted the duo. Although he was furious, it was clear that his anger had subsided quite significantly. Clearly, Xia Ke’s words still warmed his heart. He had been pulled back from the brink of murderous rage.

While there was chaos inside the store, it was even more chaotic outside. The police had cordoned off the entire area and kept making announcements, asking Wang Dayou to lay down his weapons and come out. Unfortunately, the police were equally at a loss. They had no idea who was inside and who the person who had locked down the area was! Also, they were unsure why he was robbing a store. Typically speaking, if he was in need of money, it would be more logical for him to go to the bank nearby, so why had he chosen a store? How much money could a store have?

If it wasn’t for money, it was for revenge. They had plenty to say if that was the case, but they had no idea who was inside or what the grudge was. All the negotiation tactics they had couldn’t be used!

Hence, all they could do was make announcements, asking the person inside to calm down and lay down his weapons. They promised to handle things with leniency. But as they spoke, even they themselves felt their words would be useless. It felt completely ineffective.

And indeed, even after making announcements all day, nothing came out of it.

The negotiation expert they had invited over was still on the way. It would be a full day before he arrived. And when it came to grudges, a simple trigger could set off the suspect. No one knew when he would break into a murderous rage. Hence, everyone acted very carefully, afraid of agitating the suspect.

Just as everyone was at a loss, unsure of how to deal with the situation—

A monk arrived at the periphery of the crowd. He stood there, tiptoeing as he craned his neck to look in. He asked a young policeman beside him, “Amitabha. Patron, what’s happening inside?”

The policeman was focused on the store because he had heard that the person had a gun. Hence, he was feeling fearful, and his anxiety had left his palms wet with sweat. To be suddenly tapped on the shoulder gave him a shock, and he nearly turned to shoot Fangzheng!

Fangzheng raised his arms and smiled. “Patron, This Penniless Monk is just asking a question. There’s no need for an execution by shooting, right?”

“Oh, my… You gave me a fright. Why are you so close? Don’t you see the cordon tape?” The policeman let out a long sigh when he saw that it was a monk.

Fangzheng scratched his head in embarrassment. He turned his head and realized that the cordon tape had already dropped, perhaps as a result of the jostling. Fangzheng had not noticed it when he came over.

“Patron, what’s happening inside?” Fangzheng thickened his skin as he asked. He instinctively believed that this matter involved the Formless Door’s mission!

“Someone came seeking revenge with a gun. Someone died. It’s just that simple. Go back. If the person inside erupts and shoots randomly, no one can save you. Hide further away. It’s safer there.” After the policeman said that, he pushed Fangzheng to walk out.

Helpless, Fangzheng could only retreat.
There were still many onlookers taking in the commotion. However, all of them feared for their lives and didn’t dare come too close. They were peeping from corners.

Fangzheng pricked his ears and listened. He wanted to know what everyone was discussing.

Two people behind him said, “Did you hear it? This store’s boss offended someone. Gangsters came and killed the salesperson inside.”

“Yeah, I heard that too. I heard many people went in.”

Fangzheng shook his head when he heard that. The police had already said that it was a case of revenge! Why would there be gangsters? It was a classic case of irresponsibly spouting nonsense.

A middle-aged woman by the side said, “I saw it. A young lad wearing a safety helmet. He looked like a worker. Shortly after he entered, a group of people ran out and pulled out a dead person!” When Fangzheng heard this, he found it quite a reliable testimony.

The middle-aged woman continued. “Man, how tragic for the dead person! His head was completely blasted off!”

Fangzheng shot a glance at the door. There was only a little blood on it and no brain matter! Clearly, the woman was also spouting nonsense now.

Upstairs, a woman peeked her head out and said to a man, “Tell me, what do you think is happening? Isn’t it weird for there to be a robbery in bright daylight?”

Fangzheng listened to the discussions of a few people, and there were all sorts of explanations—assassins, gangsters, terrorists. It left Fangzheng shaking his head before he decisively ignored all of them… He finally understood that the people outside had no idea of the situation inside. They were all guessing and making things up, so whatever they said sounded like nonsense. None of them were reliable. If he wanted to figure out the situation, he had to personally walk in.

As he looked at the police, Fangzheng knew that he could forget about entering via ordinary means. Hence, he looked around him and smiled. A Golden Millet Dream!

The next moment, Fangzheng swaggered past the police and pushed the door open. It was blocked, making it difficult for him to enter. However, with his abnormal strength, just a slight nudge was enough to push the door open. He entered, closed the door behind him and then moved the rack he had pushed away back where it had been. He blocked off the door to prevent others from discovering him once he dispelled his divine power. After all, it wouldn’t be easy to explain.

Fangzheng swept the area and discovered that there wasn’t any brain matter on the ground. Then, looking at the person inside, Fangzheng instantly locked onto the extremely vile criminal, the number one assassin of the gangs as described by the middle-aged women. Then, looking at the man’s weapon, Fangzheng immediately had the urge to curse. These people were really too much. They spouted nonsense despite not having seen a thing! They only made things worse with their rumors.

This wasn’t a gangster or assassin. The man was clearly just a laborer!

Fangzheng was in no hurry to subdue the man because everyone outside kept saying that the worker had killed. If he didn’t figure out what was happening and rescue the victims first, it might not actually be the best outcome to attack the man already. Therefore, Fangzheng went over to attempt to hear something.

By the side, Wang Dayou still remained horrified and panicked despite having relaxed quite significantly.

“Wang Dayou, listen to me. Up to this moment, everything that has happened is just a misunderstanding. You had no intention to kill. All you need to do is let us out. If we help vouch for you, everything will be resolved. Is that okay?” Xia Jili said.

The other three women echoed him.

Wang Dayou felt a little moved, and just as he opened his mouth to say something…