The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Fish Rider

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“You wish for me to interview you?” Although Jing Yan was bold, she still felt a little fear facing a criminal who might have killed. However, she didn’t cower in fear but went forward boldly.

Jing Yan knew very well that if she were to cower in such a situation, it would show that she was afraid of Wang Dayou. That way, the impression Wang Dayou had of her would be greatly affected. At the very least, he wouldn’t trust her. Therefore, she bit the bullet and walked over.

Indeed, when Wang Dayou saw Jing Yan not showing any fear towards him, he looked at her gratefully, thanking her for her acknowledgment of him. He said, “Reporter Jing Yan, hello. I… I need an interview. I need to clear my name. I really didn’t want to kill anyone. I’m not robbing anyone here either. I just want to get my salary…” Wang Dayou poured out everything he wished to say as though a flood gate had been removed.

Jing Yan didn’t need to ask any questions, for in a moment, Wang Dayou even started describing his family situation and the reason why he was there.

After Jing Yan heard that, she finally came to a realization. The person in front of her was truly a pitiful person. She took a deep breath and tried hard to smile. She said to Wang Dayou, “Wang… Brother Wang, can I call you that?”

Wang Dayou nodded immediately. He felt that the gap between him and Jing Yan had narrowed by her calling him that.

“Brother Wang, I understand your situation. I will immediately apply to my station for a live broadcast. But you might know that my television station is just a local city station. The area of its broadcast and its reach isn’t huge. In fact, before I came here, there was an explosion somewhere. All the reporters from the bigger television stations are there. The ones here are either the ones who failed to receive first hand news or just some crews who happened to be around. Other than that, there are only some independent social media account holders outside. Our influence is limited, so I cannot guarantee that the live broadcast will reach the entire province or the entire country. However, I will do my best to transmit your information. How’s that?” Jing Yan spoke in a calm and unhurried voice. She spoke steadily and articulated very clearly. This only served to calm Wang Dayou’s emotions even better.

Wang Dayou rubbed his head with one hand. “I don’t understand these things well, but I trust you. I only wish that you can help me clear my name. I wish to return home… I don’t want to be imprisoned… Sob…”

Fangzheng patted Wang Dayou on the shoulder and said, “Amitabha.” Then he said to Jing Yan, “Patron, do you know how the injured patron is?”

Jing Yan said, “A colleague of mine has rushed over to where he is. Let me ask.”

With that said, Jing Yan made a phone call. After a while, her expression turned grave. “He’s still in the ER. However, according to the doctors, even if he escapes lethal danger, he will be in a coma for quite a while.”

“That means he can still be saved?” Fangzheng’s eyes lit up as he asked.

“Yes?” Jing Yan said, “If he’s really rescued, and he’s willing to help Wang Dayou testify that it wasn’t deliberate and is willing to forgive him, this will greatly reduce the problem. If public opinion is understanding towards him, even better. He might not even be jailed or even get probation.”

Fangzheng’s and Wang Dayou’s eyes lit up when they heard that.

Wang Dayou was afraid of being imprisoned. When he heard that there was a possibility for it not to happen, flames of hope ignited in his eyes.

Xia Jili was also greatly concerned about it. If Wang Dayou was fine, he, too, would be fine based on the situation. Xia Ke looked nervously at Xia Jili who patted her head, as though saying, “It’ll be fine.”

“Patron, This Penniless Monk will leave this place to you. Regardless of anything, please ensure that they are fine,” Fangzheng said to Jing Yan.

Jing Yan knew what he meant. Her mission was firstly to guarantee that Wang Dayou would not harm another person, and secondly, to guarantee that the police would not suddenly storm the door and end up agitating Wang Dayou into harming or killing any hostages or police officers. However, Jing Yan immediately realized something amiss! She asked, “What about you?”

Fangzheng smiled. “This Penniless Monk will visit the injured. Perhaps some help can be rendered.”

With that said, Fangzheng whispered into Jing Yan’s ears. “You are now invulnerable.”

Then he patted Salted Fish on the head. Salted Fish felt his Dharmic powers return to him, and he indignantly twisted his body and spewed a formless bubble at Jing Yan, enveloping her and the rest in it.

After ensuring that the people inside were safe, Fangzheng left.

Fangzheng had also thought of directly apprehending Wang Dayou and giving him to the police, thus resolving the matter. However, he knew very well that the outcome of doing so would be that Wang Dayou would definitely end up imprisoned! Even if Fangzheng helped him treat his child of leukemia, the family would be in disarray. After all, with the family’s pillar gone, who would take care of the child and mother?

Fangzheng was not Buddha after all. He had divine powers, but he was unable to influence the thoughts of everyone. He could use a divine power to influence the legal judgment, allowing Wang Dayou to be acquitted of all charges, but what would be the point of doing that?

First, Wang Dayou had accidentally injured someone, and that person had nearly experienced death because of his mistake. This was karma, and it wasn’t right if he didn’t suffer at least some punishment.

Second, the world revolved around the law, and it wasn’t something he should interfere with using his divine powers. Furthermore, he could help one person, but not everyone. However, if this matter could go through the normal legal proceedings and establish a precedent for such cases, then the person being helped wouldn’t just be Wang Dayou, but thousands of people which ended up in similar situations. That would lead to boundless merit!

After leaving the store, Fangzheng walked out. And indeed, as Jing Yan had said, there were many members of the media behind the police. However, there wasn’t any sign of the major media outlets. Instead, he saw a lot of people raising their cell phones to take pictures. All of them were chatting with great gusto. These people appeared to be independent online social media journalists or people from smaller news agencies.

Fangzheng shook his head and ignored them. At that moment, Fangzheng heard someone shout to the commander. “We’ve gotten information on the person inside. His name is Wang Dayou!”

“Shut up! Quiet!” the commander berated.

The subordinate immediately shut up, ran over, and whispered the report.

However, the group outside had their eyes light up when they heard that! It was especially obvious for a few who began writing things on their cell phones. Then they chuckled. “It rose again! Haha, I knew it. The news here is more useful. There’s mass media over there, so the truth is quickly exposed. There would be nothing for us there.”

“That’s right. Hehe, look at the replies. It’s flooding. Haha,” another bespectacled fat man said with a laugh.

Fangzheng heard all of this, but he didn’t have the time to bother with them. He was in a rush to rescue the injured.

Fangzheng ran to a secluded corner and patted Salted Fish. “Stop acting dead. It’s your time now. Make us invisible and fly me to the hospital!”

“Pfft! Fly you? I can fly by myself if you want, but with a person, I can’t!” Salted Fish cried out.

Fangzheng threw Salted Fish on the ground and sat on him. “Then fly by yourself!”

“I…” Salted Fish was instantly left speechless. Then he roared inwardly, “What kind of brain does this monk have? Doesn’t he know how to bargain? Can’t he just compromise a little? I said I could fly by myself, and he ended up sitting on me. Is he implying that I’m supposed to fly and be his mount? I’ve seen people riding donkeys, horses, lions, elephants, white cranes and peacocks, but who the f**k has seen someone ride a fish before?”