The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Shameless

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Fangzheng walked up to the man right away, extended his two fingers, and pinched! Then he pulled out the nail at lightning speed and stuffed it into the hand of the surgeon who was still trying hard to calm himself.

Although Fangzheng didn’t know Western medicine, he had read the Medicine King Bodhisattva’s Sutra, which did not only contain herbal records but also texts on acupuncture and various medical techniques. And Medicine King Bodhisattva didn’t make a difference between Western and Eastern medicine. To Medicine King Bodhisattva, medicine was medicine, so how could there be a difference? Taking the best of both schools was naturally the best way to study medicine. Therefore, it wasn’t odd that Fangzheng knew how to do this.

At that instant, the surgeon was clearly a little dumbfounded. He didn’t understand what was happening. Why would the nail suddenly come out on its own? And it even landed in his hand?!

Fangzheng ignored him as he hurriedly circulated his Qi to form a needle in order to deeply penetrate Qiu Yu’s brain, restoring some of his damaged brain cells. At the same time, he entered Qiu Yu’s dream.

“Doctor Li, when did you extract the nail?” a nurse by his side asked in surprise. They had failed despite a few arduous attempts. They had not finished their preparation work for another attempt, so how could it have been done all of a sudden?

Doctor Li opened his mouth wide, wishing to say that the nail had come out by itself, but who would believe him if he said that? However, he didn’t have the time to daze around either. With the most troublesome issue resolved, he needed to quickly check the damage and see if there was anything he needed to do about it. Instantly, the entire operating room became busy again.

No one noticed that there were a monk and salted fish around. Salted Fish had escaped from the black cloth bag by himself in the operating room and was sitting on a chair, panting to catch his breath.

When Fangzheng entered Qiu Yu’s mind, he discovered that Qiu Yu wasn’t thinking of anything specific, but his mind was in chaos. In the darkness, Qiu Yu sat there, motionless and without any thought.

Fangzheng took a deep breath and walked over. At the same time, he channeled his divine powers, and the surroundings began to change.

A child was seated on a stove bed in a tiny room, playing with a broken toy car of unknown origins. By his side was a woman who was cleaning up the house and a man who kept staring at his cell phone…

Fangzheng wasn’t using his powers to look into Qiu Yu’s past this time. Instead, he was letting Qiu Yu see Wang Dayou’s past. However, Fangzheng didn’t know much about Wang Dayou’s past, so all he could do was create a dreamscape himself based on what Wang Dayou had mentioned before. Like that, he presented Wang Dayou’s family situation before Qiu Yu.

The scenes went from Wang Dayou’s situation to how Wang Dayou wished for his family to lead a better life. It showed how he went to work at a construction site as an apprentice, weathering the elements as he worked day and night.

It then showed Wang Dayou working hard for two years only to realize that there was no salary to be received! The boss was out of funds!

At that instant, Wang Dayou felt the world quake as he felt lost. He didn’t know how to be an activist, so he could only wait at the construction site. This went on for one day, two days, all the way until two months had passed…

Finally, what awaited Wang Dayou wasn’t his salary but a nightmare. His child turned out to be suffering from leukemia and had been hospitalized. His life was in danger, and he was in urgent need of cash!

At that instant, Wang Dayou no longer merely felt the world quaking, but he felt as though the sky was collapsing on him! He desperately ran around, rummaging through all his pockets for any money. However, what use was his little bit of money? When his fellow construction workers heard of his plight, they helped pool some money together, but it was completely inadequate. He would be able to return home with it, but it wouldn’t be enough for the medical bills!

Therefore, in Wang Dayou’s anxiety, he went to the construction foreman and was led to a bank. A check through all the bank cards the foreman had proved that he was out of money as well!

Wang Dayou quickly fell into despair, but before that happened, the foreman pointed out a solution. It was to go to the developer’s boss—Xia Jili!

The situation that panned out afterwards was well-known to Qiu Yu, so Fangzheng didn’t continue playing out the scenes but dispersed the dream. He left behind his white-robed back and a sentence. “As Wang Dayou injured you, he is facing possible punishment. The collapse of his family depends on your decision, Patron. This Penniless Monk doesn’t wish to help you make the decision. After all, Wang Dayou owes you, and you are not obligated to help him. Therefore, whether to forgive or to blame is up to you. Amitabha.”

With that said, the darkness dispersed, and Qiu Yu subconsciously cried out loudly as he opened his eyes!

His scream gave the surgeon such a fright that he nearly threw the surgical apparatus in his hand on the ground. Thankfully, he managed to keep himself calm somehow. However, his mind was filled with questions. How was the patient so energetic when so much anesthetics had been injected into him? Was this some corpse reanimation?

As Fangzheng was busying himself, there was a new development at the drone store.

Jing Yan had made a few phone calls, but…

“What are these bastards up to?” Jing Yan angrily hung up. She gave Wang Dayou a glance and smiled bitterly. “The live broadcast might take a little time. There’s a situation over there.”

With that said, she began making all sorts of calls in a bid to arrange a live broadcast.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng had already walked out of the hospital. At that moment, someone exclaimed beside him. “Look, Gulin City is trending! A crazy murderer has appeared! How terrifying!”

Fangzheng was taken aback when he heard that. Why is there no end to Gulin City’s troubles? First the explosion, then the hostage case, and now, there’s a crazy murder? Is this place going up in flames?

Fangzheng took out his cell phone and when he saw it, he nearly blew his top!

Fangzheng had logged into Weibo and saw it ranking ninth on the trending section. The headline was surprisingly— Crazy murderer in Gulin! Killing people on the streets, pregnant lady dies with child!

Fangzheng’s face turned livid when he tapped on the article.

It was posted by a verified account named “I Originally Wanted Face”. There were pictures attached to the post, but the focus was on the policemen surrounding the store. Then there were two properly taken pictures of the drone store. The caption was: “Personally experienced and am present at the scene! Today, a crazy murderer appeared on Gulin’s streets, killing a pregnant lady with a revolver. Mother and child dead. The police arrived in time before a shootout happened, but the crazy murderer ran into the store and took numerous people hostage. He is now in a stalemate with the police!”

At this moment, I Originally Wanted Face posted a new Weibo post. “Identity confirmed. Murderer’s name is Wang Dayou. It’s said that he works at a construction site. Motive for his rampage is still unknown. To keep up with the latest development, make sure to follow me. I’m not doing this for clicks, but for justice!”

Fangzheng was enraged by what he saw. “This a**hole doesn’t know a thing, but here he is, spouting nonsense?” Fangzheng left a message: “Don’t spout nonsense when you don’t know anything!”

However, I Originally Wanted Face immediately replied to him: “Who are you? What right do you have to say I’m spouting nonsense? I’m present here and can take pictures at anytime and even post a video as proof. What do you have?”

Fangzheng was still thinking of a reply when a huge group of people flooded him with zealous rage. All of them replied with curses.

“He risked his life to expose the truth. What right do you have to doubt him?”

“Heh heh. There’s someone coming forward to whitewash the matter? However, pictures speak the truth. Can you whitewash this?”

“Are you going to tell me that the murderer inside is crazy? Tsk. This sure goes deep.”

“Why is someone whitewashing this so quickly? A relative of the murderer? A friend?”

“Tsk. I’m beginning to suspect the background of the murderer. To kill someone on the streets and be in possession of a gun. There’s no way he’s an ordinary person. Now that someone is trying to whitewash the event, could it be that…”

“@I Originally Wanted Face. Make sure not to expose yourself or you might suffer retaliation.”