The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Time to Determine Victory

Fangzheng placed the brush in his hand down. He did not know how well he wrote. However, since he had finished writing, he had nothing to do with what followed. Winning or losing wasn't important either. After giving a Buddhist proclamation, he strode back into the temple while no one noticed him. With that, he closed the temple's main doors. He had been held back from important matters, preventing him from completing his cleaning of the temple hall.

Fangzheng's Buddhist proclamation woke up the few of them but by the time they were awoken, they realized that Fangzheng was no longer around.

He was gone, leaving his calligraphy and brush behind!

The small group looked at each other and noticed that their eyes were all filled with shock.

They had also seen Ouyang Huazai write. The scenery of what looked like a typhoon stirring the wild grass had astonished them. However, the calligraphy Fangzheng had produced expressed a portrait.

He had perfectly expressed the charm of the poem. It did not feel like they were watching calligraphy being written, but as if they were watching an astounding mega blockbuster. After their relishing in delight followed infinite listlessness!

Fatty and Monkey did not understand calligraphy. They could not tell the intricacies involved, but they innately felt that Fangzheng seemed better.

However, Wu Changxi and Jing Yan knew calligraphy. The two locked eyes as Wu Changxi smiled. Jing Yan swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty. Thinking back to what she said to Fangzheng, her face blushed. She felt completely ashamed! Without even having looked at the calligraphy, she knew that Fangzheng's realm was more than a level higher than Ouyang Huazai's. However, she refrained from commenting yet. Everything had to be decided on the final outcome.

Wu Changxi and Jing Yan tried to hold back their curiosity as they scanned about Fangzheng's calligraphy. But then, their eyes widened simultaneously, and they seemed to forget who they were at that moment!

When Fatty and Monkey saw this, they came over. When they took a glance at it, they fell into a daze too. The duo did not understand calligraphy, but the words were enough for them to know that it was beautiful! It was magnificent! It was dignified! The words were like Buddha or a dragon. In its grand magnificence, there was dignity and tolerance, yet there was a hidden sharpness to it. It seemed to stipulate that the benevolent Buddhist was not to be bullied.

The few people on this side were petrified once again.

Everyone else was surrounding Ouyang Huazai as they were extolling him. Ouyang Huazai was very pleased with the scene before him. Although he knew it would make him complacent, no one could withstand the assault of sugary praises. No one did not like listening to praises about themselves. Most importantly, Ouyang Huazai was extremely conceited. He believed that he fully deserved the praise.

Ouyang Fenghua held onto Ouyang Huazai's arm, and she looked gleefully proud. Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at her father.

Cui Jin pouted as she smiled. She conversed with others in a rather respected manner, as expected from a lady from a noble family.

Jiang Songyun and Sun Guanying were among the crowd too. The group engaged in happy conversations. As for Fangzheng, they had already forgotten about him.

At that moment, Cai Fang was done interviewing Sun Guanying. He planned on checking on Fangzheng's side, but-

"The young monk is gone!"



"He ran off?!" instantly the same thought flashed through everyone's mind as they yelled simultaneously.

"That young monk truly lacks guts. He actually ran away just like that?"

"And he wants to be a Master?"

"Haha, I told you guys. He would definitely forfeit. I've been vindicated!"

When Ouyang Huazai saw this, he snorted and said, "Ignorant thing. What a disgrace!"

Ouyang Fenghua also puckered her lips and said, "That fellow is truly... He spoke so nicely just now but in the end, he ran off."

"That's called being glib. In the future, never find boyfriends that are glib trash like him. Do you understand?" Ouyang Huazai said.

Ouyang Fenghua blushed and wheedled, "Dad! I'm still young."

"Run? How could he do that? I'll pull him back!" having said that, Pancake Face ran to smack on the temple's main door as it reverberated loudly.

These loud sounds immediately awoke the quartet that was looking at the words.

"What are you doing?!" Fatty roared angrily. He went forward and pulled Pancake Face back.

Pancake Face was just about to flare up when he saw Fatty's massive frame and large protruding eyes. Immediately, he shrunk back in fear. However, he said indignantly, "What are you doing? The monk isn't competing, he has run off! Why can't I get him out?"

"Which bloody eye of yours saw Master run? Master has already finished writing. Are you blind?" Fatty yelled.

"What? The monk has finished writing?" Everyone was surprised, and Pancake Face was dumbfounded. As he had noticed that Fangzheng was gone, he had subconsciously believed that he had run. He had never thought of looking at Fangzheng's words. Now that it seemed Fangzheng had finished writing, it was rather embarrassing for him.

However, Pancake Face said disgruntledly, "Alright, let me take a look at the crappy scratch marks that the young monk wrote!"

Ouyang Huazai also heard the conversation. However, he had no intention of taking a look. His eyes were filled with disdain as he said nonchalantly, "This farce has finally come to an end."

Jiang Songyun and Sun Guanying looked at each other. Jiang Songyun said, "Since the young monk has finished writing, let me declare the outcome. This match..."

"Declare? Jiang Songyun, do you have any shame? You haven't even looked at Master's words and you want to declare the outcome?" Wu Changxi immediately yelled as he pointed at Jiang Songyun's nose.

"What's so good about his words? How well can a person write when he hasn't even used a brush? Wu Changxi, don't keep up any hopes. This time, you will definitely lose," Pancake Face said in contempt.

"Lose? Do you think I'm afraid of losing? Jiang Songyun, I don't know if I'll be shamed, but if you were to do it haphazardly, mark my words that I will inform all the major national news publishers of what happened today. When the time comes, I want to see who's the one that is ashamed!" Wu Changxi yelled.

Jiang Songyun furiously said, "Alright! Wu Changxi, I'll take a look at the monk's words and make you be utterly convinced of your loss!"

With that said, Jiang Songyun went forward and lowered his head to take a look. Boom!

Jiang Songyun felt his mind go blank as if he saw a Buddha writing in the sky. Each stroke was like the dance of divine dragons! The scene that Monkey and company had seen perfectly emerged in his mind. Such perfect text was something he had never seen his entire life! His eyes subconsciously turned red.

"Haha, how bad is that monk's calligraphy? He almost made President Jiang cry," Pancake Face laughed boisterously.

"Let me take a look as well," Sun Guanying walked over as he said. When he lowered his head... He cried too.

"What's the matter? Is it so ugly that it makes people cry?" The crowd did not comprehend the situation.

Dog Song closed in and looked down. He yelled and fell back onto the floor on his buttocks. Then, he turned around and prostrated. He kowtowed as he shouted, "Hail Buddha! Buddha, please don't blame me."

"What an act! Does this village not have any decent people?" Ouyang Huazai said angrily when he saw Dog Song's exaggerated actions. He took a step forward, placed his hand on Fangzheng's calligraphy and was just about to lift it up to take a look.

However, the instant he caught sight of it, Ouyang Huazai's eyes narrowed. The magnificent scene replayed itself. What sort of realm was needed to write such magnificent text?