The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Time to Disperse. Share the Spoils!

Jiang Songyun continued, "As for Ouyang Huazai, his words are like stormy winds across the tenacious grass. It has a majestic aura to it and when he wrote, his state was like a natural squall. He too has the style of a master. Therefore, I think that this competition should end with a tie!"

Once that was said, everyone present exclaimed!

The people present were not fools. The villagers might be laymen, but the people from the Calligraphy Association were not! It was obvious upon comparison. Fangzheng's calligraphy was much better!

However, everyone knew the reason for the result when they looked at Ouyang Huazai. Jiang Songyun had left him some dignity. If Ouyang Huazai were to lose to an unknown young monk, he would be greatly embarrassed.

However, Wu Changxi could not accept it. "Jiang Songyun, where did you get the shame to say something like that? Ouyang Huazai, do you have the nerve to say that it's a tie?"

Jiang Songyun frowned and said, "Wu Changxi, what are you doing? Didn't all of you want fame? Aren't you satisfied tying with Ouyang Huazai?"

"Satisfied? Bullshit! I'm feeling ashamed for you!" Wu Changxi answered.

Jiang Songyun's face was livid as he was about to burst out in anger.

However, he heard Ouyang Fenghua utter, "Dad, is your calligraphy really inferior to the young monk's?"

Ouyang Huazai looked at Fangzheng, who smiled back at him with his palms held together. Fangzheng proclaimed, "Amitabha."

"This is a true master. My calligraphy is inferior to his." With that said, Ouyang Huazai's taut expression suddenly seemed to melt. He continued, "I have always thought myself as extraordinary. Today, I realize that I'm nothing but a frog in a well! I have never seen Master's style of calligraphy before, but the state within the calligraphy is something only seen in older masters. I have lost today. I utterly admit your superiority! Master, I hereby apologize to you for any disrespect I have given you. I will post on Weibo when I get back to formally apologize to you."

Ouyang Fenghua said in astonishment, "Heavens. Dad, you actually lost?" Then, she looked at Fangzheng and said incredulously, "Little- Master, did you begin practicing back in your mother's womb? Also, didn't you say you did not know calligraphy? Didn't you say you did not know how to use a brush? Were you lying to me!? I thought monks cannot lie?"

Fangzheng smiled helplessly and said, "Patron, This was indeed the first time This Penniless Monk used a brush. As for the calligraphy? This Penniless Monk doesn't understand how good it is. However, This Penniless Monk has seen truly good calligraphy. Compared to that, This Penniless Monk's calligraphy is nothing. As such, how can This Penniless Monk have the shame to say that he knows calligraphy?"

Ouyang Fenghua did not say a word, but Ouyang Huazai exclaimed, "Master, you have seen something even better?"

Fangzheng nodded and said, "A monk doesn't lie."

Ouyang Huazai quickly asked, "Which expert's calligraphy did Master see? What style is this calligraphy called? Also, will I be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it?"

Fangzheng felt wry. A glimpse of it? He did not know where to see it either! How could he produce it for Ouyang Huazai?

Fangzheng shook his head and said, "The style is called the Dragon Buddha Epithet. It was a style created when Buddha saw a divine dragon fly through the sky. This Penniless Monk also only had one chance of seeing it. Patron, you will probably be disappointed."

Ouyang Fenghua asked in disbelief, "Little Master, how is that possible? Since you have seen it, you should have kept it, right? How can it be that you only had one chance of seeing it?"

"What do you mean Little Master? Call him Master!" Ouyang Huazai reprimanded his daughter.

Ouyang Fenghua pouted and said, "He's clearly a little Master..."

"Accomplishments come first. How can age be a factor?" Ouyang Huazai reprimanded her with a stern expression.

Only then did Ouyang Fenghua call out unwillingly, "Master..."

Fangzheng smiled slightly and returned the niceties. As for Ouyang Fenghua's question, he could only shake his head and not say a thing. He did not want to lie or he might be struck by lightning.

When Ouyang Huazai heard this, he looked disappointed. He bowed and said, "Since Master doesn't want to mention it, I won't force it." With that said, he looked at the livid Jiang Songyun and said with a wry smile, "I wanted to tell you to declare me the loser. But Brother Jiang... Sigh."

With that said, Ouyang Huazai took out a bank card and handed it to Jiang Songyun. He said, "Most of my savings are in it. It has a million. The PIN is 959542."

Having said that, Ouyang Huazai held Ouyang Fenghua and Cui Jin's hands and went straight down the mountain.

With Ouyang Huazai gone, everyone knew that this farce had completely come to a close.

Dog Song said eccentrically, "Since the person in question has admitted defeat, Old Man Jiang, are you not going to admit it?"

Jiang Songyun snorted coldly and threw the bank card to Wu Changxi, saying, "You won! Are you satisfied now? Can't you give others some leeway?"

Having said that, Jiang Songyun walked away with big strides.

When he reached the foot of the mountain, Jiang Songyun cursed out loud, "Who the f*ck released the air in my car tires?!"

When the other people from the Calligraphy Association saw this, they also began dispersing. Especially the members of Songwu County's Calligraphy Association. They were already unable to tolerate the cold, so they rushed down the mountain.

"Pui! Who the hell did what first? Who was the one that didn't give Master any leeway? Now that they have lost, they want leeway. Tch, what the heck!" Fatty cursed as he looked at Jiang Songyun's back.

"Master, could I have the chance to learn this Dragon Buddha Epithet?" At that moment, Sun Guanying came in front of Fangzheng and asked coyly.

"Aiyah, Senior Sun, aren't you speaking too politely? Who was it that was helping Jiang Songyun brag about Ouyang Huazai? Someone even deliberately sullied another person in his bragging," Fatty said sarcastically.

Sun Guanying blushed and bowed to Fangzheng, "It was indeed my fault. Master, please do not take offense."

Fangzheng returned the bow and said, "Elder, you are being courteous. This Penniless Monk isn't well-versed in the art yet, so how can he teach others? Please do not make it difficult for This Penniless Monk." However, he thought to himself, "The food on the mountain is already nerve-racking enough when only one person is eating it. If you come, wouldn't you cause me to starve to death? Furthermore, I'm someone who bears grudges!"

Sun Guanying helplessly bade farewell, but he felt indignant.

When these people descended the mountain, as village chief, Wang Yougui naturally had to follow them down. Although these people weren't much, the village could still use their help to become prominent.

The other villagers were impressed by Fangzheng. After heaping praises on him, they left.

When these people were gone, Fatty, Monkey, and Wu Changxi immediately came over and said with a laugh, "Master, congratulations!"

Fangzheng said with a wry smile, "Patrons, what's there to congratulate? Please do not have such competitions in the future."

That was something Fangzheng felt deep in his heart. After these people came, it caused chaos in the temple. It was truly tiring. Furthermore, he was not good at being a host. He became a little sluggish once there were too many people.

Wu Changxi had also been in a rush. He did not inform Fangzheng of the matter ahead of time, but he heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that Fangzheng wasn't infuriated. He promised again and again that there absolutely would not be a second time in the future!

Having said that, Wu Changxi said, "Master, this competition had a bet. We won a million bucks. However, Master played the main role in this, so we wanted to split-"