The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Call Daddy


Chen Danian said smugly, "I told you our child was clever. This is what persistence brings, the result of teaching day after day from a young age. More importantly, shes my daughter!"

"Scram! Take this! How dare you act all innocent with all the benefits you received!" The vexed Bi Ruxin threw a kick.

Chen Danian ran off with Yingying in his arms as laughter filled the house.

In the blink of an eye, the little girl had grown up. She was sitting on the sofa watching television with relish.

At this moment, Chen Danian walked in with his head down. He sat on the sofa, sighing.

Yingying went over curiously and asked, "Dad, you got scolded by Mom again?"

Chen Danian nodded with a pitiful look.

Yingying said, "Dad, wait here. Ill go speak to Mom for you." With that said, Yingying ran into Bi Ruxins room. In a while, Bi Ruxin came out and kicked Chen Danian. "Your daughter said I have to make you happier."

Chen Danian gave a cheeky smile at Bi Ruxin and said, "Does this count as an apology?"

Bi Ruxin didnt say a word, but Yingying tugged at her hands and wheedled. "Mommy, you promised!"

Bi Ruxin looked at Yingyings wrinkled nose and said, "I now believe in the saying that daughters are their fathers lovers from a previous life! You only help him!"

Yingying stuck her tongue out. "Mom, Im still your little cutie."

Bi Ruxin scoffed and said to Chen Danian, "Yeah."

Chen Danian knew that this was equivalent to Bi Ruxins submission. Immediately, he beamed happily as though he had clinched victory in a revolution.

The scene changed, and Yingying had grown even more. She stood at the door while carrying a school bag, refusing to enter.

At that moment, Chen Danian returned and said with a frown, "Yingying, what are you doing? Why arent you going in? Did you screw up on the exam again?"

Yingying nodded. "Ah Im afraid of being scolded by Mom if I go in."

Chen Danian laughed out loud and said, "Its fine. Go on in. Leave everything to Dad!"

"Then, you head in first." Yingying took two steps back.

Chen Danians laughter came to a stop as he rubbed his nose and said awkwardly, "Ill watch the rear. I think its best you head in first."

"Heh heh As if Ill believe you. You must have gone drinking and now wish that I enter first to suffer the first wave of inferno bombardment before you take the second wave. The ancients said: the fighting spirit is aroused by the first roll of drums, depleted by the second, and exhausted by the third. You wish to enter only after Moms anger is expended, right? What kind of father are you? Are you still my beloved Dad?" Yingying grabbed Chen Danians arm and shook it.

Chen Danian nodded in embarrassment. "Of course."

"Then head on in first." Yingying immediately revealed a smile seeing her diabolical plans would succeed.

Exasperated, Chen Danian walked in and indeed suffered a tirade the moment he stepped in. By the time Yingying entered, Bi Ruxin was scoffing. "You are also a disappointing idiot. You are the death of me. I no longer have the strength to deal with the two of you. Eat!"

Seeing Bi Ruxin leave, Yingying looked at the pitiful Chen Danian and gave a victory hand gesture.

Chen Danian was left too deep for tears.

Yingying immediately ran over and kissed Chen Danian as she smiled. "Thanks, Dad!"

Chen Danian cried tears of joy

Upon seeing this, Squirrel subconsciously pulled Fangzhengs ear and mumbled. "Master, I miss my mom."

"Wheres she?" Fangzheng asked subconsciously.

Squirrel sighed and said, "Buried."

Only then did Fangzheng recall that squirrels had a lifespan of about eight to fifteen years. Coupled with the danger in the wild and the attacks of other wild beasts, their lifespans could be greatly cut shot. He gently rubbed Squirrels head and said, "Its fine. We will be your family."

"Thank you, Master." Squirrel looked at Fangzheng with teary eyes before using Fangzhengs ear to wipe his tears and snot

Fangzhengs face instantly turned ashen.

However, Fangzhengs expression worsened as a fish head came close and said sneakily, "Reverend, I also miss my mom."

With that said, Salted Fish placed his head on Fangzhengs body.


Fangzheng slapped out and struck Salted Fish to the ground.

Salted Fish cried out indignantly. "Isnt it said that all life is equal? Arent you being racist?"

Fangzheng shot a glance at Salted Fish. "How can a salted fish like you have parents?"

"I had parents before I was salted, alright?"

"Then, you still remember that?" Fangzheng asked.

Salted Fish was stunned He had only gained sentience as a salted fish. To put it bluntly, he had nothing to do with his former life. He had no memories of his previous life either. Therefore, if he had to say he had any parents, Buddha would be one of them. After all, Buddha had chanted the scriptures day and night for him, giving him sentience. However, Buddha could only be considered a father. As for a mother This guy didnt have one!

Hence Fangzheng really hadnt slapped him for nothing.

Salted Fish lay on the ground angrily as he watched Chen Danian and his daughter showing their love for one another. He sighed and said, "To be honest, I once believed that having and not having children had to be the same. But now it seems Having a child is rather blissful."

Red Boy said, "I think its bliss only if you have good parents."

"Jingxin, lets do this. I wish to have children, and you wish to have parents. Why dont we partner up? You be my son, and Ill be your dad. How about that? Come on, call daddy" Salted Fish leaned over and chuckled.

Red Boy grinned at Salted Fish.

Fangzheng decisively covered Squirrels eyes, for tragic cries and thumping sounds resounded the next moment

The scenes changed again with Yingying now in middle school. The obedient girls studies improved and became a source of delight for the family. Although Chen Danian became busier, he till allocated time to spend time with his family. The family was a very happy one.

In high school, Yingying became rebellious, but this phase passed under the hard work of the entire family.

Then, it was time for university

Upon seeing this, Salted Fish, who was swollen with bruises, felt somewhat puzzled. "Chen Danians life can be said to have been smooth-sailing. He has led such a happy life. Why did he come to our monastery like his parents are dead? Something isnt right."

Fangzheng narrowed his eyes. "That might be a result of what happens next."

Fangzheng could already feel the dreams atmosphere changing. It wasnt as warm anymore as it turned solemn and bleak.

Yingying ran out after a quarrel. Chen Danian chased after her but ended up getting into a car accident. He lost his legs and turned into a cripple! Filled with guilt, Chen Yingying became introverted and no longer spoke much.