The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Chapter 857

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With Red Boy deciding to help Chen Danian, he quickly grasped the trick despite his disability since his arms were very strong. He started walking rather smoothly and stably.

But the moment they left the monastery, Fangzheng’s voice sounded from the backyard. “Jingxin, bring Patron Chen around to familiarize himself with the surroundings. The fetching of water will only begin tomorrow.”

“Yes, Master!” Red Boy informed Chen Danian as they went down the mountain.

Chen Danian was originally a little peeved, but when he saw Red Boy carry such huge water buckets with his tiny frame while traveling so quickly, he had a look of shock and anticipation in his eyes. His doubts against Fangzheng lessened as he gritted his teeth and went forward.

Meanwhile, in the backyard of One Finger Monastery, Fangzheng came to a flower pot, flicked his finger, and sent a wisp of Buddhistic medicine Spirit Qi flying out into the flower pot. Instantly, a spirit ginseng rapidly sprouted and grew.

Fangzheng sighed. “This Penniless Monk sure is paying through the nose…”

“Master, are you really getting Chen Danian to fetch water? I think he won’t be able to do it at all,” Monkey said.

Fangzheng replied, “You think he’s incapable of doing it because you aren’t him. How tenacious a person is determines how strong he is. His love for his child exceeds everything, so this bit of work won’t stump him.”

“Master, Patron Cheng is already pitiful enough. Yet, you are making him do so much. Aren’t you a bit too ruthless? This is unlike how you acted in the past. Could there be something fishy about this matter?” Squirrel asked.

Fangzheng was amused when he heard that. He rubbed the little guy’s head and said, “Not bad. You have finally learned to use your brain to think over life.”

Squirrel immediately rolled his eyes and said, “I’m smart!”

Fangzheng laughed.

When Monkey saw this, his mind stirred as he asked, “Is there really some other reason?”

Only then did Fangzheng nod. “Patron Chen’s leg injury is very serious. Typical medical treatment will be useless. However, if they’re willing to spend the money to consult with a very good doctor, there could still be a chance for recovery for him. But that’s only if he’s lucky… Although I have divine powers and can treat him with a wave of my hand, the same old problem would arise. Things like “Is he a god?” or “Is there a new genius doctor?” would be said.”

“Therefore, you plan on using medical skills to silently treat his leg?” Squirrel’s eyes lit up as he asked.

Fangzheng nodded. “Yes, but it’s true that his problem is a rather thorny issue. Besides, his daughter is about to get married soon. Due to the lack of time, I can only use potent medicine. A spirit ginseng will replenish the lack of blood and damage to the cells due to his lack of motion over all these years. With my acupuncture to stimulate his blood, he should barely be able to recover in time. However, to be able to walk in three days will require his hard work.”

“But Master, will you definitely be able to heal his legs in three days?” Squirrel asked.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. It’s really up to chance.”

“Uh… If he’s not healed, won’t he have worked hard for three days in vain?”

“To tire himself for three days for a pair of good legs. Don’t you think it’s worth it? Don’t forget, I’m using spirit ginseng, a priceless item on Earth. If I do the math, I think I’m losing out. Sigh…” Fangzheng began counting his losses.

The spirit ginseng grew rapidly and soon matured. Fangzheng got Monkey to fetch a bucket of water from the Heavenly Dragon Pond. With Salted Fish soaking in the pond water, its quality was even higher than Unrooted Clean Aqua and was now Buddhistic Glow Holy Water. The System had said that such water could be used to ward off evil and to nourish all things. It was definitely an excellent water. Even the carps in the Heavenly Dragon Pond on Mount Numinous had their chances of transforming into dragons rise by 30% thanks to the water!

However, no one in One Finger Monastery drank the water. The reason was simple. Just because of the thought of Salted Fish’s wretched appearance, they found it difficult to swallow the water. The thought of his salted fish smell that came with the wind and left their heads ache. Of course, more importantly, the water in the Heavenly Dragon Pond was euphemistically known as Buddhistic Glow Holy Water, but to put it bluntly, it was Salted Fish’s bathing water! Fangzheng even suspected that the darn fish relieved himself in the water… So, how could he drink such water?

Fangzheng had sat in the yard more than once, looking up into the sky as he silently sighed. “If only it were a mermaid. At the very least, I wouldn’t feel psychologically disgusted to drink it.”

However, Fangzheng also knew this was his fault and not Salted Fish’s. Even though he knew that it was a demonic hurdle he should overcome, Fangzheng still walked around it. After all, he was just a fake master.

As his mind ran wild, Monkey had already come over with a bucket of water and placed it by Fangzheng’s side.

Fangzheng sliced the spirit ginseng and placed one slice into the water before putting away the rest.

“Master, aren’t you being too stingy just putting one tiny slice in?” Squirrel looked down at the bucket with his ass raised.

Fangzheng was instantly amused with anger. He said with a smile, “Stingy? Why don’t you try a mouthful?”

Squirrel hurriedly shook his head and cried out. “It’s Salted Fish’s bathing water. I’m not going to drink it…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Monkey swept his tail and struck Squirrel’s tiny fat ass, immediately sending Squirrel plunging into the water. It was unknown if he had done so deliberately, but before Squirrel could cry out, he drank a huge mouthful of water!

Squirrel flailed his paws frantically in agitation as he fumbled out of the bucket, vomiting the moment he opened his mouth. However, how was he to vomit what he had just drunk?

Just as Squirrel was about to roar in fury, he stood rooted to his spot. He then covered his tiny face and began to tremble. Then he jumped around, crying. “Hot, hot, hot… Hot! Hot!”

Squirrel twirled around thrice before charging towards a snow mound. He plunged his head into the snow, leaving only his plump ass in the air.

Fangzheng went over to prod the little ass and asked, “How does it feel?”

“Hot!” Squirrel cried.

Fangzheng smiled. “This is the result of over-nutrition. Listen to me. Run freely around the mountain. You’ll be fine once you use up the heat in you.”

When Squirrel heard that, he hurriedly crawled out of the snow mound and flipped over the monastery walls before vanishing.

“Master, will Second Senior Brother end up tiring himself sick?” Monkey felt a little regret as he asked worriedly.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “No. He’s just pumped with energy now.”

Following Fangzheng’s instructions, Squirrel ran around the mountaintop like a speeding bullet. As he ran, he cried, but he soon discovered that he seemed to possess infinite energy in him. He didn’t tire no matter how much he ran! In the beginning, he felt miserable from the heat, but as time went by, he felt awesome when the cold wind blew his internally heated body. He felt better the more he ran and got addicted to the running!