The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 861

Chapter 861 Following Master Can Only Mean Starvation


"And then you still returned on a wheelchair?" Chen Yingying scoffed. It was clear what she meantyou got scammed!

Chen Danian frowned. "Yingying, dont say that. Hes truly an erudite person! His medical skills are indescribable."

"Then are your legs alright?" Chen Yingying asked.

Chen Danian thought before shaking his head. Just as he was about to say something, Lu Yi said, "Uncle, there are many people these days who claim to be experts. They are everywhere. Even those fortune tellers on the streets claim to be descendants of ZhangSanfeng1to scam others. Didnt they mention it on television? Theres no such thing as an erudite person these days. They are all conmen."

Chen Danian frowned. "I know very well whether Master is an erudite person or not. Speak no further. Its your big day today, so I wont be reprimanding the two of you."

Chen Yingying was about to say something when Lu Yi tugged at her, stopping her from pressing on.

After the trio entered the hall, there was a table by the door. Upon seeing Chen Danian, someone immediately shouted. "Hey, Danian, I heard you went to the mountains to find some erudite person? How was it? Have your legs recovered?"

Chen Danian was taken aback as he looked at Chen Yingying and Lu Yi. The two of them blushed immediately for clearly, they had been the ones whod leaked the news.

Chen Danian smiled at the person awkwardly. "Not yet, but theres some improvement. Hes really an erudite person with excellent medical skills."

Everyone laughed when they heard that. However, their laughter was mostly filled with disbelief and pity. Clearly, they believed that Chen Danian had been scammed.

Chen Danian held back his anger when he saw this. He knew very well what Fangzhengs medical skills implied. All the doctors he visited were helpless with his legs, but with Fangzheng, all it took was two to three days for him to feel the existence of his legs. Just this alone made him deserving of the title of erudite person.

Chen Danian was indebted to Fangzheng, so he naturally didnt want to sully his reputation. Hence he said, "Dont doubt me. My legs can feel now. Ill probably be able to walk soon."

"Heh heh. Then, congratulations, Brother Chen." Some people congratulated him with smiles, but they sounded sarcastic to Chen Danian.

Chen Danian also knew that these people didnt have any ill intent. They were just joking with him by asking him the question. Everyone simply didnt believe him.

Chen Danian didnt speak further when he realized this. He knew that words alone wouldnt be enough if he didnt manage to stand up.

Seeing the atmosphere turn awkward, Chen Yingying hurriedly said, "Uncles and Aunties, the wedding is about to commence. Ill bring my father over. Have a good meal."

"Yingying, go ahead. Congratulations on your wedding." Everyone also diverted the topic.

The awkwardness lessened significantly.

However, news of Chen Danian heading up the mountains to seek treatment began spreading. People began gossiping and discussing the matter, and ultimately, everyone believed that Chen Danian had likely been scammed!

"What day and age is this? Theres no such thing as erudite people on mountains. If they are really capable, they would have long left the mountains."

"Thats right. Didnt someone say before that there are no experts among the people anymore; they have all turned into elites."

"However, its understandable. Anyone in Danians shoes would try to go for broke and grasp at whatever straw they could. Its only expected that he got scammed"

"Thats right. I got scammed before too. Thinking back on it, I was really foolish back then. Why didnt I manage to see through such a simple scam?"

"Thats what is meant by "blunt are those concerned". Alright, enough talking about this. The wedding is about to begin."

Everyone looked forward without realizing that behind them were a few special characters. There were a white-robed monk and a few animals that shouldnt be there. There was also a salted fish who held onto a walking stick

"Master, it looks like no one believes in you." Red Boy chuckled.

Fangzheng smiled with an unfazed look.

"Master, everyone is sitting down" Squirrel mumbled, but Fangzheng didnt seem to hear him.

Squirrel continued. "Master, there are bananas and apples on the tables"

Fangzheng remained silent.

Squirrel waited for a moment before seeing Fangzhengs lack of response again. He rubbed his tummy and continued. "Master, I see a lot of melon seeds and peanuts."

Fangzheng still didnt respond.

Squirrel continued. "Master, arent you tired standing?"

When Fangzheng didnt respond again, Salted Fish couldnt stand it any longer. He raised his walking stick and exclaimed. "You silly child. Why dont you say directly that you wish to eat? Whats the point of beating about the bush? Master, can we eat or not? If we dont eat Hey, hey, hey! What are those people doing? Why are they taking away the fruits? Thats ridiculous!"

Fangzheng knocked his fish head and said, "You still want to eat? Dont you see that every table is filled? Is there a seat for you? We only came to watch and return the cell phone. If you really wish to eat, you can eat back at the mountain."

"Master, as long as you give the go ahead, Ill be able to get some food," Squirrel said disingenuously.

Fangzheng raised his hand and struck him. "All for one, and one for all. Are you going to eat alone while we watch? Stand here and starve!"

Squirrel was instantly dumbfounded.

As they spoke, the wedding began. The fruits on the tables were taken away as the main dishes were servedmeat and fish dishes

At that moment, Fangzheng suddenly realized that he had made a mistake!

Of all things, they were standing in the middle of the kitchen and the hall. Almost all the dishes had to pass them first, so when they took in the fragrances and beautiful colors, Fangzheng seemed to hear the sound of a waterfall around him! Furthermore, his shoulder felt wet! When he turned his head, he saw Squirrels mouth wide open as saliva dripped down.

Fangzheng tapped at his jaw and closed it, saying, "Watch your image."

Senior Brother said, "Eldest Senior Brother is salivating."

When Fangzheng looked down, he indeed saw Lone Wolf sitting there. His nose seemed to be a scanner as it traced the movement of each cart. His saliva kept dripping down and just as Fangzheng was about to berate him, he realized that other than Monkey, Salted Fish, and Red Boy were also drooling.

Fangzheng was rendered speechless as he thought, "Indeed, Monkey is more reliable and clever. Hes closer to Buddhahood."

But before he finished his thoughts, Fangzheng discovered that the darn monkeys mouth was moving. When he shot a glance at Monkeys hands, he realized that his hands were retracted into his sleeves. Fangzheng immediately induced a dream and made him unaware that he was looking at him.

As expected, Monkey secretly lifted his hand the next moment. There was an apple in his hand!

When Fangzheng saw this, his face turned livid. He yanked the apple away and switched it for a small aluminum plate.

Then, Fangzheng leisurely looked forward

The next moment, there was a clanging sound!

When Fangzheng heard the painful cry, he leisurely turned over and asked, "What happened?"