The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Unable To Stand Up

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Monkey held his mouth and looked at the aluminum plate in his hand before looking at Fangzheng. He said bitterly, “Master, it’s nothing…”

“It’s good if there’s nothing. Also, don’t take people’s plates. It’s not good,” Fangzheng said with a deeper meaning behind his words.

Monkey blushed and, first looking at the plate in his hand, then looking at Fangzheng’s deplorable smile, he immediately knew that he had been caught! The baldy was the mastermind! But what could Monkey say even if he was? All Monkey could do was bitterly accept it.

As the dishes were served, the emcee also finished his opening speech. Following that, the groom appeared and after the introductions, the emcee said, “Now, let’s welcome the beautiful bride. She will be walking into the hall accompanied by her father! This moment…”

As he spoke, everyone’s eyes turned to the end of the T-platform. There was a draped veil which was illuminated by lights from behind. It outlined two silhouettes and when everyone saw this, they shook their heads gently for the heights were different. Clearly, the bride was standing while the father was sitting.

“What a pity that Little Chen isn’t able to stand and walk his daughter down the aisle on such a big day,” an elderly man said with a sigh.

“What’s so special about walking? What’s wrong with sitting on a wheelchair? It’s the same! Walking is just a formality. It’s the thought that counts.” An elderly woman scolded her old husband.

The elderly man said with a bitter smile, “It might be okay for others, but it’s not like you are unaware of Little Chen’s temper. This probably pains him a lot…”

The elderly woman fell silent.

“Didn’t he say that there had been an improvement after he sought an erudite person?” a young man said.

“Silly, that’s just to give himself an out. Can’t you tell? Remember, don’t mention it again. Don’t make things difficult on such an auspicious day,” another elder berated. The young man stuck his tongue out and didn’t dare say another word.

Similar scenes happened at each and every table. All of the guests could not help but sigh when they saw the two silhouettes.

Behind the fabric, Chen Yingying whispered. “Dad, it’s fine. Actually, whether you’re in a wheelchair or walking, it’s the same to me. As long as you are accompanying me, I’ll be happy and feel secure.”

Chen Danian didn’t say a word, but Chen Yingying clearly felt Chen Danian hold her hand with more force, and his hand was like a pair of tongs. It even left her in a little pain! However, Chen Danian’s grip turned gentle the next moment, and he whispered, “Yingying, Daddy said before that he would walk you down the aisle. Today, Daddy will walk you. I want everyone to see and let that punk realize that your father can still stand up. If he dares bully you in the future, Daddy still has the strength to teach him a lesson!”

Almost at the same time, the veil gradually drew open…

Chen Yingying said nervously, “Dad, what are you doing?”

She saw Chen Danian grit his teeth as he placed his hands on the two sides of the wheelchair, and he stood up!

“Chen Danian can stand up?” Someone with rather good eyesight instantly noticed what was happening and subconsciously exclaimed.

His shout was like a rock that sent ripples through a pond. Instantly, the hall burst into activity as countless people stood up and craned their necks or tiptoed. Some even stood on a bench and looked towards the veil.

“That’s not right. Chen Danian hasn’t stood up. He’s using his hands to prop his body up,” someone said.

“So he still can’t do it?” someone asked.

“Dad…” Chen Yingying touched Chen Danian’s arm which was like solid metal as she covered her mouth. After she said that, she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing.

Chen Danian smiled at Chen Yingying before placing his feet on the ground. He realized that his feet had a little bit more strength and was exhilarated.

“Master, do you want me to help him?” Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng shook his head. “No, let him give it a try. None of you are to wander around. I’ll go over to take a look.”

With that said, Fangzheng walked over, but no one could see him since he was invisible. He came to Chen Danian’s side and despite seeing him struggling, Fangzheng didn’t say a word.

Chen Danian grunted and used all his strength to haul himself up!

At that instant, everyone’s eyes were on Chen Danian. Countless people stared at him nervously as even the emcee forgot to speak. His microphone crackled with static as the groom beside him held a bouquet of fresh flowers which was damaged from his tight squeezing.

At that instant, Chen Danian stood up and before anyone could cheer, they saw him slump back down!

Everyone’s cheers instantly turned into gasps of shock. Chen Yingying cried as she squatted down to help Chen Danian up, but her help was refused.

Chen Danian looked at the ground in despair. He could feel that his legs had the strength, but the strength was not enough to let him stand! Chen Danian lowered his head in misery as tears nearly poured out. He muttered. “Just a little. I’m just a little short. If only I had one more day…”

Chen Yingying cried as she said, “Daddy, it’s fine. I’ll push you over, alright?”

Chen Danian didn’t say a word.

At that moment, Chen Danian suddenly heard a Buddhist proclamation. “Amitabha.”

Chen Danian’s heart palpitated for he was very familiar with the voice. It was Fangzheng’s! Chen Danian raised his head almost instinctively and saw that a white-robed monk had appeared in front of him without him realizing it!

“Master…” Chen Danian was stunned.

Chen Danian subconsciously rubbed his eyes. Where did this monk come from? How did he suddenly appear? That’s just too… incredible! And when he looked at the reaction of the crowd, none of the guests seemed to see Fangzheng! This made things even odder.

On the neon T-platform, the white veil kept fluttering due to the wind machine behind it, letting out fog from melted dry ice which spread out. It was originally designed to serve as a foil for the bride, so as to accentuate her beauty, but at that moment, this scene did not only that, but it also left the monk’s white robes fluttering. As the fog beneath his feet rose, coupled with his aloof temperament and the augmentation of the White Lunar Monk Robe, Fangzheng truly looked like an immortal. It left Chen Danian dumbfounded.

“Master didn’t want us to do a thing because he was afraid we would steal his chance to posture…” Red Boy mumbled.

The others nodded in unison.

Chen Danian looked at the white-robed monk who looked like he was flying above a cloud as his eyes glazed over. He wasn’t sure if the monk before him was human or Buddha.

At that moment, Fangzheng slowly lowered his head and looked at Chen Danian. “Patron, ask yourself. Can you stand up or not?”

When Chen Danian heard that, he tried his best to exert his strength and discovered that his legs still lacked strength! He looked at Fangzheng with pangs of regret, as though saying, “Master, I can’t exert my strength…”