The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Incense Blowing

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“Reverend, what do you want to do?” Salted Fish was stunned. He was having a great time sunbathing, so why was he summoned?

Fangzheng said, “Listen; all of you are to immediately blow the incense, right now!”

“Uh?” Upon hearing Fangzheng’s words, all his disciples were dumbfounded. Blow the incense? What for?

Seeing the puzzled looks on their faces, Fanzgheng first blew at the incense sticks in the incense burner. When the air blew across them, the ends of the incense sticks lit up before their burning sped up.

After Fangzheng finished blowing, he said in all seriousness, “Our monastery is at risk of facing an economic recession. With the snow, there aren’t many visitors, causing a dip in incense offerings. This reduces our incense money. Without incense money, there’s no money to buy various kinds of good food. Without good food…”

“Master! Don’t speak any further. Tell us what we should do! For our monastery’s incense offerings, we will do anything!” Fangzheng was surprised when Squirrel stepped forward before he was done speaking. He puffed up his tiny chest and shouted with awe-inspiring righteousness.

However, Fangzheng didn’t think he had suddenly become a hero. The little fellow was probably so proactive because he was afraid that he wouldn’t have food to eat.

However, Fangzheng didn’t care about the reason. All that mattered was that they were willing to put in the effort.

Salted Fish said, “Reverend, then I will not stand on ceremony. This can be considered work for the monastery, right? Then… Can I get an additional serving for dinner?”

Fangzheng nodded. “If you do well, extra helpings!”

Salted Fish decisively jumped up and waved his fins, saying domineeringly, “All of you make way for this ancestor! No one stop me. Where’s the incense! I’m going to start blowing!”

At that moment, Monkey asked curiously, “Master, your blowing of incense idea will only speed up the speed at which the incense burns up. Why don’t you just pluck it out directly?”

The others also looked at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “There’s a saying that Buddha needs incense, and man needs self-respect. Burning incense is to give this incense to Bodhisattva and Buddha. Do you still want to be monks after plucking out incense? As for blowing the incense, it’s equivalent to speeding up the delivery, so it’s naturally fine.”

The few of them were enlightened.

Fangzheng said, “Alright, cut the crap. While Jingxin stals the tourists, everyone do your best. Quickly blow the incense until it’s done burning. Also, do not let others see you blowing the incense; otherwise, all of you will not have dinner tonight! In addition, Salted Fish, watch out not to be discovered.”

Fangzheng repeatedly exhorted them.

With the double combo of both pressure and potential rewards of having no dinner at all or having extra helpings for dinner, they showed an unprecedented level of proactiveness. Squirrel jumped onto the incense burner, puffed his cheeks, and bloated his tiny tummy before blowing at the incense with all his might. Although he was tiny in size, his lungs were quite strong, resulting in quite startling effects. He immediately glanced at the rest with a smug look. But his smugness was gone in an instant, turning into utter shock.

He saw Lone Wolf stand up and open his mouth wide as he blew. His spit splattered out far, making Squirrel feel like he was bathing.

However, the effects were also startling. More than ten incense sticks glowed red from the blow, and the speed at which they burned accelerated. It was much faster than Squirrel who blew one stick at a time.

Squirrel felt aggrieved, but he didn’t accept the defeat. He thought, “It’s only because your body and mouth are bigger. If I were your size, I’d definitely be better! Yes. Salted Fish is smaller than me. He’ll likely be inferior to me.”

With this in mind, Squirrel looked at Salted Fish but was left dumbfounded.

Although Salted Fish was small in size, his mouth wasn’t small! The moment he opened his mouth wide, his cheeks were like exhaust fans. He sucked up the air and blew it out his mouth like a blowing machine. The incense in front of him rapidly shortened.

Squirrel wore a bitter look but eventually consoled himself. He’s a demon, so it’s normal that he’s better than me. Third Junior Brother likely won’t be as crazy, right?

With this in mind, Squirrel looked around, but he didn’t find Monkey. Just as his mind was filled with question marks, thinking that Monkey had given up, he saw Monkey slowly walk over.

When Salted Fish saw Monkey, he chuckled. “Little Monkey, what’s wrong? Isn’t an ancestor like me impressive? You should now know how impressive I am now, right?”

Having said that, Salted Fish lifted his head smugly.

Monkey indifferently shot a glance at Salted Fish and said, “Do you know the difference between someone smart and someone stupid?”

Salted Fish was taken aback.

Before Salted Fish could say a word, Monkey continued. “The difference is that smart people use tools while fools use brute force.”

With that said, Monkey took out something from behind him. It was a fan!

Then, under the dumbfounded looks of the rest, Monkey began to fan the incense. Instantly a strong wind lit up all the incense sticks and sped up their burning…

Lone Wolf, Salted Fish, and Squirrel exchanged looks, cursing in unison. “Shameless!”

As Salted Fish and Squirrel rushed to find fans, Lone Wolf looked at his paws and decisively gave up on using one. He continued sucking in air with his huge mouth and blew, splattering his saliva everywhere.

Red Boy was feeling extremely uneasy facing the women who were looking at him with glowing eyes.

It was especially so with all the female molesters who didn’t keep their hands off him as they touched his face. The little guy turned anxious as he tightened his face and said in all seriousness, “Amitabha. Patron, it is improper for men and women to make contact.”

If this had been said by an adult monk or by Fangzheng, the women might have retreated, but with Red Boy looking so adorable while he wore such a serious, adult-like expression despite being a kid, it only made him look cuter.

The women’s eyes were nearly replaced with hearts. Even the ones that hadn’t extended their hands yet now began to do so, squeezing Red Boy’s rosy cheeks. They let out giggles and sighs of amazement. “Wow, Little Venerable One’ skin is so good. It’s so supple.”

“Tsk, water is almost coming out from the pinching…”

There was another woman who was stroking Red Boy’s head who said with a smile, “Aiyah, he’s too adorable. I really want to hug him.”

Red Boy jumped in fright at that. These female molesters were going from bad to worse. He thought, “If this weren’t the Earth Immortal World, I would wipe you all out.”

But now, it was only a thought. All he could do was learn from Fangzheng.

The next moment, though…

A woman suddenly squatted down, fished out a lollipop, and placed it in front of Red Boy before smiling. “Little Venerable one, don’t be mad. Let Sis carry you, and Sis will give this to you, alright?”

Red Boy sneered inwardly. Do you really think I’m a kid? You want to coax me with a mere lollipop?

Hence, Red Boy said in all righteousness, “At least two!”

The next moment, the tourists walked away while Red Boy was being carried by a woman as he had the time of his life eating a lollipop. As for his integrity, righteousness, and how improper it was for men and women to touch each other, all of that had been forgotten…