The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Save Me

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“You!” Song Yuhe was enraged, but he ultimately didn’t do a thing. However, he looked like he was about to spew fire out his eyes!

Park Mintae was delighted when he saw the angry Song Yuhe. “From this day, China’s TCM will be considered trash. It will soon vanish from the stage of history. All the glory will return to TKM!”

After Park Mintae said that, he continued with glee. “I have to say, you Chinese are just too stupid. Haha!”

“Park Changmin’s strength is only about the same as that of the three medical sages of China, but it sounds like you think you will definitely win. I’d rather die than believe that there’s nothing fishy about the matter. I don’t believe that Park Changmin can be unafraid of losing.” Sun Yingwei, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke out.

Park Mintae laughed out loud. “Ignorant. Would we have taken action unless we were certain of victory? Besides, my teacher’s medical knowledge has long been compiled into books and released to the public. Even if my teacher did lose, it would not affect TKM. However, if your China’s three medical sages lose, it will probably be the end of their heritage, isn’t that so?”

Upon hearing that, everyone’s hearts sank. The three of them couldn’t represent all of TCM, but it was as Park Mintae had said. What they were doing was simply accelerating the decline of TCM. When good things were lost one by one, what remained could only lessen. As for other medical systems, they continued developing rapidly. Since that was the case, how much longer could TCM last?

After Park Mintae finished speaking, he shot a glance at the monk who was continuously chanting scriptures inside the monastery. Seeing no reaction from him, his eyes flashed a look of contempt. “Chinese people like to deliberately act mystifying and sensational. The saying that true experts are among the people is nothing but a joke.”

After saying that, Park Mintae no longer had any interest in Fangzheng. He raised his phone and made a phone call in Korean. “Teacher, I’ve investigated it. It’s just a monk trying to be sensational. As for whom his theories come from, it’s still unknown. However, it’s likely him speaking nonsense or that being all he knows. That entire livestream might have very well simply been an attempt to sensationalize things.

“Teacher, please trust me. I said many things to mock them. If anyone with even a bit of personality and skill were to hear that, they would have to take action. However, there was no reaction from him the entire time…”

As he spoke, Park Mintae walked away.

When the others saw this, they exchanged looks before looking at Fangzheng. Finally they sighed and said, “A calamity. It’s time we leave.”

Hence, everyone dispersed.

When everyone was gone, Red Boy ran to the hall’s doorway and looked at Fangzheng. “Master, you heard what happened. Are you really not planning to do a thing?”

“Master! That Park guy is too much. Are you really not planning to do something?” Squirrel flailed his claws and shouted.

Lone Wolf said, “Master, he’s lucky that I’m a monk. Otherwise, I would have had him for lunch already. Don’t you agree, Third Junior Brother?”

Monkey pressed his palms together and said, “Master definitely has his own thoughts on the matter. Let’s just listen to him.”

Lone Wolf rolled his eyes when he heard Monkey currying favor. Then he looked at Salted Fish who had been acting dead the entire time. “Salted Fish, tell me. Could you tolerate something like that if it was directed at you?”

Salted Fish sat on the doorstep and pinched his whiskers, fiddling with them slowly as he said eccentrically, “Regarding this matter… If it were me, I’d definitely beat the crap out of him!”

Even when that was said, Fangzheng remained motionless.

Salted Fish’s whiskers bounced up before he continued. “When facing such matters, even a turtle should reach out his head to show his teeth. If we remain silent even on such matters, we are nothing more than modified versions of turtles.”

“Modified versions of turtles? What’s that?” Squirrel asked out of curiosity.

Salted Fish said in all seriousness, “It’s the animation you watched yesterday.”

“Ninja turtles?” Squirrel subconsciously cried out.

Salted Fish’s whiskers pricked up as he chuckled. “You were the one who said it, not me.”

Squirrel immediately knew that he had been tricked as he hurriedly shouted. “Master, I didn’t deliberately watch animations. He tricked me!”

However, Fangzheng remained motionless despite Squirrel crying out all day.

Soon, the disciples calmed down and looked at each other, seeing the puzzlement in each other’s eyes. This wasn’t right! Although Fangzheng acted like a master in front of outsiders, he would immediately become a joker once there was no one around. If it were any other time, he would have pounced forward and taught each and every one of them a lesson by now. Why was he so motionless today?

Squirrel peeped his head in and after spending lots of time looking, he suddenly realized something was amiss. His master’s appearance looked a little odd!

Squirrel mustered his courage and went over. When he came to the front, the sight immediately made him cry out. “Senior Brother, Junior Brothers, no good. Come over quickly! Master has turned into a wooden block!”

Red Boy, Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Salted Fish jumped in fright when they heard that as they hurriedly ran over.

Following that, everyone rolled their eyes. Salted Fish struck Squirrel on the head and said, “Silly, he didn’t become a wooden block. This is a wooden block!”

“Uh, then where’s Master?” asked Squirrel.

“He probably ran off,” Salted Fish said.

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

In fact, if they had paid attention earlier or observed more carefully, they would have noticed something fishy. After all, the White Lunar Monk Robe wasn’t something an ordinary piece of white cloth could resemble. However, everyone’s attention had been on what was happening outside, so naturally no one had paid any attention to Fangzheng. Even now, until just a moment earlier, the few of them had been fooling around, so how could they have carefully observed Fangzheng?

Now, though, they were somewhat dumbfounded. If Fangzheng wasn’t on the mountain, where was he?

Song Yuhe walked behind the crowd with his head low. His eyes appeared blank and turbid. As for Miao Hong and company, anger and helplessness would flash in their eyes every time they turned to look back at Song Yuhe. There was even pity. Many a time, they wished to go over to say something, but they ultimately gave up the thought and walked off with a shake of the head.

They really had no idea what to say. Could they scold Song Yuhe? But did anyone of them have the right to do so? Who of them didn’t have a hidden trump card? Console Song Yuhe? However, he had indeed lost to Park Changmin and in doing so severed a top medical technique of his lineage. This was definitely a sin, a grave sin!

As such, everyone quickly left the mountain amid mixed feelings.

When Song Yuhe saw this, he could not help but sigh once again.

Just as Song Yuhe was walking on the mountain path, he heard a scream behind him.

Song Yuhe jumped in fright as he ran over to check, but he saw no one. He was stunned, thinking, “Where did that scream come from?”

At that moment, he heard a weak shout from where the cliff was. “Save me, save me!”

Song Yuhe hurriedly looked down and saw an old tree about a meter below the cliff. On the old tree was a person who looked extremely ugly. He wore ragged clothes and was apparently a beggar. The man lay there crying out tragically. His eyes were filled with despair and when he suddenly saw Song Yuhe, he immediately shouted. “Save me! Save me!”