The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 885

Chapter 885 Slaying Fiends

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Jiang Yu sighed. “Unfortunately, I figured this out too late. We have always been carrying the baggage of our ancestors, unwilling to take in the essence of other fields of medicine and their advantages. Now… What a joke. We tauted ourselves as the three medical sages of the country, but in fact, we didn’t even leave behind a single compendium of our insights, nor did we teach a single disciple that is our equal to or exceeds us. On this point, we are inferior to Park Changmin.”

Song Yuhe didn’t say a word. Although he didn’t wish to admit to it, he knew very well that although Park Changmin was an a**hole for what he was doing, he had done more for his country and people than him. Comparing the two, Song Yuhe was indeed inferior to him.

As the two conversed, the mood turned heavy. Without leaving any books behind and having managed to take in disciples to pass on their medical skills to, it was equivalent to their top TCM skills being severed!

They had never experienced something like this in the past, so they never realized the importance of the matter. Now that this happened, they finally realized that their actions had been utterly foolish towards themselves, the industry, the people, and the nation!

However, it was pointless crying over spilled milk. The two fell silent for a moment before Jiang Yu said, “Another person has been defeated. Now, we have been completely wiped out. Brother Song, if-if we really reach that step, I plan to forgo my dignity and reputation. I’ll do whatever it takes to pass down my medical skills.”

When Song Yuhe heard that, he was shocked. To people like them, what was most important? Of course it was their reputation! This reputation didn’t only concern them, but their entire family clan’s fate.

If a doctor couldn’t even act on his word, how could he practice medicine? This was equivalent to throwing oneself deep into an irredeemable abyss. However, this seemed to be the only solution to getting out of their predicament. The price paid would be similarly immense. It would save TCM, but also severely damage the character and reputation of TCM. If the three sages couldn’t even keep their promises, what about the rest?

It would also set a precedent, causing the value system of the entire TCM industry to turn nasty.

With this in mind, Song Yuhe broke out into a cold sweat. The more he thought about it, the more he realized how brilliant Park Changmin’s move was. Regardless of that they did, TCM would suffer a terrible price. It might not be a price which could be seen at the moment, but the long-term effects would be immense. This loss was something TCM couldn’t afford!

Song Yuhe voiced out his concerns as Jiang Yu returned with a question. “They are all bitter pills to swallow. We can only choose the lesser evil and drag it out as the days go by. Who knows, there might come a day when someone will be able to break out of this predicament?”

“Who knows? There might come a day?” Upon thinking of that, Song Yuhe suddenly recalled the mysterious monk on Mt. One Finger! Ever since he returned, his heart hadn’t calmed down. Just the thought of Fangzheng left him creeped out. However, on careful thought, apart from Fangzheng being somewhat magical, he hadn’t shown any signs of harming him.

Then, what if this magical monk has the solution?

Once he thought of this, Song Yuhe hurriedly recounted Fangzheng’s matter. He had kept the event a secret at first, but now that he shared his experience, Jiang Yu widened her eyes and asked, “Are you sick? Why are you believing some monk on a mountain?”

“I don’t want to believe it either, but what other solution do we have?” Song Yuhe asked bitterly.

Jiang Yu shook her head. “I know something about the Fangzheng you talked about. He is indeed an accomplished monk with some legendary tales to his name. However, how old is he? It’s already very difficult for him to be good at the Buddhist Dharma at his age. He’s also skilled at carving bamboo. He’s already a monster among monsters! Now, you are telling me he will be teaching medicine and that he might be a medical expert hidden among the people? To be honest, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but is it possible? If it’s true, forget calling him a monster, that would make him a demon!”

Song Yuhe wasn’t Jiang Yu. After Jiang Yu watched the livestream, she hadn’t rushed up the mountain and instead went to Black Mountain City to ask about Fangzheng from her friends there. Therefore, whatever Jiang Yu said were things Song Yuhe had no idea about, and he was truly stunned. A monk who wasn’t even twenty years old was skilled in three domains, and in each of them, he had reached the pinnacle. How was that possible? Even monsters in ancient times weren’t capable of this, right? He was indeed a demon.

And if so, weren’t so-called demons unbelievable?

Jiang Yu continued. “In comparison to dealing with him, I’d rather look for the other famous TCM doctors and warn them not to follow in our footsteps!”

Song Yuhe nodded slightly and said, “That’s good too. We have already committed mistakes. We shouldn’t let others make the same mistakes.”

“What about you?” Jiang Yu asked.

Song Yuhe looked at the ceiling in a dazed look. He wished he could just find a place to hide and spend the rest of his life there, but for some reason, he instantly thought of Mt. One Finger’s Fangzheng. Thinking back to that ugly beggar and Fangzheng’s sudden appearance, how had he done it? Why had he tested him in such a manner? What had he done that for?

With this in mind, Song Yuhe gritted his teeth. Since I can’t do anything, I might as well make a bet. What if he really is capable? I’ll listen for myself three days from now!

Hence, Song Yuhe said, “I plan to stay here for some silent time.”

Jiang Yu nodded and didn’t press on.

The two began to chat about other matters.

That night, Fangzheng received a letter.

Fangzheng was somewhat dumbfounded when he saw the letter. He had only received a letter a few times in his life. To him, letters were like legendary antiques! Fangzheng once even imagined that letters had already vanished.

When he opened the letter, Fangzheng was stunned. It contained information about Park Changmin as well as information on how he had repeatedly defeated the three medical sages of China. However, the contents weren’t described in detail. The letter didn’t contain information about the competition but only the outcome as well as the impact the outcome would bring about.

However, what was most stunning were the colors of the words! They were written in red ink, as though they’d been written in blood. It was highly impactful from the first glance.

Although he didn’t know about the person who had written the information, Fangzheng could sense the anger, blame, grief, and implorement of the writer from his letter alone!

“Master, who sent this to you?” Red Boy came over and asked curiously.

Fangzheng shook his head, clueless as to who had mailed it. However, he could more or less guess the person’s identity even if he wasn’t a hundred percent sure. But that wasn’t important.

Fangzheng put the letter away.

Red Boy asked out of curiosity, “Master, TCM is about to be finished. Don’t you mind?”

Fangzheng smiled. “Although Park Changmin is clever, he doesn’t really take an orthodox path, but a fiendish path.”

“Oh, so what?” Red Boy asked.

Fangzheng said, “This Penniless Monk is a monk.”

“Master, can you be direct? Your beating about the bush, and it’s leaving me dizzy,” Red Boy said with a bitter smile.

Fangzheng slowly got up and pushed open the monastery’s door as he held his hands to his back, looking into the distant mountains and slowly raising his head. He said with a faint smile, “Slaying fiends is the responsibility of a monk.”