The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 886

Chapter 886 This Penniless Monk Has Already Taken Action


When Red Boy heard this, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed. "Master, you have taken action?"

Fangzheng smiled. "Yes."

Red Boy was stunned. He had? Why didnt he know? Could it be that he had taken action when he vanished previously? But why didnt he know?

Fangzheng roared with laughter. "If everything was known by you, how could I be your master?"

"Uh, Master, then when do we go down the mountain to get rid of Park Changmin?" Red Boy pressed.

Fangzheng looked up and into the distance. "Theres no need. Soon, he will come."

With that said, Fangzheng said, "Jingxin, go to the One Finger Spring and clean the place up. Remember, clean it properly. Ill be using it the day after tomorrow."

Red Boy was somewhat puzzled, but Fangzheng didnt say a thing despite his repeated questioning. He eventually gave up and ran to the mountainside to clean up the area.

As for Fangzheng, he made a chair and put it down.

While Fangzheng was calmly tidying up the mountain, someone else was close to tears!

"How is this possible?" Park Mintae stared at his reflection in the mirror, his eyes nearly popping out. He hadnt managed to see anything while standing in front of the window the entire day, but this morning, he immediately had an odd feeling when he looked into the mirror. There were some subtle changes to his body that seemed to indicate something.

When Park Mintae came closer to the mirror and carefully looked at himself in it, the minute changes his face had undergone left his pupils constricting as he broke out into a cold sweat!

Park Mintae hurriedly placed his hand on his pulse and carefully took it. The next moment, his face turned ashen as sweat instantly poured down his back. He said in panic, "How is this possible? How is this possible!?"

He shouted the last few words out loud before slapping himself in the face. Park Mintae stared at himself in the mirror and cried out. "Calm down! Calm down! There must be a mistake. Ill try again after calming down."

Then, Park Mintae took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After a while, he calmed down and felt his pulse again. A minute later, Park Mintae opened his eyes wide and roared out ferociously. "Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!"

After saying that, Park Mintae charged out like a madman, but he eventually stopped by Park Changmins room. His warped expression changed and finally, he gritted his teeth and turned around. At the same time, he whispered. "No matter what, I cant let anyone know I cant disgrace myself like this!"

Meanwhile, the media across the nation was stirred. Nearly all the media had focused their attention on Park Changmin. The news of the defeat of Chinas three medical sages swept through the country, garnering the attention and talk of the nation.

Meanwhile, various critics stood forward to discuss the pros and cons of the war.

Also, an issue surfaced on the Internet. "Can TCM actually work? Its inferior to Western medicine, and now, it cant even compete with medical skills the Koreans learned in the past. How much of Chinas TCM is useful?"

The moment this issue arose, countless people began discussing the matter.

"The times have changed. Its time for the sun of TCM to set." Someone made the claim.

However, someone also shouted: "TCM hasnt set. The three sages do not fully represent TCM."

However, such a shout appeared lacking in strength.

Someone retorted immediately. "The three sages are publicly recognized as the best trio of TCM. If they cant be representatives, who can? Dont try to fool yourselves, and dont say things like true experts are among the people. In this era, there are no more experts among the people. Experts can no longer bear the loneliness of being among the people."

Someone also added. "Debating all of this is useless. We will know if its good once its tested. The fact is that TCM has already been cornered to the point of not having any room for breathing. All thats left of it is because China wants face and because some stubborn fools have remained. TCM has been in decline for a while, and it will keep declining more. I just never imagined that Chinese TCM doctors would actually lose to Koreans who had studied it. Sigh"

As the denunciations of TCM grew, everyone in the country had mixed feelings and felt depressed. Many people wished to provide rejoinders, but were at a loss as to how. This was because the three sages had indeed been defeated. It was an irrefutable fact, so it was pointless to say anything. Either someone stood forward to clinch victory, or they had to admit to the denunciation.

It wasnt only domestically. There was a swath of criticism internationally too. Although many foreign Chinese doctors stepped forward to support TCM, the outcome was that they were told to stand up to the challenge too if they werent convinced.

However, who dared say they were better than the three sages? Who could battle Park Changmin?

On this day, Park Changmin stood up and made the proclamation: "Im in Black Mountain City. I will accept anyones medical challenge!"

The moment that was said, it caused a stir in all of China. Even the entire world quaked as a result!

After all these years, this was the first time a battle in the medical domain crossed nations. It could be said that it was a medical battle of two countries! To head to another country to set up an arena and fight was no longer a mere provocation but war! This was sheer, naked contempt for his opponents.

Instantly, all medical personnel in China was enraged. Large numbers of doctors surged to Black Mountain City! Meanwhile, even TCM doctors who were silent most of the time began to produce hysterical shouts! War cries undulated, and even the ordinary populace could smell the gunpowder from the northeast. It was like a huge war was about to erupt.

Meanwhile, the Internet broke out into chaos. People began forming support groups by themselves. Some even volunteered and shouted. "No matter who it is, no matter where youre from, no matter which field of medicine you are in, as long as you are a TCM doctor, as long as you head to the northeast, as long as you participate in the battle, we will escort you the entire way as long as you tell us when passing through our city!"

"The leopards and wolves are here. Wheres my hunting rifle?"

"Waiting for the heroes to return in glory!"

"Let the Koreans know what we Chinese are capable of!"

Shouts resounded across the Internet. Meanwhile, a large batch of supporters of Park Changmin surged from Korea. Instantly, they clashed on the Internet, resulting in a huge online war.

Instantly, the Internet was filled with signs of battle. Under any thread that discussed TCM, the discussions happened en masse as a cursing war developed.

While the Internet was in chaos, so was Black Mountain City!

Countless people surged into Black Mountain City. Some were doctors, while others were just there to watch the show, ordinary people who provided cheering support. There were a large number of Koreans who specially flew over from South Korea to support Park Changmin.

Black Mountain City wasnt meant to be a tourist destination, so it was overwhelmed by all the visitors! Just the few hotels it had were soon filled up, leaving many people without a place to stay. Yet more people kept coming in nonetheless, pushing Black Mountain City to the brink of its limits.