The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Divine Power: A Golden Millet Dream

As for the matter regarding the wolf kowtowing to Buddha, the officials made no mention of it. When Fangzheng saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief. Every time Lone Wolf kowtowed, he wanted his rice increased severalfold. He was almost unable to afford it. If the officials made any mention of it, there would definitely be people especially coming up the mountain to witness it. When the time came, the wolf would have things to do every day while Fangzheng would suffer from hunger.

"It was not brought up by the temple?"

"Didn't that piece of news mention that it had been brought up by the temple? And that it had bitten someone to death before?"

There was suspicion throughout the Internet.

And during that period, Cai Fang's article was finally released. His article was extremely neutral and did not have any superfluous descriptions or emotions. It simply depicted what had happened that day.

When everyone finished reading it, they were perplexed. Why was a wolf in the temple? As for the calligraphy competition, few people paid much concern to it.

Following that, Jing Yan's article was released.

And during the past two days, she did not sit idle. She personally went to One Finger Village to do investigative reporting, digging up all the erroneous information that Chen Jing had used. There were recordings, stories from the villagers, and things that she had seen and heard.

When all of these were listed, there was a barrage of curses sounding out from the Internet.

"That Window News Publishing is so deceitful! It fooled us all!"

"Damn it. The mention of a wolf biting a person to death ended up being from a neighboring village. Furthermore, the wolf that did it had long been shot to death! And it was something that happened a decade ago."

"There haven't been any wolves in recent years and it was not easy to finally discover a wild one. This fellow even wanted us to drown it with our saliva, what a jerk!"


Window News Publishing Firm.

"Chen Jing, is this what you declared to be completely true?!" The chief editor smacked a roll of newspaper in Chen Jing's face before berating him angrily, "You useless fool! To think I trusted you so much, and this is how you repay me?"

"Chief Editor, I- I-" Chen Jing attempted to explain.

"Don't bother explaining. Do you want to leave on your own accord or do you want me to fire you?" asked the chief editor.

The moment Chen Jing heard that, he immediately turned nervous. The position he had at his job was one he had managed to obtain only after a great deal of effort. How could he willingly leave? Chen Jing hurriedly said, "Chief Editor, it was my fault. Can you give me another chance?"

"Give you another chance? Who will give me a chance if I give you a chance? Have you seen the cursing on the Internet? Our Window News Publishing Firm's reputation has been sullied by you! Even the big boss is angry. I might not even be able to hold my position and you want me to give you a chance?! Now! Immediately! Without delay! Get lost!"

As for Fatty, he was squatting in a police station looking depressed. Outside, Monkey said with a chuckle, "Fatty, blame yourself for being violent. How is it this time?"

"Scram. It's only a few days of being locked up, isn't it? So what if I'm locked up? It's not like I've never been locked up. Well... Being locked up for a few days to earn 500,000 bucks. Hehe, it's worth it," said Fatty with a laugh.

Monkey chuckled and said, "Don't harbor any thoughts about it. That money has been taken by your wife on your behalf."

"What? Darn Monkey, didn't we agree to lie to her so that I can have some secret savings? Ah..." Fatty lamented. He hadn't been that sad when he got imprisoned but now, he was truly sad.

And at that moment, in Jida University's dormitory, Fang Yunjing said with a laugh, "Ma Juan, your dad sure is awesome. He actually managed to help Master settle the matter!"

Ma Juan said with a scoff, "That's for sure! You got to see what my dad does after all. However, I nearly tore my mouth open because of this matter. My dad sent people up One Finger Village, Songwu County, and Black Mountain City to do a full-scale investigation and make certain that the wolf had not harmed anyone. Only then was he willing to help. If not, do you think my upright and honest dad would be willing to help?"

"Alright, I know your dad is impartial and incorruptible. Ma Juan, do you want me to get you the credit from Master?" Fang Yunjing asked with a laugh.

Ma Juan hurriedly shook her head and said, "Don't! Master has saved my life, so it can be considered as me paying it back. Oh, in the parlance of Buddhism, it's called karma."

"Aiyah, Babe Ma, you are even talking about karma?" Fang Yunjing laughed even louder.

"You dare mock me? Watch this!" Ma Juan pounced onto Fang Yunjing as the two fooled around.

Fangzheng did not know of Chen Jing's misfortune, nor did he know that the matter had been resolved for him because of Ma Juan. If not, he would have not easily cleared the hurdles. He even believed that he had resolved the matter through his own abilities and now, he was happily counting money. He would look at the money in his bank account every day. He would even laugh himself awake while sleeping!

"Having money sure feels good. I don't have to worry about starving anymore. Hehe." Fangzheng turned around happily as he entered dreamland.

Matters regarding One Finger Temple did not continue developing. However, its reputation grew. Many people got curious about the temple that a wolf visited regularly. Hence, a few curious people added the visiting of One Finger Temple to their future travel plans.

It could also be considered as a silver lining for Fangzheng.

There were more of such people and the amount of discussion revolving around One Finger Temple increased. Finally-

"Ding! Congratulations. The temple's reputation has attained a little fame. You have won one chance at the draw. Do you want to draw now?"

"What? Fame allows a drawing too?" Fangzheng was surprised.

"Yes, you can draw once the requirements are met."

"What are the requirements? Are they hard?" Fangzheng immediately asked.

"Not difficult. As long as fame reaches throughout an entire county, it will be considered as attaining little fame. Later on, there's city, province, country, regional, continent, and planet that are waiting for you. Every time you accomplish one of them, you will have a chance at the draw. Do you feel a little excited?"

"Excited? Heh, heh, " Fangzheng laughed dryly. County was possible and it was also worth aiming for the city, but to become famous throughout the province? Difficult. The entire country? That was as hard as ascending to the heavens! The entire world? Buddhism that had been developed for a thousand years had yet to accomplish that feat, but he could do it? What sort of balls are needed to talk about that!? That's not right, even if one's balls were crushed, there would be no chance of that happening.

"System, let's be real. Do the draw." Fangzheng shook his head and stopped daydreaming. It was better to keep his feet planted on firm ground.

"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining a divine power, A Golden Millet Dream!"

"What?" Fangzheng was surprised as he asked, "What's A Golden Millet Dream?"

"A dream about golden millet, a look, an act, a cup of tea, a piece of music. Any action can lead a person into a dream and in the dream, you are a god. You can direct the person to see anything in the dream. The dream world would be extremely clear. Even when they awaken, their memories of it would still be extremely clear. A Golden Millet Dream can awaken the most hidden beliefs of a human, allowing one to see one's true nature. With a thought, it can be possible to convert a demon to Buddha, or convert Buddha to a demon!"

"That powerful? Is it useful against you?" Fangzheng felt a little agitated as he immediately asked.


"Guess your- Ahem... Not guessing!" Fangzheng subconsciously cursed, but finally managed to curb his emotions.

"Do you accept the divine power now?"

"Ye- No! Hold on!" Fangzheng hurriedly drank a cup of water before closing the temple's door. He laid in bed and exhorted Lone Wolf to watch the temple before saying, "Begin accepting it!"

"Are you sure you are ready? This is a transference process of a divine power, not any ordinary thing."