The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Respect

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“Haha! You’re admitting defeat just like that? Fangzheng, you are only this and nothing more.” Park Mintae laughed out loud. But the moment he laughed, he pulled his wounds, and the pain left him grimacing.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Park Mintae but didn’t say a word. Instead, he asked Park Changmin, “Is it time for This Penniless Monk to pose the question?”

Park Changmin said, “Yes.”

Fangzheng smiled. “Patron, you used Lou Gehrig’s disease to wipe out China’s TCM doctors, and it’s impolite not to reciprocate. This Penniless Monk will also use one move to spar with you.”

The moment that was said, Park Mintae had an ominous feeling. Could it be… With this in mind, Park Mintae suddenly felt something grow in his stomach as his abdomen began to swell at a discernible speed! It left him exclaiming in fright. “A… Again? Master, I’m pregnant again!”

Park Changmin didn’t get what Fangzheng was getting at in the beginning, but when he saw Park Mintae’s response, his expression darkened immediately. Thinking back to Fangzheng’s unique ‘painless abortion’, his expression darkened even more. The competition had no limits on the number of rounds, and it continued until one party lost or admitted defeat. There was nothing in the rules that forbade contestants from continuously using the same ailment as a test. After all, if victory could be determined, there wouldn’t be a need for repeated problems. In a situation with each side having their victories and losses, both parties could keep repeating and go on endlessly. It would be meaningless and not beneficial at all. Hence, no one would compete in such an embarrassing manner.

However, the competition the two current contestants were in was different. Repeating the same test, which shouldn’t bring any losses or benefits normally, ended up a lot less neutral with Fangzheng’s unique treatment…

Park Changmin suddenly had an ominous feeling that regardless of what happened today, his disciple would probably suffer quite a beating.

Park Changmin’s face was already as black as it could be. However, he wasn’t in a rush to admit defeat. Instead, he went over to take Park Mintae to take his pulse, hoping against the inevitable. Pulse-reading wasn’t like taking an ultrasound, so it was impossible to see the precise situation inside, but it wasn’t difficult for him to figure out whether he was pregnant or not.

Indeed, Park Mintae’s pulse indicated that he was blessed with pregnancy again. Furthermore, the pregnancy rapidly went through the developmental stages in an incredulous manner! This was no longer explainable by science. It was like some evil entity was pulling a prank.

Park Changmin looked at Fangzheng in shock, thinking, “Could it really be that he’s responsible for it?”

At this moment, Red Boy looked up and shook his head. “Sigh, this kind of body that can get pregnant even via aerial transmission sure is rare. However, why is the thing inside his abdomen growing so quickly? Master, could this guy be pregnant with a can of soda? It fizzles the moment it’s in the water?”

“Pfft!” The doctors by the side were instantly amused.

Pregnant via aerial transmission? This was a freaking result of the kid watching too many science fiction or fantasy movies, right? Thy had heard of sperm swimming in water to cause pregnancy, but who had ever seen sperm flying in air? However, on careful thought, there apparently wasn’t any better explanation.

Fangzheng glared at Red Boy and said, “Don’t speak nonsense. This patron is pregnant with a piece of corn. Well, this piece of corn is rather huge though…”

“Fangzheng! Was it you who did it?” Park Changmin finally couldn’t stand it as he chastised Fangzheng.

Fangzheng shrugged and said with a look of innocence, “This Penniless Monk has been standing here the entire time. Everyone is his witness. Besides, with regards to your disciple’s state, this Penniless Monk really can’t do that.” Fangzheng used his words wisely. Although he was the one responsible, what he was referring to wasn’t the same thing Park Changmin was referring to. This way, it would only be considered as not replying to the question, but it wasn’t a lie.

Everyone was amused when they heard this, thinking, “This monk is really frivolous! He’s a gangster! He’s such a gangster! But we like it!”

Park Changmin nearly spewed blood from anger as he intently stared at Fangzheng. Unfortunately, without any evidence, he couldn’t say anything either. Park Changmin suddenly had an idea as he snorted. “Fangzheng, I suspect that you didn’t abort my disciple cleanly before. If that’s the case, the previous round can only be considered a tie.”

“That’s right. That’s definitely the case! Otherwise, there’s no way to explain how Mr. Park Mintae could suddenly become pregnant and have it show so quickly!” A staff member of the South Korean embassy was quick to support the notion.

The moment that was said, everyone was stunned. Park Changmin’s words didn’t seem wrong! Could it be that Abbot Fangzheng was about to lose?

Fangzheng stroked his chin and laughed, asking in return, “Really?”

The staff member instantly felt an excruciating pain in his belly, and when he looked down, he saw his stomach bulging.

Park Changmin hurriedly examined him and found he was pregnant as well!

At this point, Park Changmin no longer looked at Fangzheng in a normal way. He had previously come with a provocative look, but now, he only had a look of horror. To be able to impregnate someone remotely, this wasn’t medicine anymore. This was a supernatural power. Against such means, how were they to compete? However, Park Changmin quickly dispelled these thoughts. He refused to believe in the supernatural, strongly believing that all supernatural events could be explained with science. The situation before him was definitely a trick that Fangzheng was pulling, just one that he failed to detect.

“Patron, what about now?” Fangzheng asked with a chuckle.

Park Changmin took a deep breath and repressed the anger in his heart. Back when Park Mintae became pregnant, he attempted many abortion techniques and used all sorts of medicine. Reality had proven them useless. As for surgery? No one had dared perform surgery as the needles were placed in an artful manner. Any mishap could cause serious trouble.

He believed that the situation was about the same this time. It was pointless for him to put on a tough front. Hence, he nodded helplessly and said, “I admit defeat. Master, please treat my disciple and friend of their ailment.”

Fangzheng looked at the miserable-looking Park Mintae and staff member before asking, “Patrons, do you choose a painless abortion or…”

“Painless abortion!” the two cried out in unison. Although Fangzheng’s method was ruthless, Park Mintae had to admit that being struck unconscious was much more comfortable than suffering a terrible slap.

Hence, the duo obediently went forward, and with two slapping sounds resounding, the two fell to the ground, motionless. At this moment, the two sides of Park Mintae’s cheeks were swollen so much his head resembled a pig’s.

Park Changmin looked at Park Mintae before looking at Fangzheng, then looking back at his trump card, the Lou Gehrig’s disease patient, and he was thrown into a dilemma.

“Patron, it’s your turn to pose the question.” At this moment, Fangzheng spoke.

Park Changmin looked at the monk in front of him, clenched his teeth, and pointed at the Lou Gehrig’s disease patient. “Still him.”

Fangzheng shot a glance at the patient and shook his head. “This Penniless Monk won’t treat him. It’s time for This Penniless Monk to pose the problem.”

Just as he finished his sentence, Red Boy immediately got some water and woke Park Mintae. Just as Park Mintae woke up and was about to say something, he immediately held his belly and cried out with a sobbing tone, “Teacher…”

Park Changmin’s face turned raven-black when he saw this. He glared at Fangzheng and asked, “Master, is there any meaning to this?”

Fangzheng lightly replied, “It’s alright.”

Park Changmin immediately felt like vomiting blood. He had the feeling that if this continued, his disciple would probably end up dead from all the beatings. Hence Park Changmin said, “Master, this will only go on indefinitely if we continue like this. Why don’t we change the ailments?”

Park Changmin believed that Fangzheng would definitely agree to his suggestion; after all, it was completely meaningless to continue in such a manner.


Fangzheng decisively shook his head and said, “This Penniless Monk finds it pretty good like this. Why don’t we continue? There are plenty of people behind you. We can go on for quite some time.”

Upon hearing what Fangzheng said, the few people standing behind Park Changmin felt their scalps tingle as a chill ran through them. The guy who had just been slapped unconscious immediately cried out once he got up. “Master, I suddenly remembered that I still have unfinished work. I’ll be making a move first.” With that said, the guy ran off while covering his face. The slap had really frightened him.

With that, another Korean went forward and said to Park Changmin, “Master, I suddenly recalled that I have something to deal with back home. I’ll be making a move first.”

He ran off.

Another person came forward. “Master, my stomach hurts. I’m in urgent need of a toilet. Goodbye.”

“Master, my mother called me home for dinner. Goodbye.”


Seeing the embassy staff and his other disciples flee, Park Changmin immediately had the feeling he was being abandoned. He felt an indescribable pain.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I’m still here,” Park Mintae suddenly said.

Park Changmin was taken aback as he looked down at the swollen Park Mintae, and asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”

Park Mintae firmly shook his head and said, “No, it’s just a beating.”

The moment that was said, Fangzheng’s brows pricked up. He said faintly, “This Penniless Monk has done a little too much treatment today. Jingxin, you are responsible for the subsequent treatment.”

“Alright, Master! Don’t worry!” Red Boy cried out in excitement.

When Park Mintae heard this, he slumped to the ground in horror. Fangzheng’s slap left him unconscious immediately, making it painless. However, the pain after waking up still hurt terribly. But compared to Red Boy’s slap, it was definitely a painless abortion. More importantly, Red Boy didn’t just deliver one slap, but five!

Upon thinking of that, Park Mintae’s heart palpitated as he looked miserably at Park Changmin.

Park Changmin sighed and said, “Return to recuperate a bit.”

Park Mintae was flustered, but finally, he gritted his teeth and said, “Teacher, I can still continue.”

“Teacher, I really can. Isn’t it just some slapping? I can take it,” Park Mintae said firmly.

“I want you… Hey, what are you doing!” Park Changmin suddenly cried out.

Fangzheng was beside the patient with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and he was doing something. When Park Changmin shouted the question, Fangzheng slowly raised his head and smiled. “Nothing, I’m helping this patron adjust his neck.”

“If you don’t know anything, don’t touch him randomly. If he ends up dying, will you be responsible for it?” Park Mintae couldn’t stand Fangzheng. Having suffered so many slaps, he naturally seized the opportunity to shout back.

Fangzheng smiled. “Do you think I will need to be responsible?” Fangzheng didn’t answer Park Mintae, but instead, he asked the person suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease!

Everyone was stunned. Why was he asking the patient? It was obvious that he had already lost his ability to talk. What was the point asking him?

Park Changmin frowned and said, “Fangzheng, please respect every patient.”

“Master respects me very well. He made me capable of speaking.” At this moment, a voice that sounded unfamiliar and hoarse was heard.