The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Master and Wolf

Zhao Datong was nervous himself but masked it he gave himself a mental shake. "Wild beasts are innately afraid of fire. I don't believe it can simply suppress that"

"But it's also innate for wild beasts to eat meat..." Hu Han mumbled.

"Shut up! Do you think we aren't afraid enough? Can't you let me have a reason to muster my courage?" Zhao Datong roared at his friend. Although he was large the only thing in his favour was the crappy wooden stick. He wasn't like the legendary character Wu Song from the classic novel Water Margin who could slay a tiger barehanded. The best he could hope for was to hold it back and keep it from his friends.

Just as there was a brief lapse in Zhao Datong's focus Lone Wolf sped up and charged!

"Careful!" Fang Yunjing warned, Ma Juan let out an ear piercing scream!

Zhao Datong subconsciously thrust his makeshift torch! All he saw was a blur, just when Lone Wolf was about to crash into him, it circled around him and pounced towards Fang Yunjing and Ma Juan. Ma Juan subconsciously hid behind Fang Yunjing, whose color had drained from her face. She didn't even think of dodging, her mind had frozen. As she saw the wolf close in on her, she closed her eyes and thought to herself while she subconsciously accepted her fate.

The expected pain and noise did not make an appearance. Instead she could feel something breathing a bare few centimeters from her face. It was moist and smelled terrible. She could feel herself gagging.

At that moment, a calm voice broke through and made its way into her mind. "Amitabha. Wolf, you dare attack people so close to my temple? Do you not fear Arhat Taming Dragon? I hear that wolf meat has a place in his stew."

The Amitabha spread a soothing wave of calm through the clearing. It stated that peace had its place here. The voice was fearless and that was felt by all others present. The latter part of the sentence took an immediate twist. That did not sound like something an orthodox monk would mention.

Fang Yunjing instinctively opened her eyes and saw a wolf's head in front of her. It had been grabbed by the fur and was held in mid-air. Its jaws a mere hair's breadth from snapping her throat!

The person who had caught the wolf was One Finger Temple's abbot! He stood there calmly as he held the wolf with a single hand. The fair, clean and weak-looking, scholarly young abbot!

The thin young man held a fierce wolf as if it was the most natural thing to do. This scene should have shocked them to the core yet somehow it felt normal, the scene had the soft air of beauty as the young hikers stared at the monk in awe.

The starry sky glinstering in the background and the moon making its presence known with a healthy shine. The moonlight and starlight condensed down on the monk's body as if he was bathing in silvery light. He was sacred, solemn and worthy of their respect. The fiercer the wolf struggled, the more it accentuated the monk's bearing.

Fangzheng wasn't really thinking at the moment. The wolf in his grasp refused to be obedient. It twisted its body and tried to bite him. Fangzheng lifted his left hand and


The slap left Lone Wolf whimpering. Blood was visible from the corner of its mouth.

Fangzheng reprimanded, "Wolf, do you still persist in your wicked ways?"

With those words he slapped it another three times before it had time to react. After cultivating in the Great Strength Vajra Palm , Fangzheng had gained immense physical strength. It left Lone Wolf's face swollen and it honestly looked rather ridiculous, nothing like its fearsome former self.

Lone Wolf whimpered after the beating. It was an extremely fierce, savage and starving wolf a mere moment ago, but when facing the monk, it showed its fear.

It could understand Fangzheng's words; it whimpered as it wailed its grievances to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng understood its words as well. Lone Wolf was terribly starved and, out of desperation, it attacked the people by the fire. Were it not for such dire circumstances, a wolf would never approach fire.

"Forget it. On account of this being your first offense, there being no injures, and Buddhism taking pleasure in the welfare of all living things, follow me and cultivate in One Finger Temple. If you succeed in your cultivation, then one day you can rid yourself of the mortal coil and attain the spiritual state of immortality," Fangzheng said in all seriousness. Even he did not believe the words he spoke. Although the System was very miraculous, did this world truly have a thing such as Buddha? Could one really become Buddha? He did not even know if he could become a Buddha, much less guarantee that a wolf could do so.

After he finished, Fangzheng released the wolf.

It gave Fang Yunjing, Ma Juan, Hu Han, and Zhao Datong such a fright that they quickly retreated.

Fang Yunjing alerted, "Master, be careful!"

Ma Juan added, "Master, why would you let the wolf go? It's a wolf. It doesn't understand any human language!"

Hu Han and Zhao Datong nodded showing their agreement.

Fangzheng placed both his palms together and said to the group, "Amitabha. Patrons, there's no need to worry. This wolf is intelligent. Since This Penniless Monk has released him, he will understand the mistakes he has made. " With those said, he turned around and reprimanded Lone Wolf without caring if the group believed in him. "Wolf, are you not going to seek the forgiveness of these Patrons?"

When the group saw this they shook their heads, speechless.

Hu Han grumbled, "How can a wild wolf understand human language? If it can, I'll go down the mountain while kneeling..."

Just as he said that, he saw Lone Wolf's limbs go limp. It actually knelt down and nodded its head slightly, as though it was prostrating itself.

Upon seeing this scene, the quartet felt like they had seen a ghost. They exchanged looks and gazed at Fangzheng with sheer raw awe. The quartet spontaneously held their hands together and bowed at Fangzheng, saying, "Master, you are truly a man of God! Master, thank you for saving us!"

Fangzheng shook his head slightly and said, "Amitabha. Saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda. This is something any monk should do. Patrons, Lone Wolf was starving so he had attacked you. If you have any food, can you give him some?"

Fangzheng was pretty desperate as well. He did not have much food himself. If he were to feed the bushy-tailed wolf, he would probably go hungry the next day. Therefore, he placed his hopes on the quartet.

After witnessing Fangzheng's miracles, the quartet was completely convinced and put him on a pedestal not unlike like a god.

Zhao Datong hurriedly yelled, "Master, you have already made your intentions known. Even if I, Zhao Datong, have to starve, I will give him something to eat."

After saying that, Zhao Datong hurriedly took out several jerkies, biscuits, ham, and sausages. He tore the wrapping and threw it to Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf looked up at Fangzheng, who stroked its head. "You should thank these Patrons should you not?"

Lone Wolf bowed down in thanks once again.

This act made Zhao Datong and company feel slightly embarrassed, Zhao Datong scratched his head as he murmured that it was fine. Ma Juan, Hu Han, and Fang Yunjing also took out some of their food for Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf thanked them once again before looking at Fangzheng.

"Go ahead and eat. Tonight, stay outside and protect these Patrons from harm. Tomorrow, when the temple opens, you can come in to pay your respects to Buddha." Fangzheng seemed to be speaking to a human. And indeed, Lone Wolf nodded its head like a human to express its comprehension. Then, it sprawled to the ground and wolfed down the food. Clearly, it was truly starving.

"Master, about that... The few of us are safe. There's no need to trouble Brother Wolf." Zhao Datong was truly afraid of Lone Wolf in front of him. A wolf was a wolf. Regardless of how docile it was near the monk it was bestial due to its nature. Every action it made sent a shudder down his back.

Hu Han added, "That's right, Master. There's no need to trouble Brother Wolf."