The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Rice Mountain in a Dream

"Alright, I'll use the bathroom first!" Fangzheng ran to the bathroom. Although he ate Crystal Rice and drank Unrooted Clean Aqua, resulting in him not consuming any impurities which made him not defecate or urinate, Fangzheng would still use the bathroom when he turned nervous.

After a trip to the bathroom, he laid down properly.

Fangzheng took a deep breath as he calmed his excited heart. A divine power! Although he already knew the Heavenly Eye and the Beast Communication Skill, who would mind having more divine powers? Moreover, the divine power sounded rather spectacular. Hence, he said, "It can commence now."

"Are you sure?"

"Let me think for a moment." Fangzheng kept having a feeling that with the System questioning him so many times in a long-winded manner, it was probably not a simple acceptance this time. The last time he accepted the Dragon Buddha Epithet, he ended up dead tired, causing him to sleep an entire day.

This time, Fangzheng had to be certain that everything was set in place. He made his rounds around the temple and made sure that everything was done before lying back in bed and said, "Alright, begin!"

"Are you sure?"

"Why are you so long-winded? Begin!" Fangzheng exclaimed.

Then, Fangzheng realized that there was silence from the System. After closing his eyes all day, he was surprised that nothing peculiar had happened. He sat up and asked, "System, has it begun?"

"It has already ended," the System answered calmly.

Fangzheng felt completely flabbergasted. What the hell!?

"That fast? Why don't I feel a thing? And, since it was so simple, why did you ask me if I'm sure so many times?" Fangzheng asked.

"What feeling do you want? Pain? Or itchiness? Do you want me to fulfill your wish? Finally, how can I transfer you the powers if you do not give confirmation?"

"Forget it, forget what I just said." Fangzheng shirked back. If he wanted pain and itchiness while he was fine, wouldn't he be mentally sick?

"System, why does it feel like I haven't learned a thing?" Fangzheng asked.

"What do you think a divine power is?" the System asked.

"Isn't divine power like chanting an incantation? Producing a few hand gestures and throwing an enchanted weapon out, causing the wind and rain to be beckoned on command. Or the casting of beans on the ground which magically transform into soldiers, or farting to blow up a mountain," Fangzheng mentioned things that he had read from novels.

The System scoffed twice and said, "Ignorant! A divine power is just an ordinary person's walking, seeing, listening, speaking, and actions. Raising a hand and closing one's eyes are divine powers! Divine powers make things that ordinary people are unable to do become an innate ability of yours. There is no need to say any incantations or use an external object to help you. Just a thought can activate a divine power."

Fangzheng was surprised. He had never expected that divine powers were as such. However, it appeared to be logical.

At that moment, Lone Wolf came running in. It whimpered twice, "Abbot, I'm hungry. It's time to eat."

Fangzheng looked at Lone Wolf and thought of something. A glimmer flashed in his eyes as the world in front of Lone Wolf immediately changed. It was white and empty all around him.

This scene could also be seen by Fangzheng. However, he could see Lone Wolf, but Lone Wolf couldn't see him. Fangzheng stood in the sky and watched over everything like a god of creation! With a single thought, the ground beneath Lone Wolf's feet began to rumble and rise up!

It gave Lone Wolf such a fright that he scampered away. However, with the land rising, where else could he run? He was finally so terrified that he curled into a tight ball without daring to move.

Lone Wolf was truly horrified when he suddenly caught a whiff of a familiar fragrance. It was the smell of Crystal Rice!

Lone Wolf opened his eyes, looked up and saw a rice mountain appear in the distance. It was a rice mountain that penetrated the clouds! Cooked Crystal Rice!

Lone Wolf subconsciously hung out his tongue as he salivated incessantly before charging right for the rice mountain.

Yet, Lone Wolf quickly realized that the faster he ran, the further the rice mountain was. However, the further it was, the more anxious he became as he ran even more desperately.

When Fangzheng saw this, he rebuked Lone Wolf jokingly, "Silly guy. It's such an obvious strange phenomena, yet he hasn't discovered that he's dreaming. Indeed, the divine power, A Golden Millet Dream is indeed terrifying. It can delude sentient beings and prevent them from extricating themselves from their immersion."

Having come to this conclusion, Fangzheng waved his hand as the rice mountain came to a stop. With a few steps, Lone Wolf reached the rice mountain as he pounced on it. He opened his mouth widely for he wanted to eat his fill!

Fangzheng shook his head slightly when he saw this. In reality, he could not satisfy Lone Wolf's voracious desire to eat but in a dream world, he decided to let Lone Wolf have a good time. Therefore, Fangzheng ignored what ensued.

Lone Wolf sprawled onto the rice mountain and began eating. He tumbled around, burrowing holes everywhere. His overjoyed expression was as embarrassing as it could be.

Fangzheng could not bear watching any further. He waved his hand and the rice mountain vanished. An ocean appeared beneath Lone Wolf as he fell into it, causing him to crazily flail his paws.


"Ao wooooo!"

In the real world, Lone Wolf was lying on the ground, constantly flailing his paws and whimpering. Clearly, he had been given a fright.

When he turned around and opened his eyes, he realized that he was in Fangzheng's room. There wasn't a rice mountain nor was there an ocean!

Lone Wolf looked at the smiling Fangzheng and then the familiar surroundings. He had a nagging feeling that everything that had just happened was a result of this inglorious abbot. However, knowing that he could not defeat the darn monk, he could only tolerate it. He turned around and ran out.

Regardless of the matter, he had indeed had a great time eating!

Fangzheng laughed when he saw this. "Why? Are you still angry? This Penniless Monk is happy today. You can eat as much as you want!"

"Ao woo!"

"Only now do you know how to cheer? Haha, let's go!" Fangzheng was very pleased with the divine power that he had acquired. He led Lone Wolf and prepared a meal.

The sun quickly set and in a tiny alley in Songwu County...

"Man, are you sure you want to do that?" A woman in thick make-up looked at the money in her hand as she took a draw from her cigarette. She looked somewhat suspiciously at the man in front of her. The man was rather handsome, but wasn't his request a little too special?

"Why so many questions? I'm asking you, do you want to take the job or not? If you want it, do it well for me. Once it's done, I'll pay you double," the man said. At that moment, a car drove past and its lights illuminated the man's face. He was none other than Chen Jing, who had just lost his job!

"Heh, heh. Fine, leave this matter to me! However, shouldn't you pay for my travel expenses?" the woman asked.

"Expenses aren't a problem, but you have to work hard and take down that monk for me. Do you understand? At the very least, you must expose him for what he is, making him get it on with you. Then, record the audio of the entire process. It would be best if there's video. As long as you succeed, you will definitely get your money," said Chen Jing.

The woman said with a laugh, "Don't you worry, Boss. I might not succeed with other people but if it's just a young monk, I, Li Fengxian, dare to guarantee you that he will be taken down in three days. Just wait for my good news."

"Alright, I'll be waiting! However, remember that you did not meet me today," after saying that, Chen Jing left quickly.

Looking at Chen Jing's back, Li Fengxian pouted and said, "What the heck. He even wants to scam a monk. Forget it, I'll just treat it as making it a first for the monk. Oh... A monk, an unadulterated young monk should taste rather good."

Having said that, Li Fengxian walked out of the alley and hailed a taxi before heading home.

On the second day, a visitor came to Fangzheng's temple at daybreak. It was a villager from a neighboring village, Fangzheng found him familiar, but he did not know his name.

It was a burly man. He came to the temple panting, like he was in a rush. He greeted Fangzheng, offered incense and paid his respects to Buddha before going down the mountain without turning his head back.