The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Master Frivolous

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“He’s indeed frivolous. He’s freaking good when it comes to tricking people!”

“Hehe, we should call him Master Frivolous in the future.”

Hence, Fangzheng had a new nickname on the Internet—Master Frivolous!

When Fangzheng saw this nickname, he looked up into the sky and said one word inwardly, “F**k!”

This episode lasted for several days, and with that, Fangzheng became known to everyone in the country.

As the saying goes, the winds howl around the highest peaks, and there are all kinds of fish in the sea. With so many people, there were always a few who tried to steal the limelight.

Some people weren’t happy with Fangzheng becoming well-known.

“I don’t understand something. Since Fangzheng’s medical skills are so great, so good that he can easily treat a patient with Lou Gehrig’s disease, all he needed to do was be slightly better than Park Changmin, so why did he need to treat him until he could speak? Besides, during their conversation, he showed the intention to treat him. China is so huge and there are so many people suffering, but he ignores them. Yet, he went so far for a Korean. What’s up with that?”

The moment that was said, it immediately garnered the response from many.

“I don’t understand either. Why save a Korean?”

“Indeed, I can’t tell what’s up with this monk’s head. There’s a limit to being a goody two-shoes, right?”

Once these criticisms appeared on the Internet, there was no end to them even though many people chastised them for being idiots.

While eating, Red Boy looked at Fangzheng and asked, “Master, can you explain?”

Fangzheng said languidly, “If explanations were any use, do you think flamers would exist?”

Red Boy was stunned. Reading through the flamers’ conversation, indeed, there had been many reasonable people giving them explanations, but all they received in return was cursing. Flamers with a little bit more experience just doubled down on their statements in response, refusing to engage in reasonable discourse.

Red Boy scratched his head. “Master, are you just going to ignore it and not do a thing?”

Fangzheng smiled. “It’s not that I don’t want to do a thing, but that it’s fruitless. If it could be dealt with, would I need you to tell me?”

“Uh…” Red Boy realized that was indeed the case. With Fangzheng’s tendency of immediately exacting revenge, he would have long taken action if he could do something about it. There would have been no need for Red Boy to mention anything to him.

As Salted Fish sat there eating, he asked, “Master, are you really just going to watch? These people are getting worse. If I were you, I’d summon the press and stand by the door and curse them for three days and nights.”

Fangzheng rolled his eyes and couldn’t be bothered with him. Instead, he said calmly, “Don’t be in a rush. Let them continue shouting and cursing. There will soon be a result. The higher one jumps, the more painful it is when retribution strikes.”

“Master, are you really not angry?” Squirrel asked curiously.

Fangzheng smiled. “Of course not. My heart is as broad as the sea. How can I be angry over such trivial matters? Alright, you may leave. It’s not early anymore. Go to bed early.”

The disciples looked at Fangzheng in confusion, thinking, “Since when does Master have such a good temperament?”

However, with Fangzheng having spoken, they didn’t say a word. Instead, they ran off to sleep.

In the middle of the night, as Squirrel was sleeping soundly, he heard banging sounds behind the mountain. It sounded like someone was striking rocks with an iron hammer! The little guy jumped up in fright as he frantically ran to the backyard. Lone Wolf had also gotten up and was warily looking at the back mountain.

“Eldest Senior Brother, is there a monster in the back mountain? How terrifying,” Senior Brother asked in trepidation.

Lone Wolf narrowed his eyes and mumbled. “No idea. I’ll take a look first. Regardless of what monster it is, I just need to chase it away.”

Compared to Squirrel, although Lone Wolf was quite silly usually, he was quite formidable in battle, unless it was against demons, and he had never lost. So after saying that, Lone Wolf rushed forward as Red Boy lay in his crib languidly and said, “Don’t go. There’s a demon in the back mountain.”

“Demon?” Lone Wolf jumped in fright when he heard that. He hurriedly asked, “Fourth Junior Brother, there’s really a demon? What demon is it?”

“An angry bald demon. If you don’t want to be beaten to death, just sleep. Don’t worry, the demon will vanish tomorrow.” Red Boy yawned and curled back to sleep.

Lone Wolf scratched his head, puzzled. However, he trusted Red Boy and went back to sleep.

The next day at breakfast, Salted Fish chuckled and asked, “Master, I heard a commotion in the back mountain last night, so I went to take a look. Guess what I saw?”


Lone Wolf, Squirrel, Monkey, and Red Boy looked up as they saw a salted fish flying in the sky. It flew over the walls and landed in the Heavenly Dragon Pond.

Fangzheng said lightly, “Noise is forbidden during mealtime.”

His disciples instantly fell silent. Lone Wolf secretly looked around and with no one speaking, he didn’t say a word either. However, after the meal, he finally couldn’t curb his curiosity and went over to Fangzheng and asked, “Master, I heard from Fourth Junior Brother that there was a demon in our back mountain last night. It was apparently some angry bald demon…”

“Jingfa,” Fangzheng suddenly interrupted Lone Wolf and said with a smile.

Lone Wolf asked in a daze, “What?”

“There’s not much timber left. If you have nothing to do, go get some timber,” Fangzheng said.

Lone Wolf shot a glance at the timber which was piled up into a hill and said foolishly, “Master, there’s still so much timber. There’s no need to go get more, right? Let’s talk about the bald demon.”

Fangzheng’s face darkened when he heard that.

At this moment, Red Boy ran over, grabbed Lone Wolf’s ear, and dragged him out. As he dragged him, he said, “Master, continue with what you’re doing. I have something to discuss with Eldest Senior Brother. Haha…”

Red Boy gave an empty laugh before disappearing with Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf still continued clamoring. “Fourth Junior Brother, what are you doing? I was talking about the bald demon with Master. Do you think the demon was scary? Was it ugly? Did it have fur?”

Once Lone Wolf was dragged out the backyard, Fangzheng silently lowered the feather duster he had grabbed and pressed his palms together. “Buddha is compassionate. Amitabha.”

The situation on the Internet continued, but Fangzheng didn’t come forward. This emboldened the people who were trying to make a name for themselves. Many people criticized Fangzheng, saying that he had saved the wrong person. Although their words had more people chastising them than people liking their posts, this was exactly what these people enjoyed!

Someone even proclaimed. “All these curses will only leave him in infamy after they are done. Since the country isn’t putting a stop to it, what’s there to be afraid of?”

Hence, more people joined in this battle of followers. Although these followers were criticizing them, just having them allowed them to earn money! That was sufficient. Some even managed to amass a huge number of fans from this uproar. Advertisers came to them to ask them to post advertisements. And the effects of the ads were pretty good as well.

Just as everyone was pleased and getting a kick from lampooning Fangzheng…

Breaking news appeared across all media in the country, stealing the attention of everyone.

South Korea’s financial Luhae Conglomerate’s Chairman Lee Jaeseon was donating all his wealth to charitable organizations!

This wasn’t anything much. News of a South Korean wouldn’t have caused much of a stir in normal times, but the way it was donated left everyone faltering.

The sum of money had been split into two—one half was to support the elderly in South Korea, while the other was targeted at China. It was donated to China for a hundred primary schools!