The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Such a Female Patron

Fangzheng rubbed his bald head and looked baffled. Then, he laughed, "It looks like the news had some effect. Finally, someone that comes without me wasting my breath. He even came to offer incense on his own accord. Hehe. Although it's not high incense, it's still good, it counts for the mission. Two a day would be better. Heh heh..."

While Fangzheng was laughing, he heard a series of hurried footsteps from outside. Following that, there were the loud staccato clicks of high heel shoes.

Fangzheng frowned. A woman came up the mountain so early? And climbing up a mountain in high heel shoes? Wasn't it too much? Didn't she know that the mountain trail was difficult, that even the stones were cracked?

Fangzheng peeked his head out and saw a woman draped in a leopard-skin coat. She wore light makeup and had a slender face. Her long legs were taking wide strides in high heel shoes as the cold wind ruffled through her delicate hair, yet it did not conceal her elegance. She was indeed a pretty woman. She had a somewhat mature bearing and seductiveness to her. However, from her face and figure, she was indeed a beautiful woman.

"Little Monk, is this One Finger Temple?" the woman came in front of Fangzheng and asked with a faint smile.

Fangzheng looked up at the huge plaque above him. He wondered if the plaque was too small or the woman in front of him was blind. However, he said, "Amitabha. It is One Finger Temple. Female Patron, are you here for something?"

"Boohoo!" the moment the woman heard that, she wept right there. Then, she hugged Fangzheng in a wailing fit.

Fangzheng was immediately dumbfounded. "What's going on? Is This Penniless Monk too handsome that it made you cry? But cry as you must, why are you using your chest to rub against my arms? Hey! Heavens, let go!"

Fangzheng discovered that the situation was not right. The woman was tearing off his clothes the moment she reached him! With a loud bellow, his muscles tensed. With a thump, the woman was sent hurtling back by Fangzheng. She fell on the ground and looked at Fangzheng in surprise.

This person was none other than Li Fengxian, who had been hired by Chen Jing to scam Fangzheng.

Li Fengxian had already investigated Fangzheng's background. He had grown up at the foot of the mountain and was a child that was brought up under the kind will of the people. His results were not good in school and he returned to be a monk before finishing high school.

Most importantly, Fangzheng had never dated. He was still an unadulterated virgin!

She was absolutely confident that such a young man could be instantly smitten by her. Such men would easily feel embarrassed and as they could not bring themselves to do it, they needed the woman to take the initiative.

Therefore, Li Fengxian had already fabricated an entire story before coming. However, Li Fengxian had never expected that the monk that looked a little handsome in the picture was truly so handsome. Ignoring the classic young idol look, he had a bald head and looked clean. The monk robe? That was basically the allure of a uniform fetish.

Men are naturally attracted to women. Similarly, men have things that attract women. If that aspect was lacking, it meant that the man wasn't handsome enough!

When Li Fengxian saw Fangzheng, she immediately felt attracted. Her original plan changed a little as her tragic act directly turned into rushing forward into his arms to bewail her sad story. Without being able to hold back, she nearly began doing foreplay.

However, Li Fengxian had never expected the monk to have pretty strong willpower. If it were any typical man, throwing herself into his arms would have sparked a natural progression. After all, this wasn't the first time she was doing this.

Having not gotten what she wanted, Li Fengxian began to truly feel attracted to Fangzheng.

Fangzheng regretted using too much strength when he saw Li Fengxian fall. He held his palms together and said, "Amitabha. Sorry, Female Patron, please maintain your distance in a Buddhist land of worship."

Li Fengxian pouted and thought to herself, "If a temple isn't suitable, isn't there a forest beside it...?"

However, Li Fengxian revealed a dazed expression. Then, she winced in pain and held her ankle. "Aiyah, how can you as a monk be so rough with me? My foot... Aiyah... Why is my life so tragic? Boohoo. I had just had all of my money cheated away and I heard that this One Finger Temple was peaceful and quiet, so I came here in search of deliverance, but all I got was a beating. Boohoohoo!"

When Fangzheng heard this, he took it to heart and said, "Female Patron, Sorry. Forgive This Penniless Monk for being impolite."

"Impolite? As a monk, even though you look rather kind, you are so rough in your actions. Your strength is like that of an ox. No wonder you have such pronounced abs... Cough. Ouch, my foot..." Li Fengxian blurted out mistakenly when she thought of the feeling she had had when she touched Fangzheng's abdomen. However, she hurriedly diverted the topic by crying out in pain.

When Fangzheng saw this, he felt helpless. He did not know bonesetting or massage, nor did he know any medical skills. From the looks of it, Li Fengxian had sprained her ankle. In the village, people generally endured the pain.

However, Li Fengxian had been injured by Fangzheng, so he was still feeling somewhat guilty. Hence, he said, "Patron, please wait a moment."

With that said, Fangzheng turned to walk toward the temple.

Li Fengxian stretched her neck out and looked at Fangzheng's back. She asked, "Little Monk, what are are you doing?"

Fangzheng said, "I'll make a call to the village chief to get someone to carry you down for treatment. There are no medical facilities up on the mountain."

When Li Fengxian heard that, she rolled her eyes and cursed inwardly, "What a silly monk that doesn't know how to read the signs! It's such a good opportunity and yet you aren't coming to help me rub my ankle?" However, she shouted, "Wait, wait, wait! Don't call for others!"

"Why?" Fangzheng turned his head and asked.

Li Fengxian had an idea as she said, "I'm a doctor, I can treat myself. Help me up and find me a spot to sit down. I just need some rest."

Fangzheng asked in concern, "Are you sure?"

"Why all this bull- Cough. Yes." Li Fengxian nearly began cursing when she saw how dimwitted Fangzheng was, but she held back eventually.

Fangzheng pricked up his brows. Although he had never been to a big hospital or seen many doctors, he had gone to school before. He was not some ignoramus. The woman in front of him was made up in such a brazen manner that she did not fit his image of a doctor.

Ignoring Bald Song from the village, as the village doctor, he only had one cure regardless of the illnesshydration. It could treat minor illnesses, but serious ones basically required attention at the county hospital. Bald Song typically played mahjong and was a person that was great at bragging. His flagrant boasting sent saliva flying into the sky and that image of his definitely did not match that of a doctor's. Fangzheng had never seen him as a proper doctor.

He had been to the county hospital before as well. The doctors and nurses in there were all very gentle and quiet. They wore white and covered their faces with masks. They held huge needles in their hands which made Fangzheng find these people somewhat terrifying from a young age.

In high school, his understanding had a sudden change. Every day, when he sat in the last row, he would hear his classmates discussing various series of nurses in pink-colored dresses. Things like stockings, long legs... In short, the nurses and doctors they talked about were all female and were no different from angels! Beautiful, pure, and frequently filmed movies...