The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 924

Chapter 924 The One Who Courts Death Is Here

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Upon saying this, Lone Wolf flicked his tail and ran forward. Fangzheng also sped up, but he didn’t think that it would be that simple. Many monasteries these days didn’t accommodate traveling monks, just like One Finger Monastery. It was a rule those monasteries had, and they would use a Skanda to express this. Anyone who knew a little better wouldn’t break the rules of another monastery.

Fangzheng bitterly went up the mountain to seek some food.

Meanwhile, a stranger came to the river estate of Andong. The moment the person entered, he went around taking pictures of the area. As he walked, he spoke as though he was on the phone. But who would speak so loudly while on the phone? Furthermore, who would speak on the phone like this young man? He held a selfie stick with a phone attached to the end as he pointed the phone towards him. As he walked, he seemed to be taking selfies, which made him look quite awkward.

Granny Zhang wondered if the child was sick when she saw this scene. However, she ignored him after taking note of his appearance. If he was a burglar, she could provide the police with evidence when the time came.

“Hello everyone, I’m Streamer Sun Xiao. Behind me is an estate that is rumored on the Internet to be where One Finger Monastery’s Abbot Fangzheng has married into a widow’s house. As everyone can see, this district is as the Internet says. It’s an old and tiny estate. It’s rather remote and from this point of view, it’s not without reason that Abbot Fangzheng chose this place. He must have thought that at the very least, it wouldn’t be easy for whatever he did to be discovered.” Having said that, Sun Xiao sneered. His words were obviously biased, a clear indication that he was certain that Fangzheng was there having a widow as his mistress or that he had married into a widow’s home.

Indeed, there was a series of 666 comments in the stream’s chat when Sun Xiao said this.

“Streamer, impressive! You actually went all the way to Andong? Are you doing a huge exposé? Holy sh*t, I didn’t even believe it when others said it, but now, I can see it for myself. Brother Sun, 666… Have an aircraft carrier as a tip!”

As Sun Xiao began the livestream, news of it spread on the live streaming platform. Aircraft carriers shot across the screen as the platform made an announcement. Instantly, countless people swarmed into Sun Xiao’s stream!

Seeing the number of the audience of his stream exceed half a million, he smiled so much that his mouth turned crooked. He knew he had done the right thing by latching onto this hot topic!

Hence, as Sun Xiao walked, he said, “Everyone, look at this photo in my hand. Doesn’t it look identical?”

As everyone did a comparison, indeed, it was identical to where Sun Xiao was. There was another series of 666 flooding the screen.

Sun Xiao said, feeling pleased with himself, “I can feel your passion with all those aircraft carriers. Let’s cut to the chase. Let’s risk it and head straight for the widow’s house. We will ask what exactly happened! If I’m caught or beaten by Fangzheng, remember me! I’m not speaking nonsense. I heard that the monk knows martial arts.”

Everyone was amused when they heard this.

Someone cried out: “Sun Xiao, what’s there to be afraid of? Perfected Inaction Infinity is there as well. He’s a Daoist, and he also knows martial arts. From his Weibo it would seem he cultivates in ‘the Iron Palm’. He can kill with one palm strike.”

When Sun Xiao saw this, he said in astonishment, “Perfected Inaction Infinity is here too? Haha! Then, I’ll have to wait. I’m worried for my life. It’s best to cozy up to someone powerful.”

Everyone was amused once again.

Just as everyone was having a good time chatting, Sun Xiao suddenly exclaimed. “Eh? That looks like the woman and child from the photo!”

The moment that was said, everyone shut up. Sun Xiao immediately switched the screen to the phone’s main camera. It happened to aim right at the staircase from which Zhang Huixin and Fang Ke had just walked out. They still didn’t know what was happening.

Zhang Huixin was taken aback. She had heard his cry, and she looked over with a frown. When she saw his clothes, she found them weird, but she didn’t think too much of it. She planned on carrying Keke away…

Yet, the weird man suddenly ran over and said in excitement, “Ma’am, hello there. I’m a streamer on Shadow Streaming. Previously, someone took a photo of Abbot Fangzheng appearing at your place. Are you living together? What’s the relationship between you?”

Zhang Huixin frowned immediately. She never expected the person to be there for Fangzheng. However, she still wasn’t sure why Sun Xiao was asking such a question; hence, she wasn’t in a rush to answer.

Before Zhang Huixin could say a word, Fang Ke said, “He’s my daddy.”

The moment that was said, there was a collective uproar in the stream’s chat!

Sun Xiao turned excited as he said to the phone, “Did everyone catch that? This child is Fangzheng’s child! Tsk. Fangzheng appears like a gentleman to the public, but he actually has a family in private!”

The stream’s chat erupted again.

“Holy sh*t. To think I always felt that Fangzheng was gentle and quiet, someone who would never do something bad. I read his character wrongly.”

“What the? How old is Fangzheng? Is he even twenty? This child is about five or six years old, right? What the f**k… The Master matured early?”

“Could it be that Fangzheng cultivated in some Iron Penetration Art from a young age?”

“I suddenly wish to become Fangzheng’s disciple…”

“I knew it. Fangzheng is finished. After this matter spreads, he can forget about being a monk in the future.”

Amid the discussion, Sun Xiao appeared extremely excited. He hurriedly asked, “What’s your name?”

Keke didn’t know that Sun Xiao was setting her up, so she said, “My name is Fang Ke.”

“Fang Ke. This child’s surname is Fang. It can’t be wrong! Fangzheng is indeed a scum of Buddhism!” Sun Xiao said categorically.

The moment that was said, he saw a tiny hand reach out and grab Sun Xiao’s phone. Then, it was thrown, shattering the phone’s screen!

Sun Xiao’s eyes reddened when he saw this! This was the cell phone he used for the stream. He was riding the waves at the very moment, but for his phone to be suddenly smashed, it was equivalent to smashing his rice bowl! This was especially so when his ‘rice bowl of popularity’ was at its peak. That smashing of his phone was equivalent to smashing his future! At that instant, Sun Xiao felt his heart bleeding. A rage burned in him as he reached out, about to hit Fang Ke, as he scolded. “Little brat, what are you doing!?”

At that moment, Zhang Huixin came forward to block him off. She said angrily, “And what are you doing?”

“Scram. She broke my phone and destroyed my stream. I’ll make sure you learn your lesson if you don’t do something about it!” Seeing that the two people before him were a weak woman and a child, Sun Xiao felt emboldened. He glared at them, just short of beating them up.

Zhang Huixin said, “For you to sully our family’s benefactor, I will smash you, much less your phone.”

“Benefactor? Eh, mistress? You already have a child and you still call him a benefactor? Woman, can’t you have some shame?” Sun Xiao cursed.

When had Zhang Huixin ever been cursed in such a manner? Furthermore, it was quite a nasty curse. Her eyes reddened as she raged. “Watch your words! What mistress? Don’t you sully my benefactor’s reputation!”

With that shout, many people came over.

“Pui! Benefactor, my ass! Your daughter already said that her name is Fang Ke and her father is Fangzheng! Are you still trying to deny that?” Sun Xiao turned his head and shouted to everyone. “Did you hear that, everyone? Everyone’s eyes are bright and clear. I won’t continue with the nonsense. Fangzheng has violated the precepts by keeping a mistress and having a child! Let me ask one question. Can such a person be a monk?”