The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 926

Chapter 926 Fangzhengs Return


Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable! Abbot Fangzheng sure is impressive. He has kept a mistress and had a child. He even managed to pay an elderly woman to stand up for him during an interview. Now, hes even got gangsters. Tsk. Abbot Fangzheng sure is immensely powerful! At that moment, a Daoist proclamation sounded. Following that, a man in a Daoist robe with an ancient sword behind him walked over in large strides. He had a long beard and thick brows, making him look like a hero from ancient times! His every action made him look sage-like. Everyone couldnt help but take a second glance. Behind him, there were more than ten disciples dressed like Daoists. All of them carried swords on their backs as though they were acting in a period drama. There were even two who carried cameras at the rear. Clearly, they had come prepared!

A fight? Their numbers werent any lesser. Besides, there were cameras to record the entire process. Song Bin and company didnt dare take action either. Otherwise, there would be evidence. It would be hard to settle the matter once things escalated.

Perfected Inaction Infinity!? Sun Xiaos eyes lit up as he cried out when he saw him.

Perfected Inaction Infinity raised a single hand. Heavenly Lord of the Immeasurable. Perfected Inaction Infinity was a name randomly given by my disciples. This Penniless Priests Daoist name is Perfected Inaction!

Upon hearing this voice, the streams chat erupted into chaos as many people commented.

Haha, Perfected Inaction Infinity is here! This gonna be good!

6666. Daoists know martial arts. These so-called security guards probably wont be enough.

Not necessarily. These security guards look quite fierce.

Im quite puzzled. Its already so chaotic over there. Wheres Fangzheng? Dont tell me he turtled up when he saw the situation go wrong?

Very possible. Dont many people hide and get people to represent them when trouble comes? They use excuses like being overseas and unable to return. They lie like they are farting. I think theres really a problem with Fangzhengs character. Furthermore, hes good at setting up a narrative. This estate has already sided fully with him through his management.

Thats right. This Fangzheng sure is scheming.

Sun Xiao went forward and said, Perfected Inaction. You came just in time. I hope you can deliver justice.

Dont worry. This Penniless Priest came precisely to stop that fake monk from continuing his shenanigans. With that said, Perfected Inaction nodded at the crowd and said, Patrons, Im Perfected Inaction. I came today specially for Fangzhengs situation. Besides, this matter has always been driven by This Penniless Priest. This Penniless Priest knows a little more of the situation. Everyone, you are probably fooled by Fangzhengs words. None of you know the deeds he has done.

When everyone heard that, they frowned, thinking, Could Fangzheng have an unknown past?

Seeing everyone puzzled, Perfected Inaction smiled in satisfaction. He wanted such an effect. Hence, he looked around to search for Fangzheng, but he didnt see him. Then, thinking back to how he had shouted his Daoist proclamation to show his authority, he immediately felt a little embarrassed. He cast his gaze on Zhang Huixin and Fang Ke and asked, Female Patron, the crime should be targeted at the perpetrator. Fangzheng committed a wrong, so please invite him out. Hiding is useless.

Zhang Huixin frowned and said, I just dont understand. First came some absurd man, and now theres an absurd Daoist. All of you speak matters that border the truth, but nothing about the truth. What a joke. I dont care who you are. My stance is still the same. Abbot Fangzheng is my familys benefactor. We do not permit anyone to sully him.

Sun Xiao immediately said, Perfected One, you heard her. This woman spouts lies all the time, and shes good at it as well. Its useless asking her. Ive already asked. That child is Fangzhengs daughter, named Fang Ke. She said so herself. Even their surname is the same. Can there be any mistake to that?

Perfected Inaction nodded. Indeed.

Indeed what? Who in our estate doesnt know what relationship Fangzheng has with Zhang Huixins family? Granny Zhang said unhappily.

Female Patron, you seem to have a good relationship with Patron Zhang? Perfected Inaction asked.

Granny Zhang nodded. Of course. How can we not be familiar when she lives above me?

Perfected Inaction said, That explains it. This Penniless Priest cannot trust what you said.

Granny Zhangs face instantly darkened. She originally imagined Perfected Inaction to look quite the role as a Daoist priest and that hed be able to provide something of interest, but from the looks of it, he was nothing but an a**hole

Perfected Inaction looked at Sun Xiaos camera and repeated. People with close relations might protect each other due to their ties, telling lies in the process. Therefore, This Penniless Priest will not believe what this patron said.

The crowd in the streams chat agreed. Indeed, none of the people in the estate can be believed!

However, these people seemed to forget something. If the people in the estate couldnt be believed, were the words of people who had never interacted with Fangzheng believable? Unfortunately, no one noticed this detail. All of them felt that Perfected Inactions words were more trustworthy as a person of authority.

Seeing how he had successfully steered the narrative, Perfected Inaction was rather pleased. He said to Zhang Huixin, Patron, please get Abbot Fangzheng to come out.

You came late. Abbot Fangzheng left early this morning, someone in the crowd said.

Upon hearing that Fangzheng had left, Perfected Inactions eyes lit up instead of being furious. He felt pumped as he shook his head. I wonder who leaked the news to him. He actually ran off so quickly. Husband and wife are like birds sharing a grove. When the Great End comes, they fly off and are gone. This Fangzhengs character is just that and nothing more!

Upon hearing that, Zhang Huixin was infuriated. She yelled, You darn priest. What nonsense are you saying? If Abbot Fangzheng is a bad person, you are heinous trash!

Perfected Inaction wasnt mad. Instead, he gave a faint smile. Why? Are you scolding me now that you cant produce evidence? Indeed, one is marked by the company one keeps. You cant be family if you arent of the same kind. Looking at you, This Penniless Priest already knows what kind of person Fangzheng is.

Amitabha. Then what kind of person is This Penniless Monk? At this moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded!

Turning back time to moments earlier

Fangzheng left with Lone Wolf as he helplessly turned back to look at the monastery. Lone Wolf asked bitterly, Master, are we not entering? Its only a Skanda. It only says that it doesnt accommodate traveling monks. All we want is some food.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, The rules are the rules. You wouldnt wish for others to come to our monastery to spoil our rules, right? Treat others as you would like to be treated. Lets go.

But tourists should get some food, right? Lone Wolf asked.

Fangzheng looked around and asked, Do you see any tourists?

Lone Wolf looked ahead and behind him before shaking his head. No

At this moment, Fangzhengs phone rang. When he raised it up, he saw that it was Fang Yunjing.