The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Real Men


Fangzheng was puzzled. Why would Fang Yunjing call him? It had been so long since she last called him. Fangzheng picked up the phone, but before he could say a word, he heard her say, "Master, no good. Perfected Inaction Infinity and a Shadow Streaming streamer have gone to Zhang Huixins place to cause trouble!"

When Fangzheng heard that, he immediately swallowed the pleasantries he was about to say. He replied, "Got it!"

Then, Fangzheng hung up immediately. He was dumbfounded. How was he to return with such a huge distance between them? Run back? It would probably be too late.

For the first time, Fangzheng regretted not bringing Red Boy.

"Master, I heard it. You cant ignore Keke. Shes your daughter!" Lone Wolf exclaimed.

Fangzheng ignored him. After racking his brains, he finally gritted his teeth. He touched the Buddha Beads on his hand and asked the System, "System. Give me a suggestion. What kind of divine power could allow me to return quickly?"

"Theres plenty. The Five Elemental Traveling Art could make that bit of distance nothing to you. However, are you really planning on leaving? This is a Buddhist sacred ground. Dont you wish to take a look?" the System asked.

The System hit the nail on the head. He could have ignored it if he wasnt already there. Fangzheng had originally planned on checking out Southern Mountain. This was because he had listened to Zen Master One Finger tell him many stories about the sacred lands from a young age. He had a feeling that he could find traces of Zen Master One Finger on Southern Mountain. Therefore, despite being hungry, he didnt go down the mountain to solicit donations but instead went up the mountain to try his luck at the monastery.

If he used his divine power to leave the mountain and return to Andong, hed be quite unwilling to spend another day to run all the way back there. After all, he had been out for too long. He was also a little worried about One Finger Monastery. And to use his divine powers to travel between both areas, he couldnt bear to part with the Buddha Beads. After all, replenishing them was just too difficult.

Hence Fangzheng asked, "System, is there a method that could give me the best of two worlds?"

"You can choose to use an Illusory-Corporeal Dharma Body. This is a divine power that can produce a Dharma body thousands of miles away. Your actual body wont be there, but a Dharma body will be conjured out of thin air. The Dharma body will be identical to your real body. Everything will be controlled by you. Once you are done, you can disperse your Dharma body, and it wont influence your present journey. Furthermore, by using the Buddha Beads powers, you can even bring Lone Wolf along. After all, the power of the Buddha Beads is to cast a divine power once. As for how its cast or how many people its cast on, there are no rules," the System said.

Fangzhengs eyes lit up immediately. "This is it!"

However, Fangzheng didnt immediately take action. Instead, he called Jing Yan, Zen Master Baiyun, and all the people he was familiar with. Some time after he asked them, he gathered a bunch of information. He then smiled after realizing what had happened.

When Lone Wolf saw this, he asked curiously, "Master, what happened? Why are you so happy? Keke and Huixin are in trouble. Arent you anxious? Shes your child."

Fangzheng glared at him. "What do you know? This Penniless Monk has just cast a divine power."

"Divine power? Which one?" Lone Wolf asked in alarm.

Fangzheng smiled. "A divine power of mortals!"

"Uh" Lone Wolf wore a confounded look. He had seen Fangzhengs divine power of mortals before. It was to get a bunch of people to swarm to a target. It was astonishingly effective, but what use was it for the matter at hand? This wasnt about fighting

Fangzheng didnt explain as he patted Lone Wolf on the head. "Lets go."

"Master, whereto?" Lone Wolf asked.

Fangzheng held one hand behind his back and looked into the distant Zhurong Peaks Zhurong Temple. "To subdue evil!"

With that said, Fangzheng swiped his hand over the Buddha Bead. "Illusory-Corporeal Dharma Body!"

The next moment, Fangzheng vaguely sensed a psychic connection a distance away. He focused his mind before he lost his sight. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the familiar tiny estates scenery before him. Not far away, Zhang Huixin was hugging Fang Ke. Nearby, there were a bunch of Daoists. And on the left were Song Bin and company. Because these people couldnt find Fangzheng, they were targeting Zhang Huixin.

When Fangzheng heard his name being mentioned, he immediately gave a Buddhist proclamation and appeared!

Upon hearing the Buddhist proclamation, everyone jumped in shock as they subconsciously looked over. They saw that a white-robed monk had appeared at some point in time. Behind him was a huge white wolf that looked majestic. More importantly, its gaze looked like it was about to devour someone. The white-robed monk caressed the wolfs head gently before murmuring something.

If anyone came close, they would have heard him say, "Dont move around without thought. This is your Dharma body. Even if you rush forward and eat your fill, your actual body will still be starving"

"Abbot Fangzheng!?" At that instant, Zhang Huixin, Granny Zhang, and company exclaimed in unison.

Perfected Inaction frowned and turned to look at Fangzheng. "Youre Fangzheng?"

However, Fangzheng ignored him and came before Zhang Huixin. He pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, sorry for alarming you. Leave the rest to This Penniless Monk."

"Hehe, how touching. Its indeed a blood relationship. Ones wife needs to be doted on after all. Fangzheng, you are finally willing to appear to receive punishment," Sun Xiao shouted.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Sun Xiao, as well as Perfected Inaction, who had become enraged from being ignored before lightly saying, "This Penniless Monk originally didnt plan on bothering with people like you who dont know right from wrong. Unfortunately, a tree craves calm, but the wind will not abate. Since you have proceeded further onto the path of courting death, This Penniless Monk shall give you a kick in passing, sending you on your way."

Upon hearing that, Perfected Inaction and Sun Xiao were taken aback. Why didnt those words sound anything like a monks? They sounded more like a hooligans.

Sun Xiao yelled into his stream, "Everyone, see that? This Fangzheng actually said something like this. He looks like hes going to silence us!"

However, what puzzled Sun Xiao was that the streams chat was filled with 666. The 666 wasnt for him, but for Fangzheng.

The comments below changed as well.

"Holy sh*t, what Fangzheng said was so cool!"

"Crap. Although I think that its wrong for Fangzheng to have a child, I have to say that what he said was really cool!"

"This posturing. Ill be the first person to express my doubts if you say hes a monk!"

"I dont know if I should say it, but Ive become Fangzhengs fan. A real man. So cool!"

Upon seeing this, a dark cloud hung over Sun Xiao. What was happening? Why had these people suddenly turned on him?

Perfected Inaction stepped forward and bowed with his hands folded. "Abbot Fangzheng, This Penniless Priest is from Mt. Wudang. Sect Master of the Great Wudang Sect, Perfected Inaction! My Ancestral Master is Perfected Zhang Sanfeng. This Penniless Priest has been invited by the righteous to investigate the matter of you secretly marrying and having children. Abbot Fangzheng, what explanation can you give?"