The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Backfiring Badly


All of you are just too good at making unreasonable demands. How do you prove such a thing on the spot? Besides, Abbot Fangzheng just came a few days ago. This can be confirmed by all of us in the estate! So many of us are already saying this, yet you say its inferior to what you claim alone? Granny Zhang said angrily.

Sun Xiao curled his lips. All of you are together. None of what you say can be believed!

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. Patron, then whose words can be believed?

Of course Perfected Inactions! Sun Xiao originally wanted to claim that his words should be believed, but that would be a little too shameless. Even he felt that would be a little overboard. Hence he used Perfected Inactions name instead.

The moment that was said, there was a sneer. Since when are a cheats words treated as the truth?

Who is it? Sun Xiao and Perfected Inaction said angrily in unison.

When they turned around, they saw a man and woman walking over slowly. The man had an imposing appearance, while the woman was petite and delicate. Donned in a tiny lemonade-colored blouse, she appeared intricate. She had a ponytail tied behind her head. When she saw Fangzheng, she winked at him.

The two people were none other than Ouyang Huazai and his daughter, Ouyang Fenghua!

Fangzheng was taken aback, thinking, Why would these two be here?

Who are you? Sun Xiao asked with a frown. The man gave off an imposing vibe. Since he wasnt sure what the man did or who he was, he didnt dare be too offensive.

Ouyang Huazai didnt even look at him as he bowed at Fangzheng. Master Fangzheng, please receive the greetings of your disciple, Ouyang Huazai.

Fangzheng hurriedly returned the bow. Patron, what are you saying? This Penniless Monk cannot afford your bow. He didnt remember taking in Ouyang Huazai as a disciple.

Ouyang Huazai said in a free and easy manner, The accomplished are masters. Theres no way denying it. Besides, back when we sparred on the mountain, I returned and thought about it for a long time. I was enlightened over many things. It was as though I went from child to adult overnight. My calligraphy skills also improved tremendously. And all of this was thanks to you, Master. This bow is necessary. Fenghua, arent you going to show your respects?

Ouyang Fenghua hurriedly went over and paid her respects to Fangzheng. Greetings, Master Fangzheng. The energetic girl wasnt old-fashioned like her father. Instead, she appeared a little witty and cheeky. She giggled. My dad has become a famous calligrapher in China. Haha!

Fangzheng smiled. Patron, congratulations.

Ouyang Huazai hurriedly waved it off, claiming that it was nothing.

Upon hearing this, Sun Xiao and Perfected Inaction heaved a sigh of relief.

Sun Xiao immediately said, Tsk, I wondered who it could be to say such bold words. So hes just a calligrapher!

Ouyang Huazai continued ignoring Sun Xiao and said to Fangzheng, I happened to have a gathering in Nanhu province with friends from the association, and we came to Blue Mountain. Fenghua mentioned that someone was slandering you, so we came over.

Fangzheng thanked them.

Sun Xiao frowned. I was talking to you. Didnt you hear me?

Ouyang Huazai turned around to look at Sun Xiao and said, You are a streamer on the Shadow Streaming platform, right? I happen to share a good relationship with CEO Chen. I would like to have a word with him. How can people who make irresponsible remarks be worthy of being streamers?

Upon hearing that, Sun Xiaos expression fell. He had bet everything on Shadow Streaming. If what Ouyang Huazai said was true, couldnt he end up getting banned with one call? Sun Xiao hurriedly looked at Perfected Inaction who frowned and said, Patron, its not a gentlemans act to coerce others by force. If theres anything, use reason to explain it. You previously mentioned that This Penniless Priest was a cheat. You have to explain yourself!

You want an explanation? Ill give you one! Another voice sounded.

Following that, everyone heard sounds produced by high-heels. Perfected Inaction was puzzled. What was up with today? Turning back, he saw a woman in leather pants, a trenchcoat, and sunglasses walking over with large strides. Behind her was a man with a camera. On it was the Gulin province television stations logo. Upon seeing this, Perfected Inaction had an ominous feeling.

The woman was none other than Jing Yan! Upon seeing Fangzheng, she ignored him and instead raised her head like a proud queen. She took out her cell phone and said, Perfected Inaction. Original name, Ma Qianyang. Ancestral home, Xiangyang county city. Born in 1975. Educational qualifications, primary school. Was caught for stealing in 1989, but was only given a reprimand due to his young age. From 1990 to 2001, he was involved in several cases of theft. Imprisoned in 2002 and released in 2007. After being released from prison, he began to pretend being a monk and priest to deceive the masses, earning him ill-gotten wealth. Imprisoned in 2010 and released in 2015. After being released from prison, he registered as Perfected Inaction Infinity on Weibo and passed himself off as a Daoist priest. He went around doing rituals and fortune telling, gathering societal idlers, and he established the Great Wudang Sect in Chen county city, a gang of mobsters that collects protection money while using fortune-telling as a front, engaging in assault and bringing disaster on other parties Ma Qianyang, if I were you, Id just have stayed in my county city and enjoyed two years of bliss before being locked up in prison again. Unfortunately, you dared to step forward, hoping to use Fangzhengs reputation to whitewash your past.

Its right that there were fake Daoist priests in the past who were accepted by orthodox Daoist temples for cracking down on fake monks and Daoist priests. But although they were fake Daoist priests, they were upright to begin with! Just as you said, if ones heart is already focused on cultivating the Dao, the only thing lacking can indeed just be the prestige that comes with it. Its only natural for people like that to be accepted.

As for you? Why dont you look at yourself in the mirror? What kind of background do you have? You wish to take this route? You are just courting death!

Sun Xiao was alarmed. He originally imagined Perfected Inaction to be a real Daoist priest. He felt that nothing could happen to him for being cozy with a member of an orthodox religion, but from the looks of it, he wasnt a Daoist priest, but a f**king ferocious beast! Immediately, he felt that Perfected Inaction was not a reliable person. Instead, Perfected Inaction was now exuding a coldness that left him quivering. He distanced himself from Perfected Inaction.

Meanwhile, the streams chat blew up.

Holy sh*t, back when I saw Mt. Wudangs announcement, I already knew that Perfected Inaction had to be a fake Daoist priest. But never did I expect that this guy would have such a sordid history!

F**k! I even followed this fellow! I f**king feel embarrassed.

I even said that he was the pinnacle of what a priest could be. Damn, my face stings

Mine too.

F**k! My girlfriend wants to break up with me because she saw me follow this thing! F**k. Perfect In Perfect Retard. You better watch your back. If I break up with my girlfriend because of you, Ill fly over to chop you up!

Sun Xiao actually is on the same camp as a fellow like this? F**k, Im blacklisting him!

Same here. Blacklisting!

Canceling my subscriptions and follow. F**k, silly retard!

Canceling my following!

Lets go!

When Sun Xiao saw this, he was immediately too deep for tears. He had hoped to cozy up to someone powerful, but before he could even try, the person turned out to be a piece of sh*t. His plan backfired terribly!

As Jing Yan spoke, Perfected Inactions expression turned increasingly nasty. The way he looked at Jing Yan turned more and more ferocious. His solemn and dignified look turned increasingly savage. The disciples behind him had murderous looks in their eyes as well.