The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 936

Chapter 936 Ghosts


One Ingenious smiled. This Penniless Monk is already seventy years old but still a sweeper monk because This Penniless Monk hasnt been able to purify his six senses. This world is just too prosperous with technology changing all the time. This Penniless Monk has always had a penchant for it, deriving enjoyment from watching things and having fun all this while. This Penniless Monk has always felt that practicing Buddhism shouldnt be done in a restricted fashion, and one shouldnt really be devoid from the mortal world. When one views the world with open eyes, one can see more and learn more. Therefore, This Penniless Monk also uses Weibo. Shangfeng Temples Weibo is managed by This Penniless Monk. This Penniless Monk is also very familiar with the Weibo account managers from the various major sects. Upon saying this, One Ingenious asked curiously, Venerable Fangzheng, they addressed you as abbot. Do you manage your monasterys Weibo account personally despite being abbot? Dont you leave it to your disciples?

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. Our monastery is a small place, with only one six-year-old disciple. If This Penniless Monk doesnt manage it, who will?

One Ingenious was instantly stunned before he smiled. The size of a monastery doesnt matter as long as ones heart is broad. But having only one person is really a bit too little With that said, he looked at Lone Wolf who was slumped on the floor, playing dead.

Fangzheng laughed out loud. Taking in disciples depends on fate. Besides, This Penniless Monk is still learning, so he doesnt dare take in disciples at random. I might end up misleading them.

As the two chatted, they walked out of the mess hall.

Fangzheng felt relaxed.

However, someone felt as though he had plunged into an abyss. Although Fangzheng didnt directly criticize FlowersBlossomToDie, what he said was worse than direct criticism. He had been completely disregarded! While disregarding him, his message included a criticism that left him completely without a single redeeming feature. At the same time, he was flooded on Weibo. He knew that his reputation was gone. All the people around him would know about it. He was doomed!

At this moment, FlowersBlossomToDie realized how bad it felt being the target of public opinion. And previously, he had participated in such acts himself. He finally felt regret.

As FlowersBlossomToDie felt upset, he sent messages to the friends from before, asking if they wanted to have drinks. It was also a probe, and he thought, I still have friends. They will not abandon me.

But the moment he sent those messages

Please send a friend request to chat.

FlowersBlossomToDie felt as though he had been struck by lightning, instantly blacking out in the process.

With regards to this, Fangzheng had no idea. By that time, he had come to Shangfeng Temples entrance with Venerable One Ingenious. Sitting by the stairs below the white door, they looked into the distant mountains and chatted about the Buddhist Dharma. They took to each other at once and didnt even notice the day turn dark, with the stars lighting up the sky.

Lone Wolf kept yawning by the side, and although he had run around the area a bit, he realized that there was nothing for him to do. He ended up laying behind Fangzheng, leaning against Fangzhengs back to sleep.

Fangzheng ignored him. On Mt. One Finger, there was almost no one to discuss the Buddhist Dharma with. Furthermore, the typical monks practice of the Buddhist Dharma was different from what he figured out by himself. Therefore, there was little opportunity for Fangzheng to talk about it. However, One Ingenious was different. His ideas were very similar to Zen Master One Fingers. Coupled with his age, Fangzheng felt as though he had crossed space and time, as though he was facing Zen Master One Finger once again. There was almost no end to their conversation.

Only when Fangzheng and One Ingenious turned thirsty from all the talking did they realize it was already four in the morning!

Fangzheng and One Ingenious exchanged looks and saw the surprise in each others eyes. They sighed in unison. Time really flies!

Then they laughed out loud, regretting they hadnt met earlier. Although they didnt say it out loud, both of them knew that they had become good friends despite the huge age gap.

Fangzheng, its almost dawn. If we head further up from the monastery, well arrive at the Dawn Platform. Why dont we watch the sunrise together? One Ingenious suggested.

Fangzheng immediately nodded. Although One Finger Monastery was on Mt. One Finger, it didnt mean that Mt. One Finger was the tallest peak. It was practically impossible to see the sun rise from the horizon. Therefore, every sunrise Fangzheng saw was of the sun climbing above the mountains. It couldnt be considered a real sunrise.

Now, with the opportunity to watch a sunrise, the inner child in him reared its head as he nodded incessantly. The two got up, only to hear a thud behind them.

Fangzheng looked back and saw that it was Lone Wolf who had been leaning on him. His head had struck the stairs when Fangzheng got up. It sounded like a heavy blow, but the dead dog still appeared to be asleep

Fangzheng shook his head as he kicked Lone Wolf. As though a bolt of lightning had run through him, Lone Wolf looked up and gave Fangzheng a dazed look, as though he was asking, What?

After giving the look, Lone Wolf used his paws to rub his head

Fangzheng shook his head in exasperation and said to Venerable One Ingenious, Lets go. Up the mountain we go.

One Ingenious said, Washroom comes first. Cant hold it in any longer.

Just as One Ingenious left, Lone Wolf came over and asked in all seriousness, Master, are there ghosts on the mountain?

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. Where would the ghosts come from?

Lone Wolf turned his head and showed the side of his face that had struck the ground. He said solemnly, I was beaten while sleeping. This side of my face hurts.


Venerable One Ingenious soon returned, and they went to the Dawn Platform together. Although it wasnt a peak holiday season, there were still many people who came to watch the sunrise. Cars kept arriving as tourists headed up the peak. When they saw Lone Wolf, all of them wore looks of astonishment as they took pictures for remembrance.

The thought of collecting some fees rose in Fangzheng again; otherwise, it wouldnt be easy for them to carry on with their journey

However, Fangzheng sighed when he looked at One Ingenious beside him. He said to himself, Forget it. I shouldnt embarrass myself.

Standing at the peak, Fangzheng felt even more depressed. He had come early, but there were others who had come even earlier. All the good spots were occupied. There were even a few tall people in the front. With them standing there, all Fangzheng could see was the back of their heads. He was stumped. Why was his 1.8-meter height not enough? Wasnt there a saying that southerners were short? Indeed, the rumors were fake. Southerners werent short at all!

When Venerable One Ingenious saw this, he helplessly smiled in embarrassment.

Fangzheng was imagining that One Ingenious felt embarrassed because he wouldnt be able to see the sunrise, but then Lone Wolf happened to walk past Fangzheng. His eyes instantly lit up!

Being the target of this gaze, Lone Wolf felt uncomfortable, having a feeling that he was about to be unlucky.

The next moment, Fangzheng held one hand behind his back as he looked into the distance. Only then did he realize that there was quite a bit of time before the sun rose. The horizon had only lit up a little.

Beneath his feet was Lone Wolf who looked up at Fangzheng with a grievous look, as though he was saying, Damn it, I cant see a thing with you stepping on me!

One Ingenious looked at Fangzheng before looking at the wolf who was about the size of a calf. Seeing how it didnt look unfazed despite holding up a person, he marveled. Patron, if you were placed in ancient times, you would be quite a marvel.

Fangzheng smiled without a reply, thinking, Were a marvel now too! We can even do astounding feats