The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Its Real


Seeing Lone Wolf jumping happily into the air, Fangzheng smacked him to calm him down. Enough. Didnt you want to do good? Lets head over before the elderly woman leaves.

Lone Wolf was even happier as he thought, Master is still the same old scheming master. Hes definitely the real Master!

When the duo returned to the bridge, the stall was there, but the elderly woman and her grandson were gone. Fangzhengs heart tightened.Could they have left in anger?

Lone Wolf suddenly shouted. Master, over there!

Not far away, in a tiny supermarket, the elderly woman straightened her hunched back to make it more comfortable for her grandson. Alright, alright. Dont make a fuss. Youll have a lollipop soon.

The cashier took the money from the elderly womans hand and placed it under a money verifier

Fake note, this is a fake note!

The moment the machine said those words, the cashier and the elderly woman were stunned. They never expected the note would be fake!

The cashier often saw the elderly woman selling things out in the cold, and she often came to buy lollipops for the child to receive some change. Everyone knew that life was difficult for her, so they would exchange the money for her even if they were lacking in change themselves. They had never received a fake note from her before, so the cashier was stunned when one suddenly appeared.

However, the elderly woman was even more flabbergasted. Impossible. I checked this note. It should be real

The elderly woman showed her anxiety as tears welled in her eyes. She could only earn about a hundred yuan every few days, so she couldnt accept the situation if it was a fake note.

At the same time, her grandson was struggling as he reached out for the lollipop on the counter while shouting. Candy! Candy

The elderly woman pulled him back while her face was awash with anxiety, frustration, and sorrow.

The cashier was placed in a difficult position as well. Although she pitied the lady, she was only the lowly employee of a tiny supermarket. She didnt earn much herself and would have to make up for the difference if she accepted the note. She couldnt afford it either

At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded. Amitabha. Patron, can you let This Penniless Monk take a look at the note?

Upon hearing this, the cashier and elderly woman looked over subconsciously. A white-robed monk had appeared by their side at some point in time, with a huge eye-catching dog behind him.

Before the elderly woman could jolt back to her senses, her grandsons attention was attracted. He looked at Lone Wolf with huge eyes that resembled black gems. He cried out at Lone Wolf. Woof! Woof!

A dark cloud hung over Lone Wolfs head.What woof? Im a wolf!

Fangzheng slapped him on the head. Jingfa, greet this little patron, using woof woof.

Lone Wolf instantly felt like ramming Fangzheng to death. Was he adding salt to his wounds? However, he still barked. Woof!

Of course the little child was overjoyed once Lone Wolf barked. He kept hugging his grandmothers neck while chuckling. Fangzheng felt somewhat envious seeing this little child. At the age of one, there were many things he didnt know, forever living in bliss. It was a simple but happy time. However, when Fangzheng saw the elderly woman, he felt pangs of sorrow. A childs simple happiness was often a mountain that crushed their parents, grandparents, and other seniors. These seniors were using their lives to exchange for the childs innocence and healthy growth.

At this moment, the cashier snapped out of her daze and handed the fake note to Fangzheng, while saying, It might be a fake note.

Fangzheng didnt reply. He took it and raised it high while kicking Lone Wolf in an indiscernible manner. Lone Wolf immediately understood what he needed to do as he circled to the elderly womans other side and barked at the child. The elderly woman immediately hugged the child to prevent the boy from being bitten.

However, the cashier was looking at Fangzheng. She needed to watch him since she had just handed him the money.

Fangzheng thought nothing of it. Noticing that the elderly woman wasnt looking, he quickly exchanged the fake note for a real one.

The cashiers heart tensed up when she saw this. She subconsciously wanted to say something, but Fangzheng signaled her to be silent with his eyes. His gaze was as warm as a warm piece of jade. It was so warm that it gave the cashier an urge to cry. Helping others could seem very simple at times, yet it could actually be difficult when faced with the situation.

It was easier to be touched. At times, all that was needed was a tiny gesture.

Fangzheng smiled at the cashier like a radiant sun, warming the cold winter. Meanwhile, Fangzheng handed the money over and said, Patron, there must be something wrong with your machine. Its real. Try again.

The cashier subconsciously took the note and looked at Fangzheng again. After confirming that he wasnt joking, she said, Well Perhaps. Ill try again.

Upon hearing that, the elderly woman tensed up.

The cashier placed the note into the money verifier, and it passed in a second. It was real!

The elderly woman nearly cried when she saw this. She patted herself on the chest and said, See. I checked before. Its real.

The cashier smiled and gave the change to the elderly woman who received it in delight. She handed the lollipop to her grandson who took it but didnt eat it. Instead, he handed it back to her, saying, Granny, eat.

Upon hearing that, the elderly lady beamed with joy as though all the fatigue and cold she suffered had vanished in an instant. She felt younger all of a sudden and said happily, I still have one in my mouth. You eat it.

Only then did the grandson stuff it into his mouth and hug his grandmothers neck. She then left the store as there was someone at her stall.

Master, youre a good person. I couldnt have done the same, the cashier said with a lamenting tone.

Fangzheng shook his head and smiled. Patron, you are a good person as well. In fact, what you did is in no way inferior to what This Penniless Monk did.

Ah? The cashier was stunned.What did I do? I didnt do anything, right?

Fangzheng smiled. You have a kind heart thats filled with compassion. You are strong in will, but lacking in strength. When you have the ability in the future, what you will do will definitely be better than what This Penniless Monk can do.

Upon hearing that, the cashiers face turned red.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and prepared to leave.

At this moment, there was the revving sound of a car engine. Following that, a yellow sports car zoomed past! It actually wasnt moving very fast, but the vibe it gave off made it seem as if it was very fast.

Upon seeing the car, the cashier frowned. I hate these rich and cruel second-generation heirs. They drive fast and are noisy. All they know is to show off.

Fangzheng thought nothing of it. There was nothing wrong with someone buying a sports car if they had the money. Everyones goal of earning money was precisely in order to satisfy themselves first before helping others. The logic behind a rich person buying a sports car and a poor person buying a toy they liked was the same. The only difference was the price.