The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 955

Chapter 955 I Dont Know Him


As they spoke, the man grabbed the womans arm and pulled her out!

A woman behind him shouted as well. He Qing, to think I treated you as a daughter. But what did you do? Not only did you have a man behind our backs, you even scammed your father of his retirement funds! What exactly do you want? Do you still want this life? Do you still want this family?

Sister, whats the point of saying this? Take this woman back and slowly interrogate her. Let them have the divorce if she cant explain herself! a man who was either an uncle or some other relative yelled.

The others yelled as well, Thats right. Divorce! We cant have such a woman. The family is in ruins because of her!

Sigh, what a pitiful child, a woman wailed as she wiped her tears.

Everyone gave He Qing hell, leaving her dumbfounded. She didnt understand what the group of people were saying. Faced with the bombardment of wagging tongues, the few times she tried to speak ended in failure.

As for those onlookers who wanted to help, all of them retreated when they saw that it was a domestic affair. When they heard that the woman had been caught for adultery, they looked at her angrily as they secretly gossiped.

I never expected this woman to be such a person.

Sigh. Why do this? Her children are already so big. Why did she have to commit adultery when she could have spent her days peacefully?

She deserves it! Such women deserve it! I just pity the children.

What a femme fatale.

When He Qing heard that, she hurriedly shouted. What nonsense are you talking about!? I dont even know you! How do you know my name?

F**k! The man slapped He Qing in the face as he cursed angrily. Now youre pretending you dont know me? Can you be any more vicious? I dont care who comes to save you, today youre returning home with me!

With that said, the man yanked He Qing again.

He Qing was completely dumbfounded from being struck. She never imagined that the man would slap her in front of so many people!

He Qing struggled to free herself while she yelled, I dont know you. Let me go! Who are all of you!?

Faced with He Qings hysterical screams, the onlookers also started showing suspicious looks. Just as one of them was about to step forward, they heard a middle-aged woman speak.

He Qing, are you still saying such things at this point in time? You really leave our hearts cold! You say you dont know us? Then let me ask you; isnt your name He Qing? Isnt your childs name Liu Ying? Isnt the father of the child named Liu Yang? Dont you live at Unit 502 Blk 3 at Riverfront District? Arent you registered by the census at Hunan province, in Yueyang Citys Daqian Village? Didnt you fall in love with Liu Yang during high school and havent you been with him until this day? the woman pressed with an infuriated look.

He Qing was instantly dumbfounded. What the woman was saying was true! But how did these strangers know her background?

While in her daze, the man suddenly grabbed He Qings handbag. She wanted to snatch it back but was pushed to the ground by the man. Then, the female relatives ran over to hold back He Qing to prevent her from struggling.

As for the man in the checkered shirt, he took out a purse from the handbag. Without looking at the money inside, he immediately took out her identity card. Then he showed it to everyone around. Look, this is her identification card! F**k, why is my f**king life so miserable? Why did I end up with such a woman!? F**k!

As he spoke, he threw the identification card to the people around. Indeed, it was exactly as the woman had said. The man in the checkered shirt even took out his own identification card with the name Liu Yang written on it! Then he took out a wedding certificate which had a picture of the two together. There was even an official seal.

Following that, the man in the checkered shirt threw back the purse at He Qing without even looking at the money inside. He said with a sneer, I might be penniless, but I wouldnt do something that crosses my bottom line for some pennies! Dont you like money? Take the money. I dont want it! I just want a divorce!

Everyone was convinced after all this. This was truly a farce that played out in public. However, the man seemed to have come prepared, giving him the advantage.

Since times immemorial, what was most infuriating? Women committing adultery definitely ranked the highest! Immediately, all of them looked at He Qing in a different light. Some angrily stared at her, while others mocked her.

Although Im just an onlooker, I have to say that this woman deserves a beating!

This woman would have been thrown into the pig cages in ancient times!

This man sure is firm. He immediately took action once he found out the situation. Hes a real man. Its like he doesnt want any of the familys assets other than his reputation.

What kind of reputation are we talking about? He has already been cuckolded!

Let me go! Someone, call the police! I beg of you, please call the police for me! Realizing that she couldnt free herself and that the man in the checkered shirt had taken out all kinds of evidence, giving him the absolute advantage, she knew that she had no means of turning the tables. All she could do was shout for help.

Everyone, its clear for all to see. This woman betrayed me by committing adultery. Now that shes been caught, she still doesnt know to repent, wishing to call the cops to free herself. Everyone here is an adult and wise person. What use will the cops be when they are here? Wont they just gloss over the matter? If this woman were to run or find someone to back her, this nephew of mine would be at his wits end. Everyone, think about it. Please dont call the police. Let us settle this matter among ourselves. At this moment, the man who resembled an uncle stepped forward. He spoke with force, and everyone nodded slightly to indicate their agreement.

At the same time, everyone looked at He Qing with an icy stare.

Everyone is human, but look at the man and then look at the woman. How disgusting! someone said.

Dont say things like that. The man isnt right either. Even if the other party is wrong, this should be done behind closed doors. Isnt he embarrassed to do this in broad daylight on the streets?

This is a complete loss of decorum. Hes no longer afraid of letting this go public.

That goes to show that the mans side is truly confident. I think this woman is definitely problematic. Otherwise, the mans side wouldnt go this far.


Everyone began murmuring in discussion.

He Qing instantly fell into despair when she saw this. With her last bits of hope, she yelled, Someone save me! Save me! I really do not know these people! Help me!

However, all she saw were cold and animus gazes. He Qings shouts were useless.

The man in the checkered shirt started pulling He Qing away, but He Qing sat on the ground, refusing to move as she desperately clung on to a rack.

The man kicked her angrily and took a pole from beside him to beat her. But at this moment, a woman suddenly stopped him and berated him. You silly child! Just beating her a little is enough. Do you want to kill her? Although shes a b*tch, killing her will only put you in prison! Do you think its worth it?