The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 957

Chapter 957 The Monk Who Fears No Death


Meanwhile, Fangzheng looked calmly at the man in the checkered shirt. He had used his Wisdom Eye before interfering, so he knew that he wasnt a good person. None of his relatives were either. A black baneful aura lingered around all of them.

As for He Qing, her status was relatively normal. She had both a bit of a baleful aura as well as merit, so she could be considered an ordinary person. However, Fangzheng knew that it was impossible to tell who was right or wrong in this matter simply based on their baneful auras.

After all, his Wisdom Eye wasnt able to tell right from wrong. At times, bad people could be on the side of good while good people could commit wrongs. Therefore, Fangzheng had been watching by the side the entire time without being in a hurry to take action. Only when He Qings life was threatened did he stop the man in the checkered shirt, Liu Yang.

Liu Yang glared at Fangzheng but realized that he wasnt speaking. With everyone around them supporting him, he felt emboldened. However, there was still anxiety flickering deep in his eyes. He wasnt the only one; the other relatives that were with him were the same.

And all of this was noticed by Fangzheng.

While in thought, Fangzheng smiled. Patron, This Penniless Monk wouldnt have interfered if this was only a family matter. However, you would have probably killed her if you had struck down with the pole. Thats not something This Penniless Monk could ignore.

So you want to get involved in this? Fine, get her off me, and Ill leave. Ill leave it at that. Liu Yangs eyes darted around, and he immediately threw the problem at Fangzheng.

When He Qing heard that, she hurriedly yelled, Ill never let go if you dont give me my son! Master, please! Call the police. Help me call the police!

Liu Yang struggled a little, but he failed to get He Qings arms off him. B*tch, you still arent repenting? You still want to call the cops? If the cops were of any use, would you have committed adultery?

I didnt! He Qing yelled.

Just as Liu Yang was about to say something, his uncle roared. What are you doing?

Liu Yang looked over and saw Fangzheng take out his cell phone, clearly about to make a phone call.

Monk, what are you doing? Liu Yang yelled, having turned anxious as well.

Fangzheng waved his cell phone and said, Calling the police. Although this is your family matter With that said, Fangzheng scanned everyone around and said without skipping a beat as he enunciated each word. Who can prove that you are a family?

Once that was said, everyone present fell into chaos!

This monk is really daring with his claims. Doesnt he know that they are a husband and wife?

Thats right. I saw their marriage certificate. It cant be wrong.

Thats right. This monk is really speaking nonsense just to save face.

As for Liu Yang and company, they clearly looked flustered. They were in a hurry to escape from He Qing. Liu Yangs mother crouched down and pried He Qings fingers away in a bid to quickly resolve the problem. She no longer looked compassionate like before.

He Qing cried out in pain but refused to let go.

Upon seeing Fangzheng stopping them, Liu Yang yelled, You asked who can prove that we are a family? This is our marriage certificate. This is our proof. What cant it prove?

Fangzheng shot a glance and shook his head. Dont you know of a profession in this world known as the notary? Compared to what you said, This Penniless Monk prefers to trust the police.

With that said, Fangzheng immediately made the phone call. Hello? Hello, is this the police?

You f**king shut your trap! Liu Yangs uncle bellowed with anger, lunging forward to grab the phone, but Lone Wolf took a step forward and bared his fangs, immediately making him retreat.

At the same time, he looked at Liu Yang, who looked at his mother. His mother had her brows tightly furrowed as well. Upon seeing this, she said angrily, Lets go!

Liu Yang nodded and threw the child to He Qings side. Well leave it at this. Ill come again for you! Just as I said, we need a divorce!

With her son in hand, He Qing immediately hugged him and broke into tears. She hugged him tightly as though she was afraid he would be taken away at any time.

As for Liu Yang, he took the chance to turn and leave. The others also left with him.

Upon seeing this, the crowd was somewhat taken aback. What happened? Why was it over so quickly?

When everyone thought carefully, they were there for the child, and their actions werent considered civil. Therefore, if the police were to come, there was no way they could escape from assault charges. It was understandable that they left immediately when Fangzheng made a call.

Just as everyone thought that this was the end to the farce

Did This Penniless Monk permit you to leave? At this moment, the white-robed monk spoke loudly, his voice resounding like thunder. It gave everyone a fright.

All of them subconsciously looked at Fangzheng and thought, Holy sh*t, has this monk gotten addicted to interfering with the family matters of others? Whats he up to?

To their surprise, Liu Yang and company didnt turn their heads and instead sped up their pace. They were forcing their way out of the crowd!

When Fangzheng saw this, he was all the more certain of his guess. He chased after them under everyones perplexed looks! Lone Wolf immediately followed, but Fangzheng gave him a signal to stop. He wanted him to stay behind to watch over He Qing and her son.

Seeing Fangzheng chase after them, Liu Yang and company frowned. Liu Yangs uncle cursed. Theres no end to this bastard monk. Does he really think were afraid of him?

As they spoke, Liu Yangs uncle picked up a rock from the ground. He glared at Fangzheng with a ferocious look. Darn monk, what do you want?

Fangzheng smiled. This Penniless Monk only wishes for you to wait a little. There needs to be a beginning and an end to everything. Why dont you wait until the police are here?

I dont have time to waste with you! Lets go! Liu Yang urged his uncle who nodded. The few of them quickly ran towards a van that was parked by the markets entrance.

Fangzheng appeared before the van with a chuckle and pressed his palms together. Patrons, theres nothing in this world that cannot be settled through discourse. Why dont you stay behind and leave after everything is made clear?

Screw your discourse! Monk, f**k off!Liu Yang cursed angrily.

Fangzheng didnt move as he chuckled. Patron, it isnt right to curse. Tongue Pulling Hell awaits you when you die.

Go f**k yourself. Hell, my ass! How can there be hell in this world? F**k off, or dont blame me! Liu Yang was turning really anxious.

However, Fangzheng didnt give way as he continued. Patron, this world might not have a hell, but This Penniless Monk doesnt mind sending you over to where it does exist to let you experience it.

F**k, a madman! Scram! While Liu Yang cursed, his mother said, Quick! The cops are coming!

Liu Yang was instantly enraged as he started the vehicle. He stepped down on the accelerator and shouted. I dont believe you dare keep standing in front of the van when I start it!

He has to be bluffing. How could there be a monk who dares risk his life these days? Drive, and he will definitely make way! Liu Yangs uncle had long found Fangzheng a sore sight. If it wasnt because of Fangzhengs dog, he would have taught him a lesson already. Now that they had a chance to do so without having Lone Wolf interfere, he was more than happy to take the opportunity to scare Fangzheng.