The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Master's Anger

Li Fengxian stood up and bowed toward Fangzheng. She said, "Thank you, Master, for your guidance. I have found it. I will go down the mountain, and I will live an exciting life. The life of excitement that I, Li Fengxian, deserve!"

When she said this, Li Fengxian appeared highly spirited. She was like the phoenix fairy in the dream!

Fangzheng looked at the highly-spirited Li Fengxian and smiled in satisfaction. He realized that helping others gave him a different level of exuberance! This feeling of satisfaction was only second to counting money.

"Master, to be honest, I came up the mountain this time to scam you. A man named Chen Jing had given me money in a bid to tarnish your reputation. He wanted me to record a video for him. As for how it would be used, he did not say, but I believe you can guess it," said Li Fengxian.

Fangzheng was surprised. He never expected that it was Chen Jing who wanted to scam him! What's more, he never expected the fellow to use a honey trap. Following that, Fangzheng turned furious. Wasn't this Chen Jing going overboard!? He was impolite on the mountain, and he kept finding fault with him. He climbed the temple walls and did all sorts of provocative acts. Fangzheng had turned a blind eye to all of these. The slanderous article Chen Jing wrote when he went down the mountain was also tolerated by Fangzheng. Now, he had even hired a woman to scam him!

After sending Li Fengxian off, Fangzheng rubbed his nose and narrowed his eyes. He said, "System, I'm angry! Why aren't you stopping me this time?"

"Magnanimity does not mean no anger," said the System.

Fangzheng was taken aback before he said with a laugh, "System, I realize I'm beginning to like you."

"You are too ugly for me to speak or meet up with you!" the System replied playfully for the first time.

Fangzheng was once again taken aback.

"Congratulations, you have helped steer a person back to the correct path. Do you want to take a chance at the draw?"

"This works too?" Fangzheng was surprised. He thought that he would at most earn a few merit points. After all, the matter regarding Dog Song did not reward him with a chance at the draw.

"Dog Song is innately not bad. You only guided him to the correct path. However, Li Fengxian was a woman that had one foot in hell. You pulled her back and made her turn over a new leaf. The merit gained is greater, so you are given a reward," said the System.

"Then, cut the crap! I want the draw!" Fangzheng shouted.

"Ding! Congratulations for obtaining augmented divine power!"

"What's augmented divine power?" Does it mean I can embed divine powers onto some ordinary objects?" Fangzheng subconsciously thought of how masters were able to use augmented objects to subdue ghosts and demons in classic ghost-catching shows.

The System said, "Augmented divine power allows you to possess a particular divine power that the Buddha or god revered in your temple has. For example, if the god revered in your temple is the Buddhist God of Fortune, you can change the providence bestowed on a person and allow that person to have the luck for prosperous wealth."

Fangzheng immediately understood after hearing the explanation. Whatever his temple revered, he would obtain a corresponding power of that god or Buddha. Which was to say, the child-giving Guan Yin his temple revered...

Fangzheng uttered an odd cry, "System, does that mean... I can make others bear children?"

"Yes, you can give any person that enters the temple or people you have seen children!" the System said.

"Would men work too?" Fangzheng asked as an idea came to him.


"Other than children, I can give them other things?"


"Amitabha, it can only be this darn right! Hahaha!" Fangzheng laughed out crazily as he pointed to the sky and bellowed, "I'm angry and the consequences are serious!"

"Ah woo!" Lone Wolf let out a matching howl.

"The number you just dialed is not in use." Chen Jing called more than ten times consecutively but was met with the failed-to-connect message saying that the phone was switched off each time.

Chen Jing could not help but curse, "Damn it. What's that woman up to? I could still get her yesterday, so why is her phone switched off today?"

At the same time, Li Fengxian had thrown the cell phone SIM card into the rubbish bin after descending the mountain. She bought a new SIM card and removed her thick make-up. She wore some light make-up and boarded a long-distance taxi, leaving Songwu County.

"Chen Jing, who are you calling? Your girlfriend?" a woman sitting across Chen Jing said cheekily.

Chen Jing rolled his eyes and said, "No, just a bitch. Don't talk about her. Tang Tang, about this, do you think we should also..."

"Ah, about that, let's have a drink first." The woman suddenly cut off Chen Jing's words and raised a glass of wine.

Seeing this, Chen Jing could only politely return the gesture. The moment he flipped his head back to drink a large mouthful, he spurted across the woman's face in front of him!

Tang Tang was just about to flare up when she saw Chen Jing roll on the ground while clenching his stomach in pain. He was crying out tragically.

Tang Tang was given a fright as she quickly hired a taxi and sent Chen Jing to the hospital.

Ten minutes later...

In the emergency room, Chen Jing was no longer in pain, but two nurses were completely dumbfounded.

"Dr. Sun, what's... What's going on? Why do I feel like, he... He seems... You know. Am I seeing things wrong?" a female nurse said nervously.

Dr. Sun was also dumbfounded. Looking at the ultrasound image in front of him, he went through a great deal of effort to swallow the saliva in his mouth, "You aren't seeing things wrong. It's really... Really a miracle."

Chen Jing yelled, "Doctor, what's the matter?"

Dr. Sun did not know how to explain to Chen Jing as he said, "It's nothing serious. Just a spasm. Let's wheel you to your ward first."

With that said, Dr. Sun left. The moment he walked out, there was a person already waiting outside. She was Tang Tang, who had been having a meal with Chen Jing.

"Doctor, what's the situation?" Tang Tang immediately asked.

Dr. Sun said with a wry smile, "Well... How are you related to the patient?"

"We're friends," Tang Tang said.

"Call his family here. The patient's condition is a little special," Dr. Sun said. He did not know how to explain the situation, so he chose to keep it a secret.

"Cancer?" Tang Tang's heart sank when she saw this. She subconsciously tried probing.

At that moment, Chen Jing was wheeled out of the ward and happened to hear the word. He was given such a fright that he nearly rolled down the bed stretcher. He exclaimed, "Cancer!? What cancer? Tang Tang, tell me!"

Tang Tang hurriedly said, "D- Don't be agitated, I was just guessing."

Dr. Sun said as well, "Don't be agitated. She was really just guessing. You don't have cancer."

It was fine if he did not explain, but the moment the explanation was given, Chen Jing felt as if his entire world turned dark. He dryly laughed and said, "Heh heh... You are lying! Both of you are lying to me! Are you afraid that I will know the truth? It's alright. I am able to withstand shocks very- Very well. Sob. Wah... I really fucking got cancer? Ahh!" Before he finished his sentence, Chen Jing was already wailing loudly.

Tang Tang hurriedly went forward to press down on him to prevent him from unnecessary movement. Dr. Sun tried to explain, but Chen Jing refused to believe him! He kept shouting with all his strength, "Stop lying! Boohoo, I understand! Boohoo, what's the point to me living anymore? I don't want to be hospitalized. Let me leave!"

The wailing scene attracted the attention of numerous patients and their families in the hospital. They heard Chen Jing shouting about contracting cancer and immediately cast empathetic looks at him.

When Chen Jing saw this, he felt an even greater setback. He cried even more despondently.

Dr. Sun was truly out of options as he pressed down on Chen Jing and whispered into his ear, "You didn't contract cancer. You are pregnant!"