The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 966

Chapter 966 New Divine Power


"Ding! Congratulations on obtaining one of the Buddhist Five Eyesthe Dharma Eye!"

Fangzhengs heart palpitated.A divine power?He had actually managed to draw another divine power? Furthermore, it was one of the Buddhist Five Eyes, the Dharma Eyes? At that instant, Fangzheng felt like he had struck the lottery. He found everything fantastic!

The Buddhist Five Eyes were the Physical Eye, Heavenly Eye, Wisdom Eye, Dharma Eye, and Buddha Eye. The improvement of the Physical Eye allowed one to see from afar, letting one see even the tiniest objects in the dark. The Heavenly Eye was used to predict any good or bad encounters in the future, and the Wisdom Eye was to determine if someone was good or bad.

But what about the Dharma Eye? Fangzheng was depressed to realize he didnt know!

"System Bro, can you explain it to me?" Fangzheng asked with a little excitement.

The System said, "The Dharma Eye is a divine power grasped when a person remains physically mortal, but they can see through the mortal shroud and jump past the Three Realms to directly view the worlds laws. Subsequent levels of the Dharma Eye allow one to see the laws and change luck by understanding how Heaven implements its will. With that, you will gain a brand-new comprehension of the world."

"That impressive?" Fangzheng knew that the Dharma Eye would be impressive, but he never expected it would be this potent! Perhaps others might think little of it, but it could actually be very powerful. This was akin to using a computer. Most people know how to click the mouse or type because they see the pictures and animations. But although they might be able to use it, they wouldnt know how to alter the software.

As for the Dharma Eye, it was equivalent to a hacker getting access to the backend and being able to see the source code of the program. With every setting available to them, they could do anything. In a game, they would know how to clear the level or know where the treasures were hidden and how to trigger events and be miles ahead of others.

Of course, the Dharma Eye couldnt change any source code, but even so, it was terrifying enough.

"Hold your horses. Your Dharma Eye is at the lowest level. It wont be able to see through the power behind the order and laws of this world yet." The System threw cold water on Fangzheng just as he was about to jump up in joy.

Fangzheng instantly fell silent. "Then what can it do?"

"The Dharma Eye is second among the Five Eyes. How could such a divine power be easily used? Your mortal body isnt capable of using the complete Dharma Eye, but even the Dharma Eye at its lowest level is very powerful. Although its individual functions arent powerful, and you arent even able to activate them because your body cant handle it," the System said.

Fangzheng said bitterly, "What use is it if I cant activate it?" Fangzheng was almost driven mad. This was akin to a man who hadnt had any sexual action for years suddenly chancing upon a naked beauty. But then, with everything in place, he realized that there was a pane of glass blocking him. All he could do was watch without doing the deed!

The feeling of obtaining something but not being able to use it was worse than not having it. Without having it, one didnt need to think about it, but to have it right before you without being able to use it was truly torturous.

The System patiently said, "Whats the rush? Although you arent able to independently activate the Dharma Eye, you can activate the Dharma Eye while using the Heavenly Eye and Wisdom Eye as support. You will receive an unexpected surprise if you do that."

Fangzheng was stunned when he heard that as he asked, confused. "I can activate two divine eyes at the same time and have an unexpected surprise?"

"Of course, didnt you know?"

Fangzheng said in extreme sorrow, "How could I? You left the moment you gave me the divine power. And you didnt give me any detailed instruction manual either. I had to figure it all out by myself, alright? This is your lack of professionalism, do you understand?"

After Fangzheng bellowed in anger, he realized that the System was silent. He attempted to call out to it, only to be depressed at the fact that the darn System had fled. He didnt even know when it fled, but it was even possible that it had fled the moment he began shouting. Had all that shouting been only for himself?

Helpless and depressed, Fangzheng shook his head. He couldnt do a thing towards the System. He stopped thinking about it and diverted his attention back to the Dharma Eye.

He couldnt activate the Dharma Eye alone, but it could help the other divine eyes and have a special effect?

As Fangzheng thought to himself, he activated his Heavenly Eye and looked at Lone Wolf.

The moment he looked over, Lone Wolfs fur stood on end. He bared his fangs and growled. "Who are you!?"

For some reason, Lone Wolf felt the monks aura change drastically after he activated his Heavenly Eye along with his Dharma Eye! Although Fangzheng already had an untainted aura with his White Lunar Monk Robe, making him appear otherworldlylikea living Buddha, that was only a resemblance! In general, his genial character made him more like a boy-next-door. It was heartwarming, and it lacked that essential bit of dignity.

But at that moment, Lone Wolf felt like he was facing a god that could determine his life and death! The entity before him was dignified and majestic like a powerful god. The feeling of horror he experienced was a result of his very soul trembling, and it struck terror deep into his soul.

Meanwhile, he discovered that Fangzhengs eyes had changed. They had turned into eyes with dual pupils! Their interior pupils werent especially striking, but they appeared dignified and holy. It was as though there was an unfamiliar soul in Fangzhengs body!

With Fangzheng looking at him, Lone Wolf subconsciously recalled the horror or ghost possession stories Red Boy had told him. That was why he had jumped up and questioned Fangzheng so fiercely.

Fangzheng was taken aback by this shout. However, he was also instantly shocked by what he saw.

The Heavenly Eyes ability was to predict any good or bad instances that might take place in the future. It was also a way of seeing through things. But when coupled with the Dharma Eye, Fangzheng saw a bunch of information instantly appear in his mind when he looked at Lone Wolf!

Name [Dharma name]: Jingfa

Nickname: Lone Wolf, Darn Dog

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Type: Beast

Age: 9 years old

Information: Once a wild wolf in the mountains. After being subdued by One Finger Monasterys Abbot Fangzheng, he joined One Finger Monastery and became One Finger Monasterys Guardian Protector. He was later taken in as a disciple by Fangzheng and given the Dharma name: Jingfa. He has other nicknames: Lone Wolf, Darn Dog.

Has consumed the Myriad Language Pill and is skilled in various languages.

Due to prolonged consumption of Crystal Rice

Weakness: Is always physically becoming stronger, but the maturing of his soul is slow. If this continues, his soul will not be able to drive his body, causing him to fall ill and die.

Upon seeing this information, Fangzheng was amazed, but when he saw the weakness mentioned towards the back, he felt goosebumps all over as he broke out into a cold sweat. He originally thought that Lone Wolfs strengthening on a daily basis was a good thing, but he never expected such a huge danger could exist! If he hadnt activated his Dharma Eye and seen the problem, Fangzheng couldnt imagine what the outcome would be once the latent problem reared its head.

Be it Lone Wolf, Squirrel, Monkey, Red Boy, and even Salted Fish, although they were often punished by Fangzheng, to the point of him sometimes working on their nerves, they had already become an inseparable part of Fangzhengs life. They were his family, his discipleshis everything!

"Who are you? What are you doing? Come out from my Masters body! If you have what it takes, possess me instead!" Lone Wolf yelled.