The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Master furiously delivers First Blood

"What?!" Chen Jing stopped crying immediately as he remained stunned in place.

Dr. Sun was rendered helpless as he whispered into Chen Jing's ear again, "You are pregnant. It's not cancer. Although the thing in your belly doesn't look like a child either."

"What? Pregnant?!" Chen Jing exclaimed. It was extremely loud, much louder than his wails from before. Immediately, everyone nearby stared at him. Now, they looked at him with more empathy than one would give a patient with terminal cancer. However, there were many more people who felt that he was crazy...

Quite a number of people could not help but laugh, "A man can get pregnant? Haha! They must be kidding, right?"


The surrounding laughter reverberated like thunder. Chen Jing felt dumbfounded when he saw Dr. Sun nod his head.

Tang Tang was astonished as well. Standing nearby, she had naturally heard everything clearly. She also looked suspiciously at Dr. Sun.

Dr. Sun helplessly took out an ultrasound picture and said, "I didn't believe it either, but take a look yourself. I'm very curious as to why you are pregnant with such a... thing!"

Chen Jing got up and took a look. He immediately fainted when he saw it.

Tang Tang pouted and said, "Doctor, are you sure your machine isn't faulty?"

When Dr. Sun heard that, he immediately became anxious. He felt like flaring up whenever he heard the words 'machine' and 'faulty!' Not long ago, the couple that had been deemed unable to conceive by the machine ended up conceiving. The machine was returned to the manufacturer, and he was forced to take unpaid leave! He had recently heard that a child that had been diagnosed with a brain tumor had recovered. Another doctor had also been sent on unpaid leave. Similarly, the machine had been sent back to the manufacturer.

If such an occurrence happened again, Dr. Sun believed that he would be put on unpaid leave until the new year.

Therefore, Dr. Sun hurriedly said, "Shush! Don't speak such nonsense. I guarantee you that the machine isn't faulty this time!"

"This time? Then was it faulty in the past?" pressed Tang Tang.

Dr. Sun was immediately too deep for tears. How was he to explain? The manufacturer had diagnosed the machine to be free of faults and had even given them a dressing down. Hence, Dr. Sun shook his head and said, "No. Anyway, don't ask any further. There will not be any other outcomes to this matter. If you don't believe it, take him to another hospital for a second opinion."

"I take him? Why should I do that? It's not like I know him well. I'll contact his family. Bye!" Tang Tang turned around and left. It wasn't impossible for a man to become pregnant as there had been a precedence. All she wanted to know was the father's identity! Upon thinking of that scene, she waved her hands, immediately feeling disgusted. It was as if she was trying to chase away the bad luck. Tang Tang still did her part by contacting Chen Jing's family. That night, his parents rushed over to take care of him.

However, the moment Chen Jing woke up, the first thing he did was to grab the doctor beside him and ask, "Doctor, are you sure you didn't lie to me? Am I really pregnant?"

"Yes. We have done a Doppler ultrasound, and there is indeed something within. There is a placenta, an umbilical cord, everything. The only strange thing is that it is something other than a child. And it's growing very quickly, look." Since Dr. Sun had already begun speaking, he was not afraid to carry on. He decided to show Chen Jing the color scans.

When Chen Jing took a look at them, his eyes rolled back before he fainted once again.

"Doctor, what do we do?" Chen Jing's father held onto Dr. Sun and asked.

Dr. Sun said, "What else can we do? Either he gives birth to it or he aborts it. However, it will be difficult to abort it now. The thing in his stomach is just too strange. We can't be sure if we can abort it. I have contacted a few doctors. No one dares to perform the procedure on him."

"What about medication?" Chen Jing's mother asked.

"That, you will have to ask the child's father- Erh, mother- Erh... Parent," Dr. Sun suddenly realized he no longer knew how to address Chen Jing.

When Chen Jing woke up again, the question he asked was still, "Dad, Mom, am I really pregnant?"

"It's okay, child. Don't speak any further. We don't blame you. Just tell us the name of the bastard who did this. No matter what, we have to get him to take responsibility," Chen Jing's mother said as she grabbed his hand with tears streaming down her face.

When Chen Jing heard this, his eyes rolled back, and he nearly fainted again. Take responsibility for him? Who had impregnated him? Heavens, he had never had any relationships with others! It was not easy for him to hook up with a college chick, and his relationship had just begun before this.

Upon thinking of Tang Tang, he became very sad. Great, a budding love that had not even begun was over already! Having failed to court Jing Yan, could he not court even an ordinary chick? How was he to live on?

Upon thinking of the child in his stomach, Chen Jing realized that he could not live on!

"Enough, don't nag anymore. Child, lie down and have a good rest. I'll go stew a chicken for you to nourish your body," after saying that, Chen Jing's father left.

When Chen Jing heard about stewing a chicken to nourish his body, he felt the world spinning 1 He was truly pregnant! Upon thinking of what he saw in the scan, Chen Jing felt like dying! It wasn't completely absurd for a man to be pregnant. In this time and age, there were people who especially got pregnant and became famous after being sensationalized in the news. The problem was that those other people were still pregnant with a child. He was not!

"What's this?" an expert who had rushed to the hospital from the city said in astonishment when he looked at the colored scan in front of him.

"Professor Wu, we don't know either. From the looks of it, it has edges and looks like a brick. Perhaps, it's a new type of super large gallstone?" Dr. Sun said.

"Brick? Are you telling me a brick has an umbilical cord?" Professor Wu rolled his eyes at Dr. Sun in anger. However, it did look like a brick on the surface.

"We have tried abortifacient pills, but it was useless," Director Zhao said.

Professor Wu said, "Surgery will be difficult as well. This brick- Ahem, this child sure is unlucky. It is stuck at the vertebrae. Surgery would easily give rise to complications. The best cause of action right now is to put him under long-term observation before we find a solution."

"Professor, the problem is that this bri- This child was the size of a fist when he came in earlier today. Now, it's the size of two fists. In a few days, I believe he might be due," Dr. Sun said.

Professor Wu looked at Director Zhao doubtfully. Clearly, he did not believe Dr. Sun's words at all.

Director Zhao said helplessly, "Dr. Sun isn't lying. That's actually the truth. This matter is too strange..."

Professor Wu wiped the sweat from his forehead. Having been a gynecologist for so many years, this was the first time he had encountered such a situation! He was truly a little stumped.

But soon, they had a different issue because that night, Chen Jing escaped!

Chen Jing had left the hospital in the middle of the night. His whereabouts were unknown.

Instantly, people from the hospital searched for him. It was unknown who leaked the news, but the media also joined in the search. It was the first instance in the country of a man becoming pregnant with a brick!

And at that point in time, Chen Jing had already taken a taxi to Mt. One Finger.

No matter how much he pondered over the matter, he felt that his sickness was too sudden and too strange!

Li Fengxian had vanished, while he had become pregnant. Was this a coincidence?

If this were in the past or if it had happened to someone else, he would be certain that it was a coincidence. However, now that it had happened to him, he needed to find the reason. He had been going about his past few days as per usual. He had not had any problems with his diet or bowels. If there was a problem, it had to be at One Finger Temple!

  1. Chinese custom involves all kinds of practices for pregnant women, like stewing something.