The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Brainless


Salted Fish clearly got nervous as they walked. He kept looking towards the sky as his whiskers flailed around. He grunted and said, Reverend, we will be reaching the cliff if we continue. Why would we go there? I think that with such great weather, we should sit in the yard and listen to you preach the Buddhist Dharma.

The moment that was said, Monkey and Lone Wolf looked over and felt that what he said made a little sense. They then looked back at Fangzheng, but the latter wasnt looking at them at all. He continued at his slow pace without a word.

Seeing that Fangzheng wasnt looking back, Salted Fish immediately said, Reverend, I suddenly had an idea. I think our monastery

Salted Fish, the stream is a little blocked. Move that rock up ahead. Fangzheng pointed at a rock in the stream.

The moment Salted Fish heard that, his expression froze before he said hurriedly, Reverend, dont you think that having a rock in the stream makes it beautiful? Moving it away will make it ugly.

Move it away. Its a sore sight.

Salted Fish hurriedly bent his back and struck his fish bone, coughing as he said, Cough! Cough! Sigh, Im getting on with age. My body cant handle it. Such a huge rock Sigh. Cough! Cough

Before Fangzheng could say a word, he heard Lone Wolf shout out. What a good-for-nothing. Isnt it just moving a rock? Why all the nonsense? Look at yourself. Forget it, Ill help you!

With that said, Lone Wolf swung his tail and didnt give Salted Fish a chance to reject his help. He rushed into the stream and moved the rock away.

Upon seeing this scene, Salted Fish covered his face and cursed inwardly.Stupid dog, are you brainless? Did I ask for your help? Why are you being so helpful? Im doomed Im doomed

Almost at the same moment, Lone Wolf and Monkey cried out. That much food!?

Following that, Monkey went forward and said, Master, rice and vegetables have been going missing in our monastery recently. Who knew the food would be buried here?

Lone Wolf also came over and shook his head. Master, what do we do? Who knows who did it?

With this said, everyone, including Salted Fish, collectively gave Lone Wolf a dumbfounded look.You still dont know who did it? Are you brainless?

Salted Fish mumbled inwardly.Forget it. This stupid dog is brainless! Ill forgive him. Sigh

Salted Fish knew there was no way to dodge this problem. However, Salted Fish couldnt understand how the darn baldy knew that he had stolen the food. And how did he know where he had stashed the food? Had someone told him? But he was the only person in One Finger Monastery who knew!

Salted Fish couldnt figure it out, but he knew one thing. He was going to be in trouble today! Salted Fish hurriedly went forward and wiped his tears, saying pitifully, Reverend, you cant blame me. I only get fed so little. Im still a child whose body needs to grow. How can I not eat more?

Upon hearing that, Monkey and Lone Wolf rolled their eyes at him.You are an undying old fart who calls yourself an ancestor day in, day out, but now youre acting young? Its fine if youre acting, but cant you choose something more believable?

You are still a child? You are still growing?

Fangzheng smiled at Salted Fish. Why dont you say that you havent been born yet?

Salted Fish said in all seriousness, Actually, before being born, everyone swims with a single tail. I look like this So you can consider it as me not having been born yet, right?

Salted Fish felt a little diffident as he said that.

Seeing how incorrigible the fellow was, Fangzheng patted him on the head. The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before its too late. From the looks of it, you seem to be enjoying yourself swimming in this sea of bitterness. In that case, continue swimming. Salted Fish is to starve for three days! Unless he repays us with merit within the three days, he is to starve until the three days are up!

With that said, Fangzheng walked off with his hand behind his back.

Salted Fish immediately cried out with a bitter look. Reverend, you cant do that. Ill starve to death! Im still growing!

If you dare say you are growing again No, if you dare raise any point of dissent again, the punishment will be extended by a day! Fangzheng said.

Salted Fish shut up immediately. Although a period of three days was long, he could shorten it by performing meritorious deeds. As long as he did things well, he likely wouldnt starve to death.

Ignoring Salted Fish, Fangzheng looked at Monkey and Lone Wolf. Although Monkey wasnt someone who behaved well all the time, he was becoming more and more like a Buddha monkey with the increase in scriptures he read. Although he was still playful, he hadnt committed any major wrong.

Lone Wolf had been with Fangzheng the entire time, so he didnt have any chance to commit mistakes.

With this, Fangzheng had pretty much punished everyone in One Finger Monastery. He felt great as he returned to his meditation room with a hum.

Upon seeing Fangzheng leave, the disciples behind him immediately gathered together.

What happened? Who betrayed me? Salted Fish cried out in anger.

Who betrayed you? I still wanted to ask if you were the one who betrayed Jingkuan, Lone Wolf asked.

Salted Fish rolled his eyes. How could I?

Whats happening? Why do I feel like Master can see through us when he looks at us? Monkey mumbled.

Lone Wolf and Salted Fish nodded, having had the same feeling.

At this moment, Red Boy and Squirrel returned. Seeing the other three gathered, they came over as well. Everyone recounted what had happened to the two. Squirrel said with an aggrieved look, I really suspect that Master has planted a spy in the monastery.

Red Boy shook his head. Impossible. I think Master has gained a divine power that allows him to tell if someone is lying.

A new divine power? the few animals said in unison.

Red Boy said, Thats right. A new divine power. In short, from today, its best to immediately admit to any faults. Its better than the tragedy that happens when asked it instead

The few of them nodded in unison and said with a bitter look, Sigh. Master is getting more and more powerful. How will we continue living our days?

Meanwhile, Fangzheng was holding his cell phone and checking his Weibo.

As expected, the post that ended up being advertised by a stroke of luck caused countless people to swarm over. The number of followers he had increased to 1.2 million!

The comments were above ten thousand, and he couldnt finish reading them.

He didnt need to either. He knew that his message had gone viral and the news had been spread.

When he looked at WeChat, he had a whole swath of messages. Most of them contained 666! while others were sent by people inquiring about the situation.

Especially Jing Yan just directly questioned him for not giving her first-hand news. Fangzheng smiled ruefully and hurriedly explained the reason to her.

Li Xueying had also left him a message, which surprised him greatly. Master, a tycoon has funded everything. So all the items will head up the mountain after the new year! The construction of the Guan Yin hall can begin!

Fangzheng was delighted when he read that. He could finally expand One Finger Monastery after waiting all this time. He was overjoyed that it would be happening soon, and he hurriedly replied, thanking her.

After he finished replying to everyone, Fangzheng received a call from Village Chief Wang Yougui.