The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 977

Chapter 977 One Finger Monasterys Actions


Second Brother and Third Brother exchanged bitter looks before nodding. They couldnt for the life of them figure out when they hadnt behaved themselves.

On the way down the mountain, Third Brother couldnt hold back his curiosity as he pulled Song Xianhe to the side and whispered. Brother, I dont understand. Hes only a monk. Why do we need to be so polite with him? If he continues his crap, cant we just hold a knife to his neck? Would he dare say no then?

Song Xianhe immediately glared at him and said sternly, Brother, if you have some thoughts, keep them to yourself and dont say them out loud. I naturally know what to do. This monk isnt a simple person. Unless absolutely necessary, watch your hands!

Third Brother curled his lips and thought nothing of it. That monk is as thin as a monkey. How not simple can he be? Just this fist of mine can kill an ox!

Just as Third Brother said that, his eyes froze.

Song Xianhe was taken aback, thinking, What happened?

Song Xianhe also looked over and saw a huge white wolf the size of a calf walking up the mountain in their direction! The three werent average people. Furthermore, they loved wolves and often studied how wolves behaved, calling their lifestyle the Dao of the Wolf. Therefore, the three brothers were instantly able to recognize that Lone Wolf was a wolf and not a dog!

Lone Wolf was also sharp. He saw the three brothers the moment he looked up and sensed the wolfishness and immense killing intent that ran deep through their bones. He knew that they werent any good.

Furthermore, he had extremely good ears. He hadnt heard what they had said before, but he had heard the baldys claim that he could kill an ox with his fist. This was completely unacceptable to him! Lone Wolf was a tiny version of an ox at this moment, so did the baldy think he could punch him to death too?

Hence, Lone Wolfs eyes became sharp as well. He turned extremely fierce and as an alpha wolf, he had killed plenty. After releasing his ferocious aura, he instantly turned from a docile silly dog to a peerless alpha wolf. His bearing made the three brothers feel suppressed as he slightly looked up. He walked past them like he was a king returning home to observe his cubs.

When passing Third Brother, he grinned at him and raised his claw to swipe it across Third Brothers fist. This fellows claw was even bigger than Third Brothers fist!

Upon seeing this scene, Third Brother immediately felt like he had seen a ghost. All his body hair stood on end, afraid that the terrifying wolf would swipe at him with its claw or bite him right then and there!

On this narrow road, they didnt have any weapons, so it was highly likely they would be crushed if that happened! As for the doctors and nurses, none of them dared to move out of fright There was no point in counting on them.

Song Xianhe and Second Brother tightly clenched their fists as their bodies tensed up. They were ready to attack with their lives on the line at any time in case the wolf showed any intention of attacking. At the same time, Song Xianhe signaled to Second Brother that he was to immediately take their father down the mountain if anything happened.

But Second Brother gave the same signal to Song Xianhe, telling him to leave first.

However, the trio were clearly overthinking things. After Lone Wolf saw how afraid the bragging baldy was, he felt pleased with himself as he raised his head and walked up the mountain with large strides.

Upon seeing Lone Wolf walk off, the few of them felt relieved as though a heavy burden was off their chest.

Third Brother gulped a mouthful of saliva and said, still feeling some panic, Brother, that wolf looked like it wanted to fight me

Second Brother rolled his eyes. Didnt you say you could kill an ox with one punch? What happened to that bravado?

Third Brother glared back. Is that an ox? Thats a wolf thats as big as an ox, alright?

Enough. Lets head down the mountain. This mountain is vile. Song Xianhe shook his head. Although he had done his homework before coming and knew that there was a huge white wolf on the mountain, he realized that the wolf was completely different from how he was described on the Internet!

What happened to the docile silly husky? Was this a f**king husky?He wanted to give the person who posted that a good beating.

When the three brothers reached the foot of the mountain, they were stopped by a man with a fur hat and green military coat.

You are the guys mentioned by Abbot Fangzheng, right? Come, stay at my place. Let me tell you, you guys are lucky. If you had been any later, the last room at my place would have been rented out. One person even offered me a thousand yuan a day. If it werent for our village forbidding randomly raising prices, I would have rented my own room out to him. The person was none other than Dog Song.

The moment Dog Song spoke, Song Xianhe heaved a sigh of relief. The getup of the man before him was rather frightening. He even imagined that he was from the police at first. Only when he spoke did he realize that he wasnt a policeman but a funny bum.

The trio felt assured as they followed Dog Song into the house and settled their father in.

On the mountain, Monkey asked Fangzheng out of curiosity, Master, why are you letting them stay at Patron Songs place?

Fangzheng smiled. These three arent average people. They have baneful auras that surge high into the sky, so they are definitely very evil people. Such people cannot be placed in the typical household. The villagers are too honest, and Patron Tan is old and lacking in energy. Patron Wang is probably so busy that he doesnt have time to use the toilet. Patron Song is different. Hes sharp and will know what to do.

Master, are you planning on subduing evil? Monkey asked with some excitement.

Fangzheng shook his head. He had previously activated his Wisdom Eye to look at them, but due to the short period of time, he hadnt been able to augment it with the activation of the Dharma Eye and stare at them. Therefore, he wasnt going to do a thing for now. Instead, he got the three to settle in to gain more time to slowly study them.

As for directly calling the police? Fangzheng didnt have that in mind since he was very curious about the family. However, he would also ensure that they didnt do anything nasty as he got Salted Fish to watch them.

Patting Monkey on the head, he said, Dont think too much. Lets go down the mountain.

Meanwhile, there was utter chaos at the foot of Mt. One Finger. One Finger Village was filled with people, and the doctors that had just rushed over began taking their places after confirming their eligibility for the competition. However, there were still many more patients!

How many patients were there in any region? Just visit any hospital and you will know how busy they are. At this moment, One Finger Village was more packed than a hospital. As the news kept spreading, it was plastered all over the headlines. Together with the immense promotions by the local governments of Songwu County, Black Mountain City, and even the entire Gulin City, even if the event hadnt reached the state of the entire province being aware of it, at least most people in the major cities knew of it.

They heard that all the famous doctors in China had gone to Mt. One Finger to provide free consultation and medicine.

Immediately, all patients in Gulin province rushed over as long as they had time, regardless of the severity of their illness.

Meanwhile, people from the three provinces in the northeast also started coming. However, most of them were still on their way, with even more people coming from even further away as well. But soon, people were appalled to realize that all plane tickets had been sold out!

When they checked the tickets for high-speed rails, they were also sold out! There werent even any standing tickets left. Even ordinary train tickets were hard to obtain. Immediately, a bunch of scalpers appeared to raise the prices

And just like that, there was utter chaos.