The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 978

Chapter 978 Naughty Hands


The governmental departments had no choice but to begin cleaning up the mess by enforcing security and order, limiting the number of vehicles, etc.

Fangzheng still wasnt aware of this, but he knew one thinghe regretted going down the mountain! This was because now he couldnt move an inch!

It wasnt because there were too many people, but

Abbot Fangzheng, can you take a look at my illness?

Abbot Fangzheng, can I have a selfie with you?

Hey, arent you Abbot Fangzheng? You look more handsome in reality than in the pictures!

Abbot Fangzheng, hello there. Can I have an interview with you?

Faced with the numerous questions, Fangzheng suddenly realized that even if he had a silver tongue, there was no way he could answer all these people!

However, Fangzheng still patiently tried to give an answer to every person he could. Upon seeing this scene, the people who were in charge of maintaining order ran over and made space for Fangzheng to prevent him from suffering.

Meanwhile, a man came over and whispered. Abbot, the situation is too chaotic. Theres no need for you to come down the mountain. Besides, you dont have to answer each and every question. Do whatever you have to do. Theres no way you can answer them all anyway.

Fangzheng obviously knew that he was right, but he shook his head and said, This Penniless Monk knows that, but This Penniless Monk doesnt have much to do now, so answering their questions is fine. Although This Penniless Monk is a little famous now, being famous doesnt mean others absolutely must know and greet you. This is not an equivalence. Its out of love that they came forward to send their greetings.

Since they respect This Penniless Monk, how can This Penniless Monk disrespect them by just turning away?

The person was clearly taken aback. He smiled ruefully and said, Abbot Fangzheng, you are really quite special. However, you have no idea how terrifying it is when fans go nuts. If you really want to answer each and every one of them, you can forget about doing anything else today. I was once part of a celebritys security detail. In the beginning, the celebrity was willing to interact with the fans, but once the fan numbers reach a certain number, theres really no way to interact with them. Firstly, one cant finish answering all the questions even if they want. Secondly, as more and more people gather around, they can eventually cause traffic jams and affect the lives of others. Thats why every celebrity chooses to make quick passage in such situations

Fangzheng nodded and said, What they do is right, but This Penniless Monks situation is different.

Why? The person was puzzled. Werent they all famous people? What could be different? Could it be that being a monk made him different from others? What nonsense was this?

Fangzheng bitterly looked up at the mountaintop and said, Theres a saying that a monk can run away, but not his temple

Upon hearing that, the person was stunned before he laughed. He hurriedly nodded. Got it. Your situation is indeed different. Others are gone once they get into a car, but as for you Theres really no place to run.

Fangzheng smiled helplessly and said, Thats why, leave it at that. Dont waste your time on This Penniless Monk. This Penniless Monk should be fine. Besides, This Penniless Monk has a Guardian Protector.

He looked at Lone Wolf after saying that, only to have his face turn black!

He saw the white dog being surrounded by a bunch of chicks. All of them were hugging his neck or waist, rubbing their heads into his fur, and taking pictures. From time to time, they would stuff something to eat into his mouth. As this fellow ate, he didnt care about anything else. Whatever grandeur as an alpha wolf or Guardian Protector he might have had was gone. He even cooperated with the chicks and posed in adorable positions like hanging out his tongue, somersaulting, etc.

Upon seeing this, the person asked, Abbot, are you certain?

Fangzheng nearly lost it because it was too embarrassing. However, he thickened his face and said, Its fine. Patron, go busy yourself with your work.

The person nodded. He was really beyond busy with so many people around. Every person mattered.

Hence, he left.

The moment he did, the surrounding reporters, patients, and visitors swarmed over. Just as Fangzheng was about to press his palms together and give a Buddhist proclamation, he was pulled aside by someone before he could even lift his hands. A chick leaned in and shouted. Master, lets take a pic together!

Fangzheng was dumbfounded. What was this? Throwing herself into his arms?

After taking the picture, the chick looked at Fangzheng with a look of bliss. Thank you, Master. Love ya!

Fangzheng instantly felt like crying. He had his hands held, was pulled into an embrace, and even teased!Damn it This is forcing me to renounce asceticism and capture these demonesses!

Before Fangzheng could react, a man came over. Master, can we take a picture together?

Then, the man raised a V-sign in front of Fangzheng!

A cloud hung over Fangzhengs head.Can your V not cover This Penniless Monks handsome face, please?

However, this was only the beginning of his distress. As he took pictures, people asked him questions. Before he could answer one question, another was thrown at him.

As the questions bombarded him, Fangzheng felt the world spin around him as though he was about to ascend to paradise at any moment.

At this moment, someone actually touched his bald head!

Fangzheng immediately turned back to see crowds of people behind him. He had no idea who had molested him.

This was only the beginning. After one person touched him, a second person immediately followed. People placed their arms around his shoulder, touched his hands, patted him on the back, touched his bald head Some even touched his buttocks! He couldnt take it any further. Unfortunately, the exasperated Fangzheng had nowhere to hide. He was too deep for tears.

At that instant, a scene flashed through Fangzhengs mind. In a particular scenic location, there was a cabinet. On the cabinet was a huge turtle with a signboard hanging above it: Thousand-year-old divine turtle. Touch it once to be rich; touch it twice to be safe; touch it thrice

At that thought, Fangzhengs head went livid!

At this moment, a hand suddenly pulled Fangzheng out of the crowd. Then someone shouted. Master, help! Someone is about to die! Also, a man is about to give birth! Everyone make way, let Master save them!

Fangzheng was taken aback.Help? Someone was dying? A man was giving birth? What was this nonsense? What the hell?At that instant, his vision turned clear as he looked over and happened to see the face of the owner of the hand. The person who was pulling him out was Kinky Queen, Zhu Lin, who he hadnt met in a while!

Clearly, the surrounding crowd was taken aback by Zhu Lins claims of a man giving birth. They didnt manage to react in time as they subconsciously made way. As such, Zhu Lin managed to pull Fangzheng away and by the time everyone came to their senses, they realized that something wasnt right.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Fangzheng had already fled, and everyone sighed in exasperation.

The duo ran out of the village to the woods in the back. They sat down at a pavilion meant for visitors.

Zhu Lin sprawled herself on it and exclaimed. Heavens Running on snow is really tiring. Master, now tell me how you are going to help me!

Fangzheng sat there staring straight at Zhu Lin before asking, Where were you just now in the crowd?