The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Loophole

Chapter 979: Loophole
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Zhu Lin immediately felt somewhat guilty when she was stared at by Fangzheng. She looked to the side and stared at the ceiling of the pavilion, stuttering. "I was by the side"

"Were you the one who knocked me on my head?" Fangzheng asked.

Zhu Lin nodded in embarrassment. "I only knocked it once!"

Fangzheng was instantly rendered speechless. This lass had indeed attacked him. However, the person who puzzled Fangzheng the most was the a**hole who had touched his buttocks. Using his Dharma Eye, he confirmed that Zhu Lin had indeed only struck him on the head.

Anyway, his puzzlement quickly dispersed. It was all in the past, and it was pointless thinking about it now. However, Fangzheng secretly made a decision. He definitely wouldnt risk it anymore in the future! Those people were too terrifying.

"Abbot Fangzheng, Im really impressed with you. You are already so famous, yet you still dare to wander around without a bodyguard. Look at me. Although Im not that famous, I still have to bring a bodyguard along when meeting with fans. Its simply to prevent any worst case scenarios. Besides, people these days lack moral integrity. They dare to do anything once theres a lot of people." Zhu Lin stretched her back, but because of her down jacket, nothing could be seen. However, her chest stood out, making it easy for one to start imagining things.

Thankfully Fangzheng, who knew that he had no hope of renouncing asceticism any time soon, unknowingly no longer paid attention to such matters so as to prevent adding to his troubles. The first thing that came to his mind was the first time he met Zhu Lin, when she was wearing shorts in a cold winter day. Her legs were so cold they turned red

Upon hearing Zhu Lins question, Fangzheng shook his head helplessly and said, "This Penniless Monk thought that it would be fine with female patrons everywhere"

Zhu Lin rolled her eyes. "You dont understand women these days. They are even fiercer when it comes to being sexually proactive. Men easily get imprisoned if they do such things, but its mostly fine for women, so they can be that bold."

If this were before, Fangzheng wouldnt have agreed with her, but having had the experience, all he could do was desperately nod. Those women were crazy! If not for his White Lunar Monk Robe being sufficiently strong, he suspected that he might only have had a pair of briefs on him by the time he escaped

When Fangzheng asked Zhu Lins reason for coming, her eyes instantly darkened. She sighed and said, "My mom has cataracts, and its not the normal kind. The doctors said that she has other problems too, and all of them add up to a lot of money. Although I can earn quite a tidy sum of money streaming, my expenses are high as well. I dont have much savings. I was roped in to film some movies, but they were low budget and not as lucrative as streaming. Where am I to suddenly get all that money to treat her?

"I tried to borrow money, but many of my friends from before disappeared just like that."

Upon saying this, Zhu Lin let out a long sigh as though she was sighing an entire century. It was obvious how much it weighed on her mind.

Fangzheng could understand this. In the past, he had friends all over, but none of them were to be found when problems appeared. That feeling was as though everyone around him became a cheat overnight. The world was huge, but there was no one to rely on. Heavy like a mountain, this feeling often crushed countless people to death.

Zhu Lin continued. "I originally planned on selling my house. Although its a house in the villages, it should get sold for ten to twenty thousand yuan. I also have some savings that could add up to enough for the operation. Sigh, I thought the first half of my life had all been for nothing"

Upon saying that, Zhu Lin suddenly beamed. "However, when I heard the news about your event and how there are numerous doctors gathered at the foot of your mountain to provide free treatment, I came."

"Amitabha, so thats the case." Fangzheng couldnt help but recall the gentle woman who waited daily by the village entrance for her daughters return back when he stayed at Zhu Lins house for the night on his trip to Baiyun Monastery. Back then, her sight had already been a bit bad, and now, she had developed further problems.

At the same time, Fangzheng discovered that the event he organized could really help many people. He couldnt help but feel relieved.

Fangzheng asked, "Then hows your mothers condition?"

Zhu Lin smiled. "I originally wanted to get a doctor from Putian Hospital, but when the doctor saw that my mom required surgery, he completely ignored us because he found it troublesome. Thankfully, your hospital from Songwu County attended to us. However, they asked us to wait two days. They said that they are competing for points during these two days, but they can take her back to the hospital after that. To be honest, Ive never seen such a good doctor"

Upon saying that, Zhu Lin smiled sweetly.

Fangzheng frowned immediately. If Zhu Lin hadnt mentioned it, he wouldnt have realized that there were any loopholes in his rules. Now, he immediately knew what the loophole was. Many people would definitely take the minor cases to gather points and not the major cases. They wanted fast treatment and nothing that would be troublesome to treat!

With this in mind, Fangzheng immediately got up and said, "Patron Zhu, if your mothers condition requires further attention, you can bring her up the mountain at any time. This Penniless Monk will help treat her. In addition, what you said is indeed a problem. This Penniless Monk will need to resolve it, or their actions will only spoil This Penniless Monks original intentions."

With that said, Fangzheng bade her farewell.

Zhu Lin also understood what he meant. She nodded and said, "I support you. Go for it! If you get surrounded again, just shout that a man is in labor and you need to help him give birth! Its useful!"

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at her.

He went directly back to the mountain and got Salted Fish to contact Red Boy. He added a rule that no one was to pick their patients; otherwise, they would be disqualified. At the same time, he called Wang Yougui and got him to check on Putian Hospital without alerting them.

Wang Yougui wasnt too sure why when he first heard it, but after asking, he realized that Putian Hospital was really picking its patients. How could they do that? However, he was puzzled why these people were not immediately disqualified. Why was Fangzheng becoming indecisive?

Nonetheless, Wang Yougui didnt probe further. He wasnt worried when it came to Fangzheng. Hence, he immediately rushed over and soon discovered that the doctors at Putian Hospital delegated their jobs well. One doctor would do the consultation while another would prepare the medicine. The others would be outside roping in patients. All of them would promise the heavens and say how impressive they were, just short of saying they would have Fangzheng treat them in person.

Indeed, patients who werent aware of the truth were pulled over.

Wang Yougui discovered that not only were they soliciting patients, they were also denying patients. People who wished to get a consultation when they saw Putian Hospitals signboard would have someone stop them and question them about their condition first. Once they heard that it was a serious or troublesome illness or something that required surgery, they would immediately chase the patient away!

Upon seeing this, Wang Yougui fumed with anger. What had happened to their medical ethics as doctors?