The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Rules


With him holding lessons, if our doctors are able to attend, humph. Who would dare say that our doctors lack quality and rely on fake advertisements again? Who would dare say we are money-minded? This is called relying on the momentum! Once we succeed, we will have plenty of money to earn. If we succeed in treating our patients afterwards, itll be because we have superior medical skills. If we dont, itll be because Fangzheng didnt teach well and doesnt live up to his name. This is a sure-win!

Unfortunately, those stupid doctors dont understand this rationale at all. Medical ethics? That doesnt earn you any money. So what use is it?

In addition, watch what you say. What do you mean fake medicine? We are using authentic medicine! It has the same formula but just doesnt have a big factorys brand on it. Besides, didnt we declare it in our signboard?

The freckled man grinned as he hurriedly suppressed his voice and nodded. Thats right. We wrote it on the signboard.

Xu Pu continued. As long as the medicine doesnt kill, its good medicine. Remember, dont speak nonsense in the future, especially when were here. There are plenty of eyes.

Yes, yes, yes. By the way, Director, my good-for-nothing younger brother wants me to ask you when we can have a vacation. His family wants him to return to graze the cows

Why would your good-for-nothing brother graze cows? Just grab a rich sheep at the hospital and prescribe a bag of medicine to him. Wont money be rolling in then? Xu Pu reprimanded.

I told him that as well. But as you know, we werent educated and have no background, and we only acted as experts to treat others. In the beginning, it was quite scary

Enough. Cut the crap. Take your brother with you to perform a few surgeries. Hell be fine after seeing some blood and cutting up some flesh, Xu Pu said.

The freckled man immediately nodded. Alright. Ill find a patient for him to practice his chops.

Although the two of them were speaking casually, imagining that no one could hear them, unbeknownst to them, Fangzheng was sitting in the backyard on Mt. One Fingers peak. Sitting across from him was a salted fish with a snow pile in between them. Two snowmen were on that snow pile, looking identical to Xu Pu and the freckled man. At the same time as those two spoke, the two snowmen would open their mouths and repeat whatever the two talked about.

Fangzhengs face turned more livid the more he heard

Even Salted Fish couldnt tolerate it as he cursed. There are actually such ruthless people in this world? They are more demonic than demons! Reverend, let me head down the mountain to slap these two grandsons to death.

Fangzheng also had the urge to slap them to death, but he held back. There were all sorts of people in the world; it was impossible to smack all of them to death even if he wanted to. Fangzheng was contemplating what he could do to set an example out of them, making all the unscrupulous people in the world pause a bit. This was a problem.

Meanwhile, as the freckled man and Xu Pu were conversing down the mountain, a siren sounded to mention it was time for the qualified participants to be shown. Everyone subconsciously looked at the huge display, and indeed, the names of the winning hospitals and doctors were appearing.

The freckled man laughed. Its already being announced? We will definitely be first!

Just as he laughed, he choked before exclaiming. How is this possible? Wheres our name?

Xu Pus face was equally gloomy. Ask about it. Ask if they missed us.

The freckled man nodded and immediately ran over to inquire about the situation. This matter naturally didnt need Red Boy to handle it. Wang Yougui directly stopped him and asked, Is there a problem? Wang Yougui found him an extreme sore sight, so he couldnt even be bothered to show any sign of respect despite his usual polite way of interacting with people.

The freckled man naturally knew Wang Yougui. They had had to register at Wang Youguis booth to provide medical consultation. He knew that the mighty dragon was no match for the local serpent, so he immediately wore a sycophantic smile. Village Chief, is your name list wrong? Our Putian Hospital was clearly the one with the highest points.

Upon hearing that, everyone turned their heads to look at Wang Yougui and the freckled man. The moment they saw that he was from Putian, all of their expressions turned livid.

Someone said eccentrically, Hehe, to think that someone can be so shameless! They select their patients and push the troublesome ones to their opponents. All they did was treat illnesses such as fevers or headaches which can be dealt with with some simple medicine. To think you have the nerve to run over to flaunt your points and get the perks?

Are you blaming our smarts for your own stupidity? It was Abbot Fangzheng who said himself that the ones with the highest points would get to listen to the lecture! Village Chief Wang, I didnt say anything wrong, right? Or are they that impressive that they can change Abbot Fangzhengs rules? The freckled man didnt stand down as he lifted his head, using Fangzhengs words to shoot right back at them.

Indeed, everyone frowned when they heard that, having no way to answer the question. After all, the lessons were taught by Fangzheng, and the rules were set by him. There was no fault in using the loopholes in his rules, right? At the very least, they couldnt blame them for exploiting the loophole before it was patched, right?

With that said, the freckled man pointed to the nearby signboard. Everyone, if you have any doubts, why dont you go over and take a look? Its written there in black and white! I wish to ask, why is it that with our Putian Hospital having the highest score based on the rules, we arent accepted for the lecture?

The moment that was asked, everyone exchanged looks. They had countless reasons, but none of those reasons could be used against the rules that had been mentioned in black and white! What could anyone say about Fangzhengs rules? Hence, everyone subconsciously looked at Wang Yougui. After all, he was considered Fangzhengs representative.

Upon hearing that, Wang Yougui wore an indifferent look as he casually laughed. Well said! Its written in black and white! Whoever doesnt know the rules can take a look at them themselves. If you cant understand, dont call yourself a doctor. Youd be an illiterate if you couldnt do that much!

When everyone heard this, their mouths curled in anger. All of them glared at Wang Yougui with fuming looks, thinking, Back when we first got to know this village chief, he felt like a hospitable and warm guy, a good man. Why did he suddenly change? How can he act this way? Fangzheng got someone like him to handle the matter? Isnt he afraid that his reputation will get sullied!?

The freckled man beamed as he exclaimed. Cool! Thats fair! This is the righteousness of Mt. One Fingers One Finger Monastery and One Finger Village! Thats how it should be.

Wang Yougui smiled. Mt. One Fingers One Finger Monastery and One Finger Village is naturally a place of righteousness. With Buddha above us, how can any demon or fiend do as they please? Towards the end of his sentence, Wang Youguis eyes turned sharp. His aura as a village chief rose as well. Although a village chief wasnt a high-ranking official, he was still the highest official of the village. In this village, with the authority bestowed on him, he could handle all people and things. This naturally gave him plenty of say. Everyone who was discussing this matter in displeasure was repressed by his dominance as the scene fell silent.