The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Fangzheng Helps You Recall The Past


At this point in time, the crowd knew that Fangzheng was cornered. If he didnt produce any evidence, he might really suffer from saying those words. For an ordinary person, slander wasnt a big deal. An apology would usually suffice. But was Fangzheng an ordinary person? With all this attention placed on him, he was a topical person, a famous person! A famous person was different from an ordinary person. Whenever they said something wrong, not only would they have to bear the consequences of the law, they would also have to bear the consequences of society and a blow to their reputation.

Fangzhengs matter had instantly escalated. The damage to his reputation could be extraordinarily huge! At the very least, by not watching his mouth and shooting it off while slandering others, all kinds of bad labels and character problems could be tagged onto him. It might even cause him to be treated as someone untrustworthy. That was a reputation that couldnt be escaped from.

At this point, the crowd worried for Fangzheng.

Xu Pu smiled as he looked at Fangzheng, his mind filled with the humiliating scene from yesterday. Now, seeing Fangzheng being forced into a corner, the comfort he felt made him subconsciously beam. He chuckled and said, The money was worth it!

By the side, the freckled man nodded with a smile.

When the woman saw the police appear, she immediately said, Abbot Fangzheng, if you dont explain yourself, we will be seeing you in court!

The sallow-skinned man and the freckled man nodded their heads, certain that there was no way Fangzheng could extricate himself from this matter.

The two policemen looked at Fangzheng helplessly. One of them said with a bitter smile, Abbot Fangzheng, I think its best you give them an explanation. As ordinary policemen, they had witnessed many of such squabbles and the slandering that ensued. However, they never expected that such a trivial matter could escalate so much.

In the past, they were rather envious of famous people. Now, they suddenly felt pity for them. To be held responsible for every word and action they said or did was truly suffocating

They thought little of Fangzhengs slandering. After all, no one was perfect. Who wouldnt say something improper in a moment of rashness? Unfortunately, as Fangzheng was a famous person, he needed to take great responsibility for what he said.

Faced with the policemans inquiry, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled at the trio. Amitabha. Patrons, are you sure you want it to be said out loud?

Definitely! The trio looked at Fangzheng like he was a retard as though they were saying:Isnt that obvious?

Fangzheng straightened his back and puffed up his chest. His placid eyes gradually turned sharp as his pupils slowly doubled concentrically. He had activated his Wisdom Eye and Dharma Eye at the same time!

Following that, Fangzheng looked at the sick man and said, Lin Wenlong. Male. 27 years old. Born in Liujia Village in Huizhou provinces Matang County. Fled home at thirteen and entered society. Worked as a child laborer in a factory and stole things on the street. At fifteen, you were imprisoned three years for fighting. You were released at eighteen and joined the Flowershadow Crime Syndicate.

2016. You participated in a street brawl with the Flowershadow Crime Syndicate to snatch territory so as to collect protection money.

2017. You entered Flowershadows core team, and you became a professional slanderer with Xizi. You established a team to set up situations, harming among others the Chairman of the Tri-alliance Corporation, ruining his family in the process. The corporation was then successfully acquired by its rival.

Second semester of 2017. You joined Xizi in tricking civil servant, Chen Xinwu, to leave his residence before secretly hiding money under his bed. Following that, pictures were taken and sent by mail. Pictures of Chen Xinwu receiving a huge package were taken. Next, a complaint was made to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, claiming that he had taken bribes. When the authorities rushed over and discovered an empty box with large sums of money under his bed, Chen Xinwu was jailed.

At the same time, the factory which had been discontinued by Chen Xinwu was allowed to resume work.

Following that, Fangzheng recounted all of Lin Wenlongs historygoing all the way back to when he was a child. Lin Wenlong became more and more alarmed as he listened. His expression went from doubt to seriousness, to paled panic. Finally, he was looking at Fangzheng in horror!

He couldnt figure out how Fangzheng knew all of this! For all these things, even the people beside himeven Xizididnt know that much. Besides, he had never told anyone about what he had done as a child. He had never even returned home after he ran away!

By now, he had already forgotten what home was like. However, Fangzheng had completely dug out all of his childhood memories, and they were all on the mark!

How could Fangzheng know this? What kind of person is he?

At this moment, Lin Wenlong looked at Fangzheng like he was a monster. He was certain that even the governmental officials wouldnt be able to dig out his background in such a detailed manner! The horror in his heart spread

At this point, Fangzheng suddenly stopped and sighed. He said to Lin Wenlong, Patron, do you wish for This Penniless Monk to continue?

Nonsense! You are great at fabricating stories. But wheres your proof? At this moment, the woman insisted otherwise. However, her expression had turned nasty. Although she didnt know about Lin Wenlongs distant past, she did know everything that Fangzheng mentioned about ever since Lin Wenlong joined Flowershadow. It was all correct!

And these were top secret matters that only the cadres of their organization knew. Even the police didnt know about this. Then, how did this monk know? She was somewhat flustered.

Just as she spoke, Fangzheng moved his gaze to the woman.

Due to the light behind Fangzheng, she wasnt able to see his eyes or the double pupils. However, she had a horrified feeling as though the monks eyes were seeing right through her. In front of the monk, she was like a naked woman without any secret to hide!.

At this point, Fangzheng said, Wu Yuee. Female. 30 years old. Born in Guangxis Dew Village. Was originally a pure girl, but when she was heading to school at age fourteen, she encountered

Shut up! Wu Yuee suddenly roared and cut off Fangzheng. Her face was extremely pale as her eyes showed extreme horror. It was as though Fangzheng was recounting a story worse than a horror story. Her panicking emotions flashed through her eyes as though they were about to spew out.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and said, Amitabha. Patron, the past is the past. The harm he did to you was his fault, but is it really right for you to vent your anger on others? Recall what you have done all these years. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were them, what would you do?

Shut up! Darn monk, I didnt do anything. Dont shoot your mouth off! the sallow-skinned man hurriedly berated when he saw Wu Yuee showing signs of mental problems.

When Fangzheng heard that, he immediately looked at him. This made him feel like he was being stared at by Buddha. He felt goosebumps all over as a sense of danger arose in him.

Fangzheng smiled. Amitabha. Patron, since you do not wish for This Penniless Monk to talk about Patron Wus matters, This Penniless Monk will talk about your matters. Yang Xu. Male. 31 years old. Nicknamed Xizi. Core leader of the Flowershadow Syndicate