The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Murder


When Bao Yuluo saw this, she jumped in fright as she exclaimed. "Master!"

The two policemen wanted to rescue him, but it was too late. No one expected the trio would be so ferocious. The police were still by the side. With so many members of the audience around, they actually dared flare up and grab a hostage? By the time the two reacted, it was already too late.

"Let go of Abbot Fangzheng!" Bao Yuluo shouted.

"Shut up! Let go of Lin Wenlong or dont blame me for killing this monk!" Wu Yuee screamed. She wore a ferocious and baneful look.

Bao Yuluo hesitated.

The crowd blew up. No one imagined that a medical lecture would devolve into such a situation!

Xu Pu and the freckled man were dumbfounded as well. They had clearly only hired cheats, so why did they turn out to be such violent criminals? This matter could even lead to death!

With this in mind, Xu Pu and the freckled man secretly took a few steps back. By now, they knew that there would be no way to resolve the matter amiably regardless of the outcome. It would be good if Lin Wenlong and company fled, but if they were caught, they would be exposed as well. That would be trouble.

"Director, what do we do?" the freckled man asked softly.

Xu Pu wore a livid expression as he suppressed his voice and said, "We cant have them get arrested. Think of a way to create some chaos."

"Create chaos?" The freckled man was taken aback. He saw people everywhere. If he caused mayhem at this point, it would probably result in him being taken down in an instant.

Xu Pu narrowed his eyes and looked towards One Finger Village. The most eye-catching thing in a northeastern farming village apart from the snow were the piles of timber. When Xu Pu saw this, the corner of his lips curled up as he thought of something.

Xu Pu didnt say a word as he rapidly went down the mountain with the freckled man.

On the mountain, Wu Yuee roared angrily once again. At the same time, she pressed the knife down on Fangzhengs neck. Fangzheng could even sense the iciness of the knifes blade!

Bao Yuluo looked at Wu Yuees ferocious eyes. She knew that Wu Yuee wasnt joking. If she were truly pushed into a corner, she would definitely have no qualms committing murder! Bao Yuluo felt quite worried, but she was suddenly stunned when she saw Fangzhengs expression.

Anyone would feel some fear when facing a thug, right? But this monk stood there as though it had nothing to do with him. He didnt show any signs of worry, leaving Bao Yuluo puzzled.Why is he so calm?

Wu Yuee couldnt see Fangzhengs face as she hurriedly called Yang Xu over. It was safer if the two of them held Fangzheng in place. Yang Xu whispered. "Careful of that big white wolf."

Wu Yuee subconsciously looked over before laughing. She saw the wolf lazily slumped a distance away, yawning. When it saw her look at itself, it looked at her as though she was a retard before sprawling on the ground, sleeping.

Wu Yuee said, "As expected of a beast. Its not a threat."

Yang Xu nodded as he stared at the crowd in front of him in a guarded manner.

Wu Yuee looked at the baldy in front of her as his eyes filled with anger. If not for the darn monk, she wouldnt have exposed herself. Just causing a bit of trouble would have allowed her to earn some money to leave. After she was done with this job, she could switch identities and carry on with her life without too much going on for a period of time. But now, her identity had been completely exposed. She would be a fugitive in the future.

With this in mind, Wu Yuee clenched her teeth and said, "Darn monk, do you have any last words?"

Fangzheng hurriedly nodded and said, "Yes!"

Upon seeing Fangzheng being so cooperative, Wu Yuee imagined that Fangzheng was afraid. She said smugly, "Then say them."

Fangzheng took a deep breath and asked in all seriousness, "Patron, what dreams do you have?"

Wu Yuee was taken aback at the monks question. She furiously said, "Ill kill you if you continue spouting nonsense! What else do you have to say?"

Fangzheng hurriedly nodded and said, "Fine, begin your performance."

Wu Yuees face turned ashen! She originally imagined that the monk was afraid, but who knew that the darn baldy would start teasing her! Enraged, Wu Yuee pressed down with her knife, so as to let him see blood and suffer!

At this moment, a roar sounded. "Stop!"

Wu Yuee looked up and saw a cultured man walk out from the crowd. It was none other than one of the three brothers, Song Xianhe!

"You" Wu Yuee looked at the man and was instantly stunned. She then asked, confused, "What do you want?"

Song Xianhe smiled. "Abbot Fangzheng is accomplished in the Buddhist Dharma and has reputable medical skills. Wouldnt it be a pity if he died? Why dont I take his place as your hostage?"

Wu Yuees eyes lit up as she looked towards Yang Xu.

Yang Xu immediately said, "Come over, or we cant trust you."

When Bao Yuluo heard that, she hurriedly said, "Dont go over!"

Song Xianhe didnt listen to her and walked over as he said, "My life is worthless, but Master Fangzhengs life is worth much. Its worth it to exchange my life for Master Fangzhengs life."

The other two policemen wanted to stop him when Wu Yuee screamed, "If you dare stop him, Ill kill this monk!"

The two held back from taking action for fear of any nasty acts she might pull, allowing Song Xianhe to go over.

When Song Xianhe came in front of Fangzheng, he nodded slightly. "Master, you must have been alarmed."

Fangzheng squinted his eyes as he looked at Song Xianhe. He activated his Wisdom Eye and Dharma Eye and realized to his surprise that although Song Xianhe had a thick baneful aura, there was a complicated phenomenon within the aura, one which he had never seen before! Fangzheng seemed to see violent slashes and angry roars, with the flashes of swinging blades

This was something Fangzheng had never seen before. At the very least, he hadnt seen it on Lin Wenlong, Yang Xu, and Wu Yuee. Fangzheng was somewhat taken aback. With the short amount of time given to him, Fangzheng didnt take a detailed look, but he was certain of one thing; this matter had nothing to do with Song Xianhe. However, Song Xianhe had a karmic connection with Wu Yuee and company, which meant that they knew each other! They might even be in cahoots.

With this in mind, Fangzheng also wished to know what they were up to. Hence, he nodded. "Patron, thank you."

"Bald Donkey, count yourself lucky!" After saying that, Wu Yuee pushed Fangzheng to the side and grabbed Song Xianhe. Those not in the know might not be able to tell, but Fangzheng was able to tell that her grab didnt contain any force. Wu Yuee didnt place her attention on Song Xianhe either. Clearly, she wasnt alert against Song Xianhe at all, and she was rather relaxed.

Fangzheng was increasingly certain that the two were in cahoots.

Just as Fangzheng was prepared to use his Wisdom Eye and Dharma Eye to probe further, Song Xianhe suddenly took action and grabbed Wu Yuees wrist! Before she could react, he pulled her before taking one big step to slam into her.


Everyone saw Wu Yuee scream as she was sent flying by Song Xianhe. The railing failed to stop her fall as she flipped over the railing and fell down the cliff!

When Fangzheng saw this, he was alarmed as he cried out inwardly.This is bad! Hes trying to silence them!