The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 994

Chapter 994 Injured


This shocked everyone present. No one had expected someone would really die! Bao Yuluo reflexively released her grip and got up to catch the falling Wu Yuee, but she missed.

Lin Wenlong got up and pulled out a foldable knife from his pocket as he cursed. "Song"

Before he could finish his words, though, an angry roar sounded. "He has a knife, be careful!"

Lin Wenlong turned around and saw a bald man rushing over who shoulder-slammed into him. The brute was as strong as an ox, so he couldnt help but fly away from the collision. The railing then failed to stop him as he too fell down the cliff.

,The next instant, Third Brother charged out again, but the moment Yang Xu had seen Wu Yuee get knocked down the mountain, his pupils had constricted as he had turned to run up the mountain.

"Dont you run!" So now, a man with a flattop also charged out. He was none other than the Second Brother of the Song family! Second Brother chased like a leopard, but Yang Xu wasnt slow either. Soon, they ran around a bend and vanished.

All of this nearly happened at the same time. It was so fast that no one had the ability to react. Even the police were stunned by the sudden deaths.

Although they were policemen, they were ultimately neighborhood policemen from the nearby villages. When had they ever seen such ferocious acts of killing? Who could have imagined that someone would kill in front of them?

By the time they reacted, the two victims had fallen off the cliff and another had run up the mountain.

"Who are you? Why did you kill her?" Bao Yuluo snapped to her senses and grabbed Song Xianhe by his collar as she questioned him angrily!

Song Xianhe also had a look of panic on his face, as though he was afraid because he had killed. His eyes were filled with panic as he hurriedly explained. "I I dont know either. I just slammed into her."

Seeing the flustered look on his face, Bao Yuluo realized that this man had just risked his life to save Fangzheng. The person who died was a criminal, and if one took strict note of the circumstances, the man was a hero. It wasnt right for her to question him like that.

Hence, Bao Yuluo tried her best to calm down and released her hand. "Im sorry. I was too agitated. Why did you take action just now?"

Song Xianhe calmed down a bit as well, but he remained a little flustered. He hurriedly shook his head and said, "Ive studied some Taiji kungfu before. I originally thought of trying to save the hostage as the switch was made. I never expected I really didnt do it on purpose."

With that said, Song Xianhe grabbed his head in frustration and knelt down while tears dripped down his face. The horror on his face did not look faked.

On the other side, the bald Third Brother was held by the two policemen. He too wore a look of shock. He rubbed his bald head with a silly expression as he stammered, "I I I saw him draw a knife and in my haste, I charged forward. I never expected he would get knocked over so easily."

The two policemen were also somewhat helpless when it came to this silly-looking man. Everything had happened too quickly and simultaneously. They had also been unable to pay attention to two areas, so they couldnt tell if Third Brother was speaking the truth.

However, the crowd were shouting words of support for Third Brother. Hence, they didnt make things difficult for him. After all, he had gallantly risen to the occasion. If not for him, someone might have died when the criminal drew a knife and plunged it into them.

"Fine, but you have to assist us in our investigation. Watch him. Ill chase after the one who fled." With that said, Bao Yuluo was about to head up the mountain when she turned her head and was taken aback. She asked, "Wheres Abbot Fangzheng?"

"He went up the mountain. Abbot Fangzheng went up the mountain when you guys were talking," someone said.

Bao Yuluo stomped her foot in anger, cursing. "That fellow cant stop making me worried. Is he volunteering to be a hostage?" With that said, Bao Yuluo rushed up the mountain. However, she forgot something. Was Fangzheng really that easily made a hostage? Had she forgotten who had saved them back at Ganfanpen?

With adrenaline pumping through her veins, Bao Yuluo didnt think too much. She left the two policemen behind to take down Song Xianhe and Third Brothers statement. The others didnt dare disperse since the matter wasnt completely over. However, as a large group of policemen rushed over, these people were made to disperse to prevent any mishaps from happening again.

At this point in time, Fangzheng heard Red Boy while heading up the mountain. "Master, they have been saved. Theyre fine."

Fangzheng felt relieved, but he became unhappy the very next moment. This was because Salted Fish sent him a message. "Reverend, there are two men acting suspiciously at the foot of the mountain. They keep circling the village. They are the two scum from Putian Hospital who you chased away yesterday."

Fangzheng frowned when he heard that. Todays Xizi had been hired by the people from Putian Hospital. Now, they were loitering around the village. It was obvious that they were up to no good!

Fangzheng immediately said, "Watch them. Deal with them once they do anything odd!"

"Uh, I can go down the mountain as well?" Salted Fish instantly felt excited.

Fangzheng smiled. "Yes. But you should understand what I mean, right?"

Salted Fish laughed. "Yes! Of course! Dont worry, no one will see me. Uh Those that see me also wont be able to understand. Hehe, Ill send them a huge gift!"

After settling the problem at the foot of the mountain, Fangzheng felt relieved again. He sped up his pace and rushed up the mountain.

Before long, he saw Second Brother twisting Yang Xus wrist and striking him with his elbow as he fractured Yang Xus arm! When Yang Xu heard footsteps, he shouted. "You want to kill"

It was unknown if Second Brother had heard Fangzheng coming up the mountain, but he bent his back and lifted Yang Xu up. With a flip, he threw him down the cliff!

Fangzheng shouted. "Stop!"

Second Brother turned his head with a jerk and had the look of a crazy leopard. The moment Second Brother saw Fangzheng, the ferocity in his eyes instantly disappeared. He grinned and said, "Oh, its you, Abbot Fangzheng. Why are you here?"

"Patron, why did you kill him?" Fangzheng asked.

Second Brother shook his head and said, "Abbot Fangzheng, youre mistaken. Its not that

I was trying to kill him. He was the one trying to kill me. I was just acting in self-defense. Look, Im injured."

As he spoke, Second Brother pointed at his belly. Fangzheng looked over, but there wasnt a wound. Just as Fangzheng was feeling puzzled, Second Brothers hand moved like lightning as he raised his hand and plunged the knife into his belly. Instantly, blood dyed his shirt red!

Fangzhengs heart palpitated when he saw this as he pressed his palms together. "Amitabha. Patron, why are you doing this?"

Second Brother chuckled, clearly holding back the pain. Then, he grinned. "Abbot Fangzheng, look, Im really injured."